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An NFL star born with inherent football genes, Andrew Luck began making waves in the sport right from his high school days. Despite suffering from a spate of health challenges in the course of his impressive career, Luck has proven that he is an outstanding quarterback capable of making the most out of what he has at his disposal.

More so, his excellent passing and running abilities have earned him a plethora of awards and established him as one of the Colts most valuable players. Here is all there is to know about the trailblazer and how he blossomed into one of the highest paid NFL players.

His Early Life

Andrew Luck was born on 12th September 1989, in Washington DC. He is the eldest of the four children born to Kathy and Oliver Luck. Andrew apparently inherited his father’s athletic genes. A former NFL quarterback, his dad Oliver played for West Virginia University and the Houston Oilers back in the 1980s. Andrew and his three siblings, a brother Addison and two sisters Mary Ellen and Emily were raised partly in England and Germany as their father worked in both European countries at different times during their childhood.

Andrew attended Stratford High School where he not only excelled in academics but also at football under the Pop Warner program. He was once ranked among the top five prospects in Texas as well as one of the top 50 high school players in the US. Luck’s athletic skill earned him various scholarship offers but he eventually settled for Stanford University where he studied architectural design. His impressive academic and athletic records at Stanford earned him several awards including the Al Masters Award.

Career Stats

Andrew Luck’s excellent performance in college soon made him a popular and major NFL prospect, especially for sports pundits. His golden chance for the professional play came in 2012 when he was selected as the number one pick in the first round of the NFL draft by the Indianapolis Colts.

A trailblazer, Luck not only made history as the fourth quarterback from Stanford to be selected first overall, but he also broke a record in the 2012 season by becoming the first rookie to set the highest number of passing yards in a season.

He continued thereafter with his winning streaks and helped his team to several breakthroughs. Some of his major NFL achievements with the team over the years include becoming the first quarterback to have the highest number of passing yards in the first three seasons as well as having the highest number of touchdowns and passing yards in a single season.

How Much Does He Earn From NFL

Andrew Luck’s initial deal with the Indianapolis Colts was a 4-year contract worth $22.1 million. Being such a valuable player to the team, Luck had his contract renewed in 2016. After signing a 6-year contract extension worth $140 million with the Colts, he did not only became the highest-paid NFL player but was also ranked among the Top 100 Players in the league in 2017.

Injury Update

Like most stars, Luck’s glory hasn’t been without a story. In the 2015 season, he battled some health challenges which included a shoulder injury, a lacerated kidney, and a partially torn abdominal muscle which cost him a few games. Sadly, it was unexpectedly a long road to recovery, cutting Luck off the field for most of that season. Nonetheless, he bounced back the following season but later underwent shoulder surgery at the end of the season. Following the surgery, it was another long road to recovery for the NFL star making him unavailable for any game during the 2017 season.

Currently, Luck’s recovery is clear as he has since returned to the field. In fact, his shoulder and durability are nowhere near the top of the Colts’ list of concerns. As expected, his resurgence provides optimism for the future of the team as they aim for bigger victories in coming seasons.

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Is He Married or in Any Relationship? 

Andrew Luck and Nicole Pechanec
Andrew Luck and girlfriend Nicole Pechanec: image source

Andrew has never been married but has been in a relationship with Nicole Pechanec since 2013. Luck met Nicole, a Czech former national champion gymnast at Stanford where she majored in engineering and captained the school’s gymnastics team. The long-term power sports couple have continued going strong even after college and their fans hope for a happy ever after for the pair.

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