How Many Times Has Brad Womack Been on The Bachelor, Who Is He Dating and What Is He Doing Now?

For those who do not watch the long-running ABC reality show for lovers, The Bachelor, the name Brad Womack might not mean a lot, however, to fervent fans of the show, he is a recognizable personality – in name and face. Not only does he hold the title of being one of the most-hated Bachelors’ in show history, but he also set a record for the total number of appearances on the show.

Brad has become somewhat of an underground celebrity to millions of The Bachelor fans. Not just because of the public emotion towards him but also his journey on the show, which set the 18-year reality show alight in different ways.

Brad Womack Holds Franchise Record for Appearing on The Bachelor Twice

Brad Womack came into the limelight in September of 2007 when he first appeared as the bachelor in the ABC reality TV show The Bachelor. He appeared in the eleventh season, and like the bachelors before him, had 25 women to choose from. After weeks on the show, his choice came down to DeAnna Pappas, a realtor and Jenni Croft, a Phoenix Suns Cheerleader.

But on November 19, 2007, Brad set the first of his The Bachelor record as he became the first bachelor to reject all the bachelorettes on the show. According to him, he was afraid of commitment, and after years of extensive therapy, he returned to the show in 2011.

In January 2011, Brad Womack set another record for the most appearances as the bachelor on The Bachelor. This time, Brad courted 30 women and true to the intended goal of his therapy, he finally picked a bachelorette, Emily Maynard, a single mother.

Brad Womack
Brad Womack with Emily Maynard: image source

While he redeemed himself in his second run on the show, he still holds the title of one of the most-hated bachelors to appear on the show. His infamous status has gotten him appearances on several talk shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ellen: The Ellen Degeneres Show, Live! With Kelly and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

It is not all bad for the reality star, though. Following his redemption on the show in 2011, Brad received a nomination from the Teen Choice Awards for Male Reality Star -even though he did not win.

While He Did Not Find Love on the Show, He Has Found One in Real Life

The initial fear of commitment that plagued his controversial first run on the show meant a number of women have been in and out of Brad Womack’s life. Sources believe that he dated Pappas Stagliano back in 2007, had a fling with reality TV personality Chantal O’Brien in 2010.

In 2011, after Emily Maynard, who is a single mother, won his heart on his second run on the ABC reality show, it appeared the Atlanta-born bachelor was finally settling down. He proposed to her on the show, and she became his fiancée. However, that did not last.

Shortly after the show ended on March 14, 2011, although their love life looked quite promising, the union soon caved to pressure, and they got separated. They officially ended their engagement on June 29, 2011. After Emily, Brad reportedly began a relationship with former The Bachelor contestant, Ashlee Frazier, in 2013, but it did not lead anywhere.

Following his appearance on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons – Ever!, fans got to learn a lot more about his love life after Emily. According to Brad Womack, he has been in a relationship since 2017, with the social media personality, Jena Mays.

They met in a gym and forged an instant connection. At the time, Jena was in a relationship, but the day she broke up with her boyfriend, Brad was there to ask her out. They have been together ever since, and he has been a regular feature on her Instagram pages.

Brad Womack’s Girlfriend, Jena, is an Onnit Athlete and an Instagram Influencer

While his name is likely to be more recognizable to mainstream pop culture fans, his longterm girlfriend is not an unknown either. Jena Mays is a native of Pleasanton, Texas, having been born there on March 14, 1989. She rose to social media fame as a bikini model and fitness guru.

She is an NFF bikini competitor, a fitness instructor who has more than 123,000 followers on Instagram. As a fitness expert, she is signed to the fitness brand, Onnit, known for its fitness equipment and supplements. As a fitness expert, Jena has competed at the Alamo Showdown Classic NFF Bikini Championship and Mind.Body.Fuel Championships.

Brad Womack’s girlfriend is also YouTuber, with a growing number of subscribers. Her channel consists of work out videos, highlights from her competition appearances and vlogs about her fitness routine. Other than YouTube and Onnit, Jena, who is a graduate of Texas State University, has also worked with Gold’s Gym, Adidas and Nike.

The Bachelor Alum is a Bar Owner and Member of the Hospitality Industry

Brad Womack was born—Stephen Bradley Womack—in Atlanta, Georgia on November 10, 1972; to parents, Steve and Pamela Womack. Brad, alongside his twin brother, Chad, and older brother, Wesley Womack spent most of their childhood in Atlanta.

However, they soon moved southwest to Livingston, Texas, when their parents got separated in 1984. Brad was only twelve at the time. He attended high school in Texas, and according to him, faced the numerous challenges associated with being raised by a single parent.

Brad Womack
Brad Womack and his twin, Chad: image source

When he clocked eighteen, Brad Womack went to Texas State University-San Marcos, but dropped out a year later and began working in several oil fields. The reason for the sudden change is not apparent, but sources state financial constraints.

He would spend the ensuing eight years scurrying the oil fields of Texas, Louisiana, North Dakota, and California. He later joined his twin brother, Chad, in bartending and after eight months, Brad Womack opened his first drinking business in 2001. Since then, he has built an enviable line of ventures across the united states, opening more and more restaurants and bars across the country.

His Businesses Have Made Him Financially Comfortable

Sources reveal Brad Womack’s net worth to be over $500 thousand, most of which came from his bar-tending and restaurant business. There are, however, no specifics about his annual salary. Plus, we have no information regarding his investment portfolio or pieces of property he owns at the moment. What’s no secret, however, is his comfortable lifestyle fueled by his blooming businesses.

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