Are Matt and Amber From ‘MAFS’ Back Together and Did Matt Really Cheat?

Since the Danish-adapted show Married At First Sight premiered in America on the FYI channel in 2014, over 25 couples have been married at first sight, with 6 couples having their happily ever after. Matt and Amber came to gain fame from their appearance on the show, but their union did not last as long as their fans hoped.

Matt and Amber from MAFS got divorced on decision day and never got back together again. Rumors at the time were that Matt had cheated on Amber. Even though it was never confirmed, Matt had every opportunity to deny the allegations, but he opted for divorce, which made fans conclude that it was true.

Matt and Amber’s Appearance In MAFS

Matthew Gwynne and Amber Bowles are one of the unsuccessful matches of the four couples experimentally paired in season nine. The former couple was among the 4 couples of the ninth season which premiered on 12th June 2019. Experts like Dr. Pepper Schwartz (sociologist), Greg Epstein (Humanist Chaplain), Pastor Calvin Robertson and Rachel DeAlto – a relationship and communication specialist, were on the show to guide the couples through the process.

Matt, who was 31 years was a retired professional forward/center basketball player, who works as camp director in Charlotte, while his energetic 27 years old pair, Amber, is a Middle School teacher with a twin sister. Matt and Amber agreed to marry at first sight in the presence of family and friends.

However, the family of the ex-professional basketballer was largely absent during the wedding. His parents had recently divorced at the time, and things were still volatile between them during the time of his experimental wedding to Amber.

With the honeymoon concluded, next, Matt and Amber began living together as a couple in their experimental home. Matt became withdrawn; his body language showed that he was tired of his new bride Amber as he spent multiple nights outside their home.

His excuse for his act was that he was stressed by Amber’s energy and that he still had not connected with her emotionally, despite the fact that they had had sex. His inability to effectively communicate and put in the required work to make his marriage work left Amber pretty heartbroken. His attitude undermined his relationship with the family-oriented Amber. She was very receptive to him putting in 100% work in order to make their marriage work.

Are Matt & Amber From ‘MAFS’ Back Together 

Matt & Amber
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As the saying goes, it takes two to tango, Matt and Amber may have been perfectly matched as a couple, but Matt did not see Amber in his world. Therefore it was not shocking when heartbroken Amber agreed to divorce Matt on the final day. The second couple who went through a divorce was Iris Caldwell and Keith Manley. Iris works as a program coordinator in a Non-Profit organization, while Keith is a mentor/coach. Keith and Iris were the only couple that never consummated their union. Thus, Iris left the show as a divorced virgin.

The show did not end on a sad note as the season’s lucky couples were the bubbling, and passionate Elizabeth Bice, an account executive, and her partner, Financial technician Jamie Thompson also Deonna McNeill, who works as Operations Manager paired with Gregory Okotie who works owns a Math Learning Center were also successful.

Did Matt Really Cheat?

There have been questions on the faithfulness of Matt during the entire experiment to his then-wife. A school of thought believes Matt left his wedding band at home during one of his nights out with friends because he wanted to cheat on Amber. He claimed he forgot to put the ring back on his finger after he worked out in the gym. Speculations are that his action was deliberate and calculated.

Matt cheating on Amber during his multiple-night outs was buttressed by two accounts. Amber found out that Matt indeed asked out another girl whilst they were still married. Unfortunately for him, that lady was a friend to one of Amber’s colleagues at the school where she taught. Another incident that supported the fact that Matt Gwynne cheated was when he was seen drinking at a bar with a lady whom he allegedly spent the night with.

Matt was disrespectful to Amber in the course of the show, plus his words did not match his actions. One such was when he apologized the first time he slept out, promising it would not repeat itself, and he had told Amber he liked being married, but he ended up abandoning Amber several nights.

For whatever it was worth, many fans of the reality show and experts are thankful that Amber made the decision to be divorced from Matt, as no one deserves to be disrespected in the magnitude Matt showcased throughout the eight weeks while on the ninth season of MAFS.

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