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The car muscle manufacturing and make-over industry has shifted from being a field strictly reserved for the menfolk as some women have defied the odds. Some of such women are the queen of Iron Resurrection series, Amanda Martin, Audrey Sickles of Fatomworks reality series, Pam of Mobsteel Detroit series and even our subject of discourse today – Allysa Rose, among many others. Together, these unique women are making waves in the restoration automobile industry.

Allysa Rose originally trained as a dancer with a speciality in classic, tap, hip-hop, ballet, and ballroom. As she grew older, she took to her daddy’s passion – car revamping business, featuring in his television reality series Graveyard Carz from its inception to the season XI, along with other cast members namely Dave Rea, Royal Yoakum, Will Scott. Read on to get the full details about this Mopar Muscle car fixer’s biography, parents, her husband or boyfriend?

Allysa Rose’s Life Before Fame

Allysa Rose was birthed as Allysa Worman sometime in 1991, she grew up with her family, surrounded by car magazines, exotic vintage Mopar cars from the 1960s to 1970s, motor parts, among other automotive stuff which gradually piqued her interest in cars.

With the basic knowledge acquired from her day-to-day visit to her dad’s automobile car garage, combined with her observatory power, she took a full plunge into the world of auto cars. She was soon getting all greased up from the works involved in remaking a dead or beat up car brought in by either a client or tracked by the company for revamping.

Her Job Description In The Reality Series – Graveyard Carz 

The bright woman started starring in her daddy’s reality show from its inception but took a time out in the next three seasons to focus on her personal life such as relationships and giving birth. She made it back in time for the fifth season of the show where she manned the researching and tracking section of the series. She exclusively researches, documents and presents information collated on beat up, dead or old model cars from the 1960s to 70s. After the necessary paperwork has been done, the car is towed to the garage at the Springfield Oregon. There, the team of experts reduces the car to bits and pieces, discussing the possible new designs, parts, paint, interior the finished car would assume.

With everything sorted out, the team swings into action, producing a beautiful car that is totally different from what was dragged in. All these activities are captured on camera for the television series.

Aside from being the brain behind the cars that get picked for revamping, Allysa Rose also helps out with both the painting job (assisting Will Scott) and in the interior designing of the new car. She indeed has earned the right to be addressed as a Ghoul, a title given to the experts on the show as she has shown her worth through the seasons.

Her Parents And Family Facts

The car revamp guru is the child of Mark Worman, the brain, content producer and director behind the reality show Graveyard Carz, however, the name of her mother is not yet a piece of public knowledge.

She shares a beautiful synergy with her dad at the auto workshop. Mark has always been an ardent lover of automobiles right from when he was a young man. His fascination led him to research everything about cars and how they worked, his passion eventually pushed him into creating the reality television show where people who love vintage cars can choose conveniently their car specifications from the speed to engines, interiors, body works and paint patterns, among other interesting needs. The show came on the air in 2011 on the Velocity network and of course, he recruited his handy daughter to work alongside him. Allysa’s grandmother’s name is Ruby Worman, who she and her children are attached to.

Aside from being an automobile repairer and rebuilder, Mark taught Allysa bike riding. He, in the early years of Allysa’s life, had taken her on bike and quad rides with him. It is therefore not surprising that she has taken after her daddy in the same profession.

Allysa Rose
Allysa Rose and her Family, Dad, Chris Wanke and her 2 kids – Instagram (llysylys)

Who Is Her Husband?

Allysa Rose used to be married to Josh Rose, an Australia footballer, and a former colleague. Both of them starred in Graveyard Carz. Josh Rose made a Thirty-four-episode appearance on the show before he finally exited in 2014. Many believed his absence from the show was as a result of his marital break-up but he later opened up that his exit had nothing to do with his divorce but solely based on the pay he was getting for his appearances on the show.

Although their relationship timeline is not known, their love affair did produce a lovely daughter named Emma Rose. Allysa Rose, soon after her divorce, returned back to the dating scene and she has been in romantic relations since June 2013 with a man known as Chris Wanke, a graduate of the University of Oregon, who works as a manager at T-Mobile Retail store, in Bellevue, Washington. They have a child together, Brooklyn, born on 18th January 2015. The reality TV star is very much in love with her two adorable daughters as she is often seen gushing about them on social media and taking them on exciting vacations.


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