Ashton Whitty – Biography, Net Worth, Everything You Need To Know

Ashton Whitty is a young and talented American vlogger and political activist. If you call her a controversial twitter influencer, you are not far from the truth. From her early years, she started having divergent views and opinions on issues that many people including her immediate family, wasted no time disowning her. However, Whitty is not all busy with politics, she also has other interests, such as playing the drums for a punk rock band as well as acting. Here’s the bio, net worth and everything you need to know about this young activist.

Ashton Whitty – Biography

Ashton Whitty was born on October 1st, 1995, in Berkeley, California. Most details about her personal life and family background are sketchy but the names of her parents are reported as Joel and Donna. Her parents got separated when she was very young. As a result, her mother remarried and had another daughter, Holli who is Ashton’s half-sister.

Right from her early age, Ashton has been known to have different ideologies from the general opinions, which she often expressed in her immediate family. At a young age of 13, she had already become the number 1 fan of Alex Jones, a radio host, and conspiracy theorist whom she calls her hero because his views helped to shape her beliefs and ideology.

She was a student of Alhambra High School where she went through both physical and verbal abuses from her fellow students as a result of her divergent opinions. The constant loggerheads she suffered in her High School didn’t deter her; it instead strengthened her convictions in what she believed in and made her even popular as other people have opined.

The pretty blond lady is not all trouble, as she is gifted in the arts of creative writings and theatre arts. She became an active member of her school’s theatre production known as Once Upon a Mattress. As a music fanatic, she also didn’t hide her musical talents as she played the drums for a punk rock band. She has been a guest at Info Wars – a conspiracy theory and fake news website.

She later enrolled at Diablo Valley College before she got an opportunity to take classes at the University of California, Berkeley in the fall of 2017. Owing to her conservative belief on a notoriously liberal campus, she channeled her contribution to the online publication known as The Berkeley Patriot, before she joined The Berkeley College Republicans, whilst acting on the capacity of a campus correspondent for the Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform.

Ashton Whitty
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Her activism took on a new turn in 2017 after she made several videos on YouTube which centered on free speeches. She also made very loud comments on controversial issues like gun rights, abortion, and immigration as well as President Trump’s travel ban which generated heated arguments all over the cyberspace.

How Much Is Her Net Worth?

Ashton Whitty may not have made much money in the course of her chosen career so far. However, her net worth is currently under review and has not been revealed. She garnered fame due to her Twitter activities before she started up her YouTube Channel which is growing gradually.

Facts You Need To Know about Ashton Whitty

1. She Has a YouTube Channel

As Twitter is not known to share bulky videos, Ashton Whitty got on the world popular video sharing platform – YouTube, where she began to create and share video contents on trendy issues such as abortion, deep state conspiracy, World War 3 clips, immigration, and many others. The birdie’s account is slowly racking up sizable views and subscribers which are already in thousands.

Her political views have made her a guest in many mass media outfits and where she was given a platform to air her views. She has also interviewed some big wigs in the political space to seek their opinions on some burning political and social issues.

2. Her Craze for Trump’s Make American Great Again (MAGA)

Her undiluted love for President Donald Trump is not hidden. For her support for Trump, she was at Mother of All Rallies in Washington D.C, the March 4 Trump in Austin, Texas and the Tea for Trump in Virginia. She even put up a post where she celebrates Hillary’s failure to be the President of America. Her post reads “Here’s to another year of Hillary not being in Office! #MAGAversary usususus.”

3. She Has Featured in a Short Drama.

Before becoming a YouTube star, and a Twitter Influencer, Ashton Whitty as a young child also had a keen interest in acting. She starred in a short drama titled The Heart and Other Small Shapes which was released in 2006.

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4. Her Sexual Orientation Is Bisexual

Ashton’s sexuality is considered bisexual. However, she made a controversial statement where she admitted that she would only date or settle down with men just to preserve traditional family values.

5. She Is A Fencer and Animal Lover

Ashton Whitty knows how to fence and has even taught others fencing especially The Boys and Girls Club prior to becoming a political commentator and activist. She is also a lover of animals, she owns a cat named Milo Catpawpoulos.


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