Angie Gentry – Net Worth, Family & Facts About Troy Gentry’s Wife

Angie Gentry is the wife of the late sensational country music star, Troy Gentry. She and her husband enjoyed eighteen long years of marital bliss before his unfortunate demise in October 2017. The beautiful wife of the late award-winning country musician is an avid supporter of cancer projects. Read on to explore the circumstances that led to her husband’s death, as well as facts about her own life.

Angie Gentry Bio

Angie Gentry was born Angie Kay McClure, on 18th of February, however, Angie being one of the privy ones has not revealed her birth year to the public. Interestingly, her year of birth is not the only detail clouded with mystery as her place of birth, education and other personal information has not seen the light of day on the media space so far.

Angie Gentry became famous after she got married to her late husband, Troy Lee Gentry. Her husband Troy Gentry was a part of two-man country music band group which he founded with his friend, Eddie Montgomery. The name of the band group was coined from the combination of their two surnames.

How Much Is Her Net Worth?

Little or nothing is known about Angie Gentry’s career except for the fact she wholeheartedly supported her late spouse musical career throughout their time together as man and wife. Therefore, it is safe to say that whatever income that Troy Gentry made had his wife as a beneficiary. After his death, he was said to have had a net worth estimated at $1.7 million, quite a decent amount for Angie and her kids to fall back on.

Angie Gentry’s Family

Angie Gentry
Angie with late husband Troy Gentry image source

Angie Gentry and Troy were wedded sometime in December 1999. The marriage ceremony held in the beautiful city of Maui, Hawaii. Three years later in 2002, the couple was blessed with a new addition, their only child (daughter) together, Kaylee Gentry. The name Kaylee was a combination of the couple’s middle name.

However, prior to Troy Gentry marriage to Angie Kay Gentry nee McClure, he was previously a husband to a woman identified as Kia Bradley Gentry, who was the mother of his first daughter and child named Taylor Gentry before the couple’s love went sour and they were officially divorced.

Troy Lee Gentry is a native of Lexington, Kentucky and he was born on the 5th of April 1967. He is an alumnus of Lexington Community college and the University of Kentucky where he studied marketing and business management. Some of his group’s hit songs include Something to be Proud of, If You Ever Stop Loving Me, the list goes on.

While he was alive, Troy Gentry gushed to the media on how his wife, Angie shaped him into a more responsible family man.  Angie Gentry also maintained a good relationship with her husband’s ex-wife, Kia Bradley.

Facts About Troy Gentry’s Wife

1. She Is A Breast Cancer Survivor

In 2014, Angie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Troy broke the news himself on his Facebook page. He posted their picture and told his fans that his wife has been diagnosed with cancer. He then told them she was already undergoing chemotherapy. He then pleaded with them to remember her in their prayers. Thankfully, she has pulled through the ailment and has even been certified free of cancer in 2015.

2. Her Husband Died In An Air Crash

Troy Gentry died at the age of 50 years on his way to Medford, New Jersey. He was going for a show on the 8th of September, 2017, when his chopper crash-landed, killing him and his pilot. Though his wife did not make an official statement, his friend and band partner Eddie took to Facebook to announce his unfortunate demise. A funeral service was held for him on 14th September at the Grand Ole Opry House, Nashville.

3. An Avid Supporter Of Breast Cancer Awareness

Before her husband died, Angie with the band launched a massive cancer campaign inspired by the ordeals of both Angie and Eddie. Eddie Montgomery had two bouts with prostate cancer in 2010 which he successfully conquered. The campaign was tagged Check your headlights cancer awareness campaign and was targetted at getting more people at going for screening. The band even produced a song Check your Headlights which was sold with its proceeds given to the American Cancer Society.

4. Life After Her Husband Death

Troy Gentry’s widow has stepped off her grief, in order to preserve her husband’s legacy. Angie Gentry has not relented in her social works and kind gestures as she has gone ahead to create a foundation in honor of her late husband called The Troy Gentry Foundation, the primary aim is to render assistance to young artists in the area of music education, support military families, and cancer research centers.

Besides this, she generously donated her spouse’s organs to a Philadelphia base organ donor organization called The Gift of Life Donor Program.

She has also organized golf tournaments and benefits music concert with the help of close family and friends such as Eddie Montgomery, Blake Shelton, Bentley, Rascal Flatts among other country musicians raising between $100,000 and $300,000 for charitable causes.


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