Amanda Balionis’ Rise Through the Ranks of Sportscasting and the Identity of Her Boyfriend

Amanda Balionis is an American sportscaster currently working as a golf broadcaster for CBS Sports. Among so many of her works in the field of sports reporting, Amanda’s PGA Tour coverage seems to be the most popular so far. She covered the Super Bowl working with CBS Sports social media team in Atlanta, where she relayed Atlanta stories and the NFL events. In addition to golf, Amanda Balionis has reported other sports including football and lacrosse. Outside sports reporting, Amanda is also a yoga instructor.

As she has grown to become a popular figure in a field dominated by men, it is natural that Balionis career has inspired a lot of people as much as her personal life piques the interest of many who follow her on various social media platforms. She has her family to thanks for her career path and has found a potential life partner who is willing to support her in her pursuits.

How Amanda’s Family Inspired Her Sportscasting Career

As you will easily find, she was born on June 20, 1987, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, U.S.A. An only child, her family moved to Lancaster when she was 10. Balionis was born into a golf-loving family, thus, she developed a love for the game and sports in general right from the cradle. Her dad Anthony and her mum Dana, whom Amanda described as “fanatic” and “lunatic” when it comes to golfing, inspired her career in the field of sports broadcasting.

She watched them play golf and also attended golf courses with them. It doesn’t stop with her parents as her grandparents lived in a golf field where every member of the family participated in the game.

Unfortunately in 2016, Amanda’s parents were involved in a ghastly motor accident in which they collided head-on with an oncoming vehicle. They survived but were severely injured and had to go through a series of surgeries. Her father, however, died some months later due to the impact of the injuries he sustained.

She studied Broadcast Journalism and Started Practicing as an Undergrad 

Growing up, Amanda attended Township Manheim High School from 2000 to 2004. At Manheim, she was very active in Volleyball. Immediately after graduation, she proceeded to Hofstra University where she graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2008.

Balionis’ love for sports reporting caused her to start taking up jobs in the area while still an undergraduate. At the university, she was a member of the WRHU Radio, The Chronicles Newspaper team, and the Association of Women in Communications.

She also did internships at CBS 2, ABS News NOW, New York Islanders, and New York Jets. All of these went a long way in preparing her for a professional career in sportscasting as she acquired experiences that are valuable while familiarizing herself with the ways things are done.

Amanda Balionis Began Her Career with Lancaster Newspaper

On graduating from Hofstra, Amanda immediately landed a reporting job at Lancaster Newspaper and worked there till 2009. She moved on to Verizon Sports where she worked as a freelance sideline reporter, covering a number of high school team sports. She also did a similar job at MSG Network before becoming a volleyball commentator and Features Reporter for MSG Varsity.

In 2011, Amanda got an anchor and reporting job with PGA Tour. She worked there until Callaway Golf employed her in 2016. She took the job and moved to San Diego, but wasn’t at Callaway for long before Turner Sports came knocking at her door.

Joining CBS Sports Made the Journalist More Popular

Her debut for Turner Sports was her coverage of the 2016 PGA Championship. Her outstanding performance at the championship caught the attention of one of America’s biggest sports reporting stations, CBS Sports.

The next year (2017), CBS picked her up and added her to their Golf Team where she has since been hosting golf segments. She also handles post-match interviews for the channel, an area she has done marvelously well.

Amanda Balionis broke CBS records as the network’s first chief social media correspondent for the Super Bowl. Her friendly but commanding demeanor makes her stand tall in a field that would readily prefer men to women. Her tremendous success in sports reporting has not only preserved her job with giant sports station CBS but has also earned her immense popularity which has been landing her juicy side jobs.

With the level of success that Amanda Balionis has recorded in sports broadcasting, there is no doubt that she has a juicy pay package. Although the exact amount is not available, there is a clue to what it could be. According to a popular salary scaling website, CBS Corporation pays her employees an average of $71, 000 as annual salary. Estimates show that Amanda would be taking home between $37,446 to $147,782 every year.

The Sportscaster’s Love Life was a Mystery for a Long Time

Amanda Balionis counts among the many media personalities who chose to keep their personal and love matters private. There is, therefore, no available information on her past affairs.

However, the journalist once hinted that she has a boyfriend on her social media platforms sometime in 2014. But then, she was very careful not to reveal any tangible information on the lucky guy’s identity. In 2016, one of her tweets also mentioned that she has ex-boyfriends. Since then, nothing was heard about her love life, until recently.

Amanda Balionis is Dating Bryn Renner

Like Amanda, Bryn Renner has been in love with sports all his life. A former quarterback who played for the Tar Heels of the University of North Carolina, Renner is now a football coach and the cornerbacks’ coach of the Panthers of Florida International University (FIU).

It is difficult to tell when the two became an item but there are reasons to believe they started dating in early 2020. Judging by the journalist’s Instagram uploads, there is no doubt that they are having a great time together; and that Bryn is incredibly supportive of her career. In one of the posts, Amanda thanked Bryn for not making her feel like her insane schedule is actually insane.

As of July 2020, the only post on Bryn’s Instagram account as depicted above is about Amanda.


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