Who Is Annie D’Angelo? Her Age and Details of Her Husband – Willie Nelson

They say that behind every great man, is an even greater woman, and Annie D’Angelo, the fourth wife to country music legend Willie Nelson, has proved herself to be the just that.

D’Angelo is Nelson’s longest relationship and marriage. A private person, she was thrust into the limelight when she met and married her celebrity husband when his status was at an all-time high. The devoted wife and mother spends most of her time managing her husband’s life and career, and Nelson has even stated that he couldn’t have asked for a better partner to stand by him.

Annie D’Angelo’s Age and Biography

Most of the information about the life of Annie D’Angelo is kept very private and not available to the public. What little information that is known about her, is in connection with her husband Willie Nelson. Her birthplace and birth year are also unknown, but she celebrates the day on the 27th of August every year.

D’Angelo is American, and it is speculated that she may have Native American roots. There is also no further information about her parents, siblings, or where she was raised. We do, however, know that when she was younger, mostly in the ’80s, she worked professionally as a makeup artist on multiple movie sets and that was how she met Nelson in 1986, on the film set of the western movie Stage Coach.

Other movies she worked in include The Rosary Murders, Bachelor Party, Hot Pursuit, Gleaming the Cube, and Where the Hell’s That Gold?! which also starred Nelson. The filming for the movies took place mostly in the southwestern region of the United States, so one could speculate that D’Angelo lived in this region at that time.

How Did Annie D’Angelo Meet Her Husband Willie Nelson?

annie d'angelo
Annie D’Angelo and husband Willie Nelson

Perhaps to better understand the relationship between Annie D’Angelo and Willie Nelson, one may need to gain a better insight into the life of musician Willie Nelson.

Willie Nelson, singer, songwriter, and animal rights activist, was born on the 29th of April, 1932 in Abbott, Texas. The country music star was exposed to music at an early age from going to church with his grandparents. With their encouragement, Nelson took up the guitar at the age of six and before long, had mastered the instrument and had even started to write his own songs.

Even though he had a passion for music, Nelson had not really thought of it as a career, and after high school, he enlisted in the Air Force where he was later honorably discharged for having back problems.

Working odd jobs and studying to be a farmer, Nelson soon lost interest and decided to face his music full time. He began to play his guitar and sing at clubs around town and soon moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he began to work as a songwriter. After a few years and not a lot of success due to his unconventional style of country music, the musician moved back to Texas and his hometown welcomed him with open arms as he began to gain a following.

His first Grammy Award-winning hit came in 1975 for the single Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain. From then on, Nelson became an unstoppable force, dishing out song after song, and winning awards for them, becoming a true icon to country music lovers around the world.

With his great successes came great troubles. Nelson was no stranger to getting in trouble with the law, and the more successful he became, the more trouble seemed to find him. From being slapped with a $16 million bill for not paying his taxes, to drug and drinking problems, Nelson seemed to have caught the bug that usually plagued the rich and famous.

Annie D’Angelo helped shape Willie Nelson’s career

But all these came to a halt when he met Annie D’Angelo, who took charge of his life and placed him on the straight and narrow. D’Angelo helped to rehabilitate him from his drug and drinking problem, helped him with his failing health, and put his finances in order, which helped to grow his net worth.

It was an uphill task for D’Angelo because Nelson was not an easy man to deal with. Nelson had had three previous failed marriages which resulted in five children, and he admitted that he had not necessarily been the best husband to his ex-wives.

In 1986, the two met on a film set and began a romantic relationship, and two years later, in 1988, they welcomed their first child together and Nelson’s sixth, a son named Lucas Nelson. Two years later, another son named Jacob Micah Nelson joined the fold. Nelson went on to marry D’Angelo in Austin, Texas in 1991 and the two have surprisingly maintained a long-lasting relationship since then.

The family lives on the island of Maui in Hawaii and life seems to be going well for the couple who don’t have their sights on getting a divorce anytime soon.

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