Cecily Strong Is Not Married But Has A Long-term Partner – Inside Their Relationship

One lady who has gained fame through voice-acting in a lot of movies is Cecily Strong. Like her surname, she has solidly built her career and has been noted as one of the best comic actresses ever. She became famous after featuring as a player on Saturday Night live in September 2012 and has acted in a lot of movies, including The Bronze, Slow Learners, The Middler, to mention a few.

Like every celebrity, Cecily Strong’s fame has drawn attention to her personal life. Though her relationships are not the most obvious things about her, she has been in a couple of serious hookups. Her current one, in particular, is one of the most fascinating, because he’s more like a mystery.

Cecily Strong is Dating a Man Named Jack

Although she is at an age most women have settled down with a husband and a couple of kids, Cecily has no deep drive to pursue those things. A choice that might have something to do with the fact that her parents are divorced, and she suffers from anxiety issues.

Strong has been single for most of her adult life, and according to her, she enjoys it. Yet, her friends keep trying to set her up with eligible bachelors, much to her displeasure. In December 2019, her friend and agent tried again, this time at a Christmas party in December 2019 and it worked.

From what we gathered, Cecily Strong is in a relationship with a man named Jack. They began dating in December 2019 and were together for two months before they made their relationship public. Other than his last name, there is very little information about the identity of her latest boyfriend.

However, we do know that he is a New Yorker and an international traveller who has conducted business transactions in countries like Cuba. Despite the fact that the timing of their meeting was less than ideal, they forged a strong connection and have remained together ever since.

The Saturday Night Live star has left no doubt that she cares about the relationship and wants it to last. In an essay published for Vulture in April 2020, Strong mentioned that she loves her boyfriend, projecting the image that the couple is in a serious relationship.

Her Boyfriend Contracted the Coronavirus

Shortly after Cecily and her boyfriend made their relationship known and defined its terms, he contracted the coronavirus. The fear of losing her boyfriend to the deadly virus prompted the Vulture essay. In it, she reflected on the challenges of navigating a new relationship during a pandemic.

Cecily Strong also revealed how much she cared about her boyfriend and fear of losing him to the disease. The comedian had recently lost her cousin, Owen Strong, to brain cancer, and worried her boyfriend might be next. Thankfully, Jack has recovered and the couple is back to growing their new relationship.

Previous Hookups Before Jack Came Along

The actress might not be one to share details of her private affairs often but we can confirm that she has dated a few men before her current relationship.

Cecily Strong Used To Have An Italian Love Affair

In 2016, Cecily Strong did something she rarely does – she shared intimate insight about her personal life. In an interview with Vanity Fair, she acknowledged that she was dating an Italian man.

His identity remains unknown, and the relationship did not last very long. Cecily and the mystery Italian met in Seville, Spain. According to her, the man was studying to be a diplomat, and he reminded her of Roberto Benigni.

Cecily and the mystery Italian man lasted for at least two months during which they spoke everyday. But while she excitedly shared the news while they were together, she has kept details about its end private.

She Used To Date An SNL Co-Worker

Cecily Strong
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Strong is typically known for keeping details about her relationships off gossip blogs and entertainment news. Although if her essay is anything to go by, it might be because there isn’t much to tell. At the moment, publicly available information shows that Cecily Strong has only been in three relationships.

The first of them was with a Saturday Night Live co-worker, writer Mike O’Brien. The two worked together on SNL in 2014, and their relationship began around the same period. Cecily, like most people, is well aware of the dangers of dating a co-worker. However, she got a nod of approval from her father, a business professional.

We are not exactly sure when their relationship ended, but we know it did before 2016 when she met her Italian lover. As for the possible result of the breakup, Mike O’Brien left SNL in 2015 but has been contributing short films to the show ever since. So, it is unclear how much impact their split had on his exit.

Since the couple broke up, Cecily has moved on to two relationships, including her current one with ‘Jack.’ Mike, on the other hand, hasn’t been in any known relationship.

Aside from her established former relationship with Mike O’Brien, Cecily has also been linked with another SNL co-worker, Michael Che. Cecily never addressed the rumours, and neither did Che, as it turns out, both parties are just excellent friends.

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Chance the Rapper Once Proclaimed His Love For Her

With an endowed and beautiful body, along with a sense of humour that has made her a national star, it is understandable that many fans have a crush on Cecily Strong. One of those fans is the hip hop star, Chance the Rapper.

Sometime in 2016, Chance professed his love for the comedian via his twitter account. He wrote in a tweet about his willingness to make breakfast in bed for her. Despite suggestions about the potential of both of them as a couple, they never became a thing.

Cecily Strong
Cecily with Chance the Rapper on Saturday Night Live: image source

Four years after the tweet, however, Chance got a chance to meet his crush up close when they worked together on a sketch for Saturday Night Live.

They featured in Love At First Sight, during a guest appearance by Chance on an episode of SNL. Although the sketch faced technical issues and was critically panned, Chance got to live the dream of millions of Cecily Strong’s fans.


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