Casey Nezhoda – Bio, Net Worth And Facts About The Reality Star

Casey Nezhoda gained recognition as a reality TV star on the popular A&E’s series, Storage Wars where she and her husband won the hearts of many with their good-natured attitude and good business acumen. Off the screen, Casey is best known as the supportive partner to Rene Nezhoda, a veteran German buyer and an ‘encyclopedia of second-hand items’. Find out lesser-known facts about the American businesswoman, reality TV star, wife and mother.

Casey Nezhoda – Bio

Casey Nezhoda was born on September 6, 1974. Other than her birthdate, there is a dearth of information about Casey’s parents, siblings, family background and education. However, our investigations reveal that she is an only girl raised in a Christian home. While the name of her high school is unknown, the closest clue Casey has shared with the public regarding her educational endeavours is that she was an active student and a cheerleader back in high school.

Husband, Kids

Casey Nezhoda is happily married to her heartthrob, Rene Nezhoda. There is no information about how and when the couple met nor their official wedding date, but we do know that they share an inseparable bond and have been married for nearly two decades. Rene is not just Casey’s lover and significant but also her business partner. Together, the San Diego-based couple runs a big and successful thrift business called Bargain Hunters Thrift Store.

Casey and Rene Nezhoda
Casey and Rene Nezhoda: image source

Rene Nezhoda is known for his signature German accent and bargaining prowess. Having been in the thrift business for a long time, Casey’s husband is a veteran buyer who has extensive knowledge of secondhand sales. Rene is apparently more experienced in the thrift business and auction sales but together, the duo are a force to be reckoned with as Casey has been a very supportive partner both professionally and on the homefront.

Casey and Rene are proud parents to a daughter Tatiana whom they hope will inherit their good business genes and continue with the family thrift business in the future.

Casey Nezhoda: Career and Storage Wars

Casey Nezhoda was flung to the limelight as an entertainer/co-star on the reality TV series, Storage Wars. Prior to her career as a reality TV star, Nezhoda is believed to have worked as a baby sitter. Casey and her husband who run a thrift shop together had a major breakthrough in 2010 when they were offered a spot by producers of the reality TV show Storage Wars. Though the couple were meant to be part of the show’s original cast, circumstances beyond their control hindered them from joining at the initially projected time and so they turned down the offer. Nonetheless, the showrunners did not give up on the duo whom they deemed valuable.

In the fourth season of the show, A&E network reiterated its offer to the couple again and thankfully, Casey Nezhoda and her husband were ready this time around. They eventually joined the show in 2013 first as recurring guests but after an impressive performance in the fourth season, the couple became part of the main cast as feature buyers. Since then, Casey and Rene’s good-natured attitudes have made them one of the fan favourites on the show. Moreover, Casey, who is one of the first females to join the male-dominated show, has a special place in the hearts of her audience. She and her husband, Rene, have continued to build their reputation and popularity on the show till date.

Net Worth

Casey Nezhoda’s exact salary and total net worth have not been made public knowledge. However, if her business success is anything to go by, then she is believed to have amassed a sizeable net worth from her endeavours as a businesswoman and a reality TV star.

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Other Facts About The Reality Star

  • First Try At Fame

Interestingly, Storage Wars is not Casey’s first try at a reality TV show. She had unsuccessfully auditioned for ABC’s Celebrity Storage in the past. The farthest she got on the show was the top 5 out of about 200 other competitors.

  • Height And Weight

Casey Nezhoda has an enviable figure which is hard to go unnoticed. The reality TV star stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches, complemented by her body weight of about 67 kg. Her other body measurements are bust – 40 inches, waist – 26 inches and hips – 37 inches.

  • Religion

Nezhoda is a devout Christian who is unapologetic about her faith. The reality TV star and her husband try not to separate religion from their everyday lives but make it evident in all their dealings. More so, Casey is known to publicly express her Christian faith and share her beliefs via social media. As a mother, Casey once admitted that she is also working towards raising her daughter Tatiana in the strong Christian faith.

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