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Born on November 19, 1972, Caroline Heldman is an Associate Professor of Politics at Occidental College, Los Angeles, U.S.A and a Research Director for the Geena Davis Institute for Gender in Media. She was appointed as head of the Department of Political Science at the College in 2013. As Research Director for the Geena Davis Institute, her areas of research are in media, the presidency, and systems of power (race, class, gender). Caroline Heldman is also widely recognized as a women’s rights advocate and remains an inspiration to thousands of women in the fight against molestation and sexual harassment.

Caroline Heldman’s Career

Before her academic career, Caroline Heldman schooled at the Washington State University where she graduated in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. She went on to pursue two other degrees. Three years later in 1998, she graduated from Rutgers University with a master’s degree in political science. Still, at Rutgers, New Jersey, Helman bagged a Doctorate degree in political science in 2002.

Her professional career dates back to her Ph.D. days in 2000 when she worked as an adjunct professor at Rutgers University. A position she held from August of 2000 until July 2002, shortly after wrapping up her doctorate programme at the university. She spent the next four years lecturing at Whittier University, private liberal arts college located in Southern California, and then later in Fairfield University, a modern Jesuit Catholic University at Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.

The big move, however, came in 2006, when she took up a lecturing job at Rutgers’ department of political science. And rose through the ranks to become head of the department only five years later. Caroline Helman continues to lecture at Rutgers University and from there, has authored and co-authored several notable works.

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She has also authored and co-authored major bestsellers including Rethinking Madame President: Are We Ready for a Woman in the White House? (Published by Lynne Rienner Publishers, Colorado in 2007), Protest Politics in the Marketplace: Consumer Activism in the Corporate Age (Published by Cornell University Press in 2017), Women, Power, and Politics: The Fight for Gender Equality in the United States (Published by Oxford University Press, 2017), The New Campus Anti-Rape Movement (Lexington, 2018), and Sex and Gender in the 2016 Presidential Election (Praeger, 2018).

Media Appearances

In “real world” politics, Caroline Heldman has worked as a campaign manager, congressional staffer, professional pollster, campaign consultant, and political activist. In August 2005, Heldman moved to New Orleans to help rebuild the city after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. She has worked as general manager for Bio-Energy Systems, a manufacturing company that specializes in natural health supplements. She has also worked as a research manager for Consumer Health Sciences, a political reviewer for the Associated Press and as a reporter for KPFK radio Los Angeles.

She holds a leadership role with Common Ground, a New Orleans-based grassroots relief organization, and co-founded ‘Critical Response,’ a group that provides volunteers for high-risk rescue efforts during crises and disasters. She has also co-founded the several other initiatives including the New Orleans Women’s Shelter and the Lower Ninth Ward Living Museum, End Rape on Campus (EROC), Faculty Against Rape (FAR), and End Rape Statute of Limitations (ERSOL).

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What is Her Net Worth?

Caroline Heldman
Gloria Allred, seated with Dr. Caroline Heldman, along with 6 sexual assault victims at a news conference.

As a political analyst, Caroline Heldman has appeared on several TV stations including CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, and CNBC. She has also been featured in widely-watched documentaries including, Miss Representation (2011), Informant (2012), The Mask You Live In (2015), The Hunting Ground (2015), Equal Means Equal (2016), and Liberated The New Sexual Revolution (2017).

There are no officially disclosed figures for Heldman’s salary and income. Some sources, however, reveal that her net worth stands at around $250 thousand as of late 2018.

Is Caroline Heldman Married?

Although she has kept most of her personal life under the radar, a March-2012 tweet left fans nosy about the man in Caroline Heldman’s life. In the tweet, Caroline mentioned that she had accidentally gotten a Serbian boyfriend even though not much was heard after that. Although Caroline is reportedly unmarried, sources believe that she lives in Los Angeles with an unnamed partner. She has nine kitties— Bashful, Hillary, Phancy Pants, Phantom, Puffin, Pretty Boy, Shredder, TimmyC, and Zora.

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