An Interesting Look Into Bernice Burgos’ Life, Modelling Career and All The Stars She Has Dated

Bernice Burgos is an African-American model and entrepreneur known for her popularity on social media and her appearance in hip-hop music videos. Despite having a rough childhood, which made her drop out of school and almost ruined her prospects, Bernice rose through the dust and has successfully carved a niche for herself in society.

Quite the controversial figure, Bernice has drawn scrutiny and public derision from issues ranging from her body to her daughter to her rumored relationships with high-profile artists. Amidst the negativity, the New York native continues to thrive, overcoming the storms just like she did when her life changed permanently at the age of 15.

Bernice Burgos’ Grandmother Kicked Her Out at Age 15

Bernice Burgos was welcomed into the world on April 17, 1980, in the New York City borough of the Bronx. While there are very few details about her background, we do know that she is of Puerto Rican descent and her grandmother raised her.

Although Bernice knew her father, evidence suggests that he was not an overly present figure in her formative years, and her mother was also absent. Despite these familial challenges, the young girl had a semblance of a normal childhood, getting an education until she was 15.

At that age, Bernice got pregnant with her daughter Ashley. Rather than receiving support from her father and grandmother, she was kicked out of the house, forcing her to live with her boyfriend’s mother. While there, she initially tried to maintain her school life while contributing to chores around the home, but the burden of raising a child, school, and chores proved too much.

As a result, she dropped out of school and began working as a bartender to make ends meet. This singular decision lit the career path that has made Bernice Burgos a renowned name today.

From Bartending to Modelling and Social Media Stardom

Bartending started as a temporary job for Bernice Burgos but it quickly became more when her coke bottle-shaped body began earning her thousands in tips. Not only did the tips become a consistent significant source of money, but she was also ‘discovered’ by a modeling scout.

With new connections fostered by the scout, Bernice began appearing in magazines and was a muse to photographers. She featured in magazines like XXL and SHOW and made her first video vixen appearance in the J. Cole music video, Work Out.

Over the years, Bernice Burgos has appeared in several other music videos, including Rick Ross’ “Diced Pineapples” video and DJ Khaled’s “Do You Mind”.

But even as modeling proved to be a consistent and lucrative source of income, Bernice Burgos stuck with her bartending gig. On Sundays, when she had no modeling responsibilities, she would return to the bar where she would make as much as $8,000 in tips.

Her popularity in music videos and bars quickly translated to social media fame as her body had proven to be a potent attraction. Her Instagram account, @realberniceburgos, has over 5.8 million followers. She also has a YouTube channel where she vlogs about her life and shares insightful knowledge about her career. The channel has over 44 thousand subscribers and more than one million views.

Bernice Burgos’ Entrepreneurial Life

With a sizeable inflow of cash and a higher quality of life, Bernice Burgos was in a better place compared to her teenage years. But she had ambitions to own a business venture of her own. So, in partnership with her daughter Ashley, she started a clothing line called Bold and Beautiful.

The mother-daughter business focuses on creating and selling women’s clothes. With Bernice herself being part of the business’s array of models, Bold and Beautiful has been doing alright since its creation. The clothing line sells fashion items like onesies, dresses, robes, and slippers.

A Look at Bernice Burgos’ Family Life

Bernice Burgos has never been married and is presumably single. However, she has two children. Her first, Ashley, is the product of her teenage pregnancy.

Bernice Burgos
A younger Bernice with her daughter, Ashley: image source

Ten years after her first child, Bernice had another daughter named Sarai. Like Ashley, Sarai’s father’s identity remains unknown. The Burgos family expanded in March 2018 when Ashley gave birth to a daughter named Amarie. Her birth made Burgos one of the youngest grandmothers in public life, at the age of 39.

Following the birth of her granddaughter, Bernice came under intense criticism for continuing her career as a model. However, like most of the criticism she has had to face, she paid no mind to it.

Despite becoming a grandmother, Bernice Burgos still has intentions of having another child. She claims she is not done having children and intends to fulfill her dream of having three kids. If and whenever she does, her new child will be at least 15 years younger than Sarai, whom she gave birth to in 2005.

Bernice Burgos’s Love Life: Plenty Rumors, Zero Confirmed Relationships

Every now and then, Bernice Burgos gets linked with another prominent face in the music industry. It is not surprising considering her work as a video vixen involves selling the illusion of infatuation and affection.

Over the years, Burgos’s rumored relationships have included people like Drake, Nick Cannon, and Suge Knight. However, that is not to say she hasn’t had a couple of flings with some of hip hop’s notable names.

Drake (March 2015)

Bernice Burgos
image source

In March 2015, Drake and Bernice Burgos were spotted getting cozy at a beach in Perth, Australia. Typical of several of Drake’s ‘relationships’, speculations of a relationship went viral on the internet. It, however, turned out to be nothing more than a casual thing between the two hip hop personalities. Since ‘it’ ended, Drake and Bernice have remained friends.

T.I (2017)

Bernice Burgos
image source

Bernice Burgos’s affair with T.I is perhaps the closest thing to a public relationship she has had since she became a notable figure. Their dalliance was also one of the defining hip hop dramas of 2017.

The two of them began a business relationship in 2016, which morphed into a romantic relationship in 2017. At the time, T.I was going through marital problems with his wife, Tiny, with threats of a divorce looming. However, the divorce never occurred. Ever since, Burgos and Tiny have had animosity towards each other, which has played in several Instagram posts and online interviews.

Aside from Drake and T.I, Bernice has been linked with other hip-hop stars like Meek Mill, Young MA, Quavo, and Trey Songz. She has also been in a rumored relationship with Da Baby, but so far, neither of them has confirmed the affair.

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