Audrey Murdick – Bio, Age and Facts About Jeff Dunham’s Wife

Audrey Murdick is the second wife of American comic actor, producer, stand-up comedian and Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham who is arguably one of the best humour merchants in the industry and among the highest-paid in the trade. Audrey is a native of Norco, California, a guru in wellness and fitness, as well as a certified bodybuilder. She has participated in several extreme sports events and is a commendable nutritionist and weight loss expert. Read on to know more about this multi-talented hardworking mother of two.

Audrey Murdick – Bio And Age

Audrey Murdick is the daughter of Sally and Steve Murdick and she was born on the 29th day of August 1980 in Norco, California, the United States of America. As a young child, she was packing on more body mass than usual for her age thus, she became obese and too chubby. Eager for a change, she ventured into various health and weight loss regimens until she stumbled on a lasting solution and got her athletic body which she has maintained over the years. She achieved this through exercise, dieting, and bodybuilding extreme sports like diving, ice skating, among others.

As she progressed in life, she passionately embraced sports, dieting and healthy lifestyle, entering into various fitness and bodybuilding contests and emerging successful in most of them. Her sheer determination and tenacity motivated many women around the world who also wanted to keep fit and shed off some of their accumulated body fats.

Audrey Murdick found gratification in rendering help to all her fans and clients and it was in the process of doing this that she met her husband Jeff Dunham.

Facts About Jeff Dunham’s Wife

1. She is a qualified nutritionist

She did not just jump into proferring solutions to plus size people, giving healthy recipes, tips or organizing classes for weight loss. She actually went through a proper learning process where she bagged a certificate as a nutritionist, bodybuilding trainer and healthy lifestyle consultant.

2. Acting stint

The beautiful wife of Jeff Dunham has veered into Hollywood with her appearances in movies such as Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monster (2012) – a television special comedy movie, the animation comic film, Achmed Saves America (2014) and The Thieves Guild (2005) – a short film mystery where she acted as Cassandra and herself. Audrey has also tried her hands as a producer in the production of Incredible Edible America (2017), the television series has Jeff and his lovely wife touring American kitchens having a taste of incredible dishes as they move on.

3. Net worth

The tireless and outgoing woman sure has made some money from her careers which would peg her personal net worth in millions but it is not up to her comedian husband’s net worth that is estimated to be within $45 million. He is one of the highest-paid, stand-up comedians in the industry.

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4. Family life

Audrey Murdick
Audrey and Jeff Dunham with their twin sons – Instagram Page audreyedunham

The path of the lovely couple originally crossed sometime in 2009, after Jeff signed her on as his personal body trainer and weight loss master. From then onwards, they nurtured their love and by December 2011, Jeff was engaged to her and in October 2012, their marriage was made official and legalized after his divorce from his first wife was completed. The couple became parents to twin sons born at two hours interval, James Jeffrey and Jack Steven Dunham, born in Los Angeles on Sunday 11th October 2015. The twins were welcomed a few days before their parents’ third wedding anniversary.

Jeffrey Jeff Dunham is a Dallas-born American Ventriloquist, actor and comedian birthed on the 18th day of April 1962 but raised by his adoptive parents Joyce and Howard Dunham. Some of his notable appearances are in Comedy Central specials including the David Letterman Show, among others while a few of his best works include Arguing with Myself, Minding the Monsters, Spark of Insanity, Achmed the Dead Terrorist. These and others have sold millions of copies in DVDs and CDs.

His first wife was Paige Brown with whom he had two biological daughters named Ashlyn and Kenna and adopted her own biological daughter Bree, from her past relationship. Sadly, due to Jeff’s busy career schedule, their marriage became strained and eventually, it hit the rock with their divorce coming in 2008.

5. Height and weight

The mother of two is a beautiful slender petite woman standing at a height of 5 ft 4 in which is a serious shortfall from her comic husband’s height of 6 ft. Her weight is an estimaked 50kg.

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