After reading this, you will change your perception of bees and maybe realize that they are the best kind of animals on earth. Being part of the process of pollination is barely a function compared to the amazing benefits gotten from the sweet nectar produced by bees. Everyone knows honey as a sweetener that can be used in place of sugar or a preservative. It might be too sweet to be true but the benefits of consuming honey are spectacular. You deserve to know and be more conscious of what it does for you, and that’s why we are here. These are just some out of the many wonderful benefits of honey to your body, your health, and your mind.

Honey which contains up to 600 compounds has become part of so many recipes to those who know the amazing health benefits of the sweet substance.

Bursting With Nutrients

As we well know, Honey is nutritious. It is a source of vitamin C and other body nutrients. Vitamin C helps prevent immune deficiencies, cardiovascular and eye diseases, among others. It also contains calcium, for strong bones and teeth; Iron, for production of red blood cells; Magnesium, for good nerve functions.

Energy Boost

It contains natural sugars making it a natural source of energy for its consumers. History has it that athletes in the olden days used to eat honey and dried figs to boost their performance. A sufficient dose of glycogen present in it makes it a good energy boost.

Sugar Substitute

While everyone is wary of excess sugar consumption, honey is the best form of sugar you can take. It is certainly no news flash that it is a great alternative to sugar, which is the reason scientists always advice against sugar intake but the same is rarely said of honey. The naturally sweet substance contains more than refined white sugar as there are enzymes and various sugars not contained in white sugar but in honey, which help reduce calories and control the body’s blood sugar level, hence making it a good regulator of blood sugar. It is the glucose and fructose in honey that help in regulating the body’s blood sugar.

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Regulates Cholesterol Level

Just as it regulates blood sugar, honey also helps in the regulation of cholesterol level. Studies have shown that a sufficient intake reduces cholesterol in the body.

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Reduce Cough

Honey’s ability to cure coughs and sore throats have stood the test of time. Its stickiness acts as a film protection against the irritated areas and further protects the throat from more infections. It is also used for the treatment of respiratory-related diseases like Asthma.


Honey has been known to contain anti-bacterial contents and also heal wounds. This is due to the production of hydrogen peroxide also produced by the bees. A different kind of honey called the Manuka also possesses healing properties when the hydrogen peroxide is blocked. The antibacterial element also helps to alleviate cancers and other diseases.

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Gorgeous Hair And Skin

Honey can act as a humectant which retains moisture when applied to the hair. Hair loss happens when the hair is dry and/or breaks off due to lack of moisture. Applying it on the hair, especially when combined with Apple Cider Vinegar will yield amazing results.

So many testimonies have been written about the countless skin benefits of honey. For the skin, it can be used as a face mask, exfoliator, or cleanser. Either way, it would leave your skin supple and aglow. Mixing it with other organic substances like milk or lime make good exfoliators and cleansers for the skin.

Prevention and Healing

While honey can be used for healing for various health related problems including hair and skin deficiencies. It also boosts your immunity. In the clearest terms, it is one medicine that is really sweet. Honey which protects you from allergies is also used for treating diseases like diarrhea, stomach ulcer, and other digestive tract infections.

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There are different types of honey. The best kind has been said to be Manuka which boosts the immune system. There is the Buckwheat honey which is very good in the treatment of cough. Other types include; Alfalfa, Wildflower, Orange blossom, blueberry, Clover, Black Locust, among others.

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