Who is Andrea Bocelli’s Ex-Wife – Enrica Cenzatti and Their Children

Enrica Cenzatti became a person of interest after her union with the popular Italian singer, Andrea Bocelli. The two first met each other in a bar, confirming Ed Sheeran’s thoughts in his song “Shape of You” of the perfect place to meet a lover.

The couple went on to stay together for about ten years before finally calling it quits after having had two children. Their subsequent divorce proceedings were settled amicably and the pair have since that time maintained a good friendship and are even neighbors.

Despite having been exposed to fame thanks to her husband, Enrica Cenzatti has chosen to stay off the spotlight. She is a very private person. That regardless, we have succeeded in complying all the facts you need to know about her in the article. So, explore the article to find out more about this dazzling queen.

Meet Andrea Bocelli’s Ex-Wife – Enrica Cenzatti

Most people who fall in love at an early age, end up divorcing their husbands. Enrica Cenzatti met Andrea Bocelli when she was just seventeen and within a short space, she became his legal wife. As at this time, Bocelli had already gained fame and was notable for his musical skills as well as his songwriting abilities. That aside, Cenzatti until her divorce wasn’t the kind of woman who loved to be the center of attraction. She often times stayed off the radar performing her duties as a wife and mother.

There is currently no specific date and year to which the woman was born but speculation suggests that she was born sometime in the early 1970s in Italy where she probably spent her formative years. For other details of her biodata, there is a dearth of information.

Also, it is inconclusive to say that the lady attended any school as there are no records available indicating so. However, it is unarguable that education is not the only platform used in acquiring wealth or fame.

Their Love Story

Enrica Cenzatti
Enrica Cenzatti and Andrea Bocelli

It is no hidden fact that Cenzatti and Bocelli did share an amazing bond while it lasted. She stayed put in her marriage and was hopeful that it would last forever until her tragic divorce happened.

As the story goes, the two met each other during Bocelli’s days at law school. As of that time, he combined his studies alongside his shows at a local bar. So, it was within this period that he met Cenzatti. Meanwhile, we wouldn’t refer to their meeting as love at first sight because Bocelli had actually lost the usage of his eyes. Irrespective of this, Enrica, who was 17 at that time, knew that he was the man of her dreams. Their meeting later ensued a relationship and a marriage followed in 1992.


The couple enjoyed the singleness in marriage for three years before finally giving childbirth a shot. They welcomed their first child, a son named Amos sometime in February 1995 and subsequently welcomed their second child, Matteo in 1997.

Their second son, Matteo has taken the path of his father to become a musician. He has kicked off his career and is now making head waves in the entertainment industry. We hope in the nearest future, he would gain more popularity than his father.


Young love, they say dies quickly. Despite having grown into adulthood with her husband, Enrica Cenzatti finally called it quits in 2002. There are no many details regarding the cause of their marital differences, however, after the divorce, they still share a good understanding with themselves. The then-couple currently reside in the same neighborhood at the Tuscan resort of Forte dei Marmi, and also share custody of their two children.

Subsequently, in life, Bocelli got married to Veronica Berti and shares a daughter named Virginia Bocelli with her. Cenzatti herself is very much single and there is no indication that she is dating anyone.

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Net Worth 

It is quite obvious that Enrica Cenzatti had gained prominence under her husband’s shadows yet she is quite secretive with her personal details. Her yearly income, as well as her net worth, are unfigured but her husband’s net worth is pegged at $40 million. Sources say that Cenzatti received over $5 million from the divorce settlement. Also, she has been receiving a certain amount for child care and support.


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