Cleo Wattenström (Joel Kinnaman’s Wife) – Bio and Facts You Must Know

While Cleo Wattenström is best known as Joel Kinnaman’s better half, only a few are aware that she has successfully carved a niche for herself in the art world. Though she sure enjoys the many perks of being a celebrity spouse to the House of Cards alum, Wattenström’s several endeavours speak volumes for her. Here are lesser known facts you should know about the tattoo artist and model.

Cleo Wattenström’s Bio

Cleo Wattenström was welcomed to the world by her parents on the 12th of June, 1992. Though a Belgian, part of Cleo’s early years were spent in different cities around the globe until her teenage years when her family later settled in Stockholm, Sweden. Wattenström’s elementary academic endeavours are unknown but we do know that she did not get a formal high school and college education.

Other Facts You Must Know

Her Husband – Joel Kinnaman

Cleo Wattenström is the better half of Swedish-American actor Joel Kinnaman who is best known for his role as Will Conway on the Netflix series House of Cards. Joel has other notable movies and shows to his credit including Suicide Squad, Altered Carbon and The Killing, among others.

Cleo Wattenström and Joel Kinnanman
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Though it remains unclear when exactly Wattenström and Kinnaman began dating, their relationship has been traced back to August 2014 when they were first publicly seen together.

Before Kinnaman, Cloe Wattenström was barely a person of public interest and there are no records of her previous relationships. But the same can’t be said of her husband Kinnaman whose romantic life made headlines in the past. The actor was previously in a relationship with his colleague Olivia Munn but the pair went their separate ways just before Joel began dating Cloe.

Secret Wedding

The news that Cleo Wattenström and Joel Kinnaman were married came as a shock to many when her husband made the announcement on the show The Talk in April 2016. Having dated and co-habited for barely two years, it was believed that the lovebirds were only still dating. But that notion was publicly corrected when a co-host on the show described Cleo as Joel’s ‘girlfriend’ after which he promptly interjected proclaiming her his ‘wife’ instead.

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Apparently, Cleo and Joel tied the knot secretly during the 2016 winter as later revealed by the actor on James Corden’s The Late Show. According to him, their wedding was a very quiet, quick and cheap one which was done at a romantic spot on San Vicente Boulevard and cost them only $435.

Tattoo Artist

Cleo Wattenström is a creative artist who has worked for different shops in California and also featured in some prestigious tattoo conventions around the globe. Wattenström’s signature black and grey works inspired by monochrome photography distinguishes her from her colleagues. Cloe believes that the best way to express her art is by making tattoos.

Art or School?

While many know Wattenström as a unique creative artist, only a few are aware of the story behind her chosen career. Cleo once revealed that she ditched school to become a tattoo artist. Given that she didn’t want to go to school, she decided to make a living and career from her art passion by becoming a tattoo artist.

Modelling Career

Besides being a celebrity spouse, Wattenström has an impressive resume which includes, art lover, tattoo artist, and model. As a part-time model, she has featured in a wide range of magazines and books. She has also made it to the cover page of several fashion magazines.

Net Worth

Cleo is obviously not as popular as her husband Joel but she is believed to have also earned a modest financial portfolio from her various endeavours. While the exact amount of her salary and net worth has not been made public, we know it is sure NOT more than that of her actor husband whose current financial value is estimated at $6 million.

Regular Tourist

So far, Cleo and Joel are presumed inseparable as even their different jobs can’t seem to keep them apart…at least not for long. Not only have the lovebirds been seen together on the red carpet, but they also frequently travel around the globe together. Some of the countries the couple have visited include Cuba, Dubai, and South Africa, among others. To stay abreast with her travel memoirs, fans are best advised to hook up with the tattoo designer on her Instagram page where she always updates followers with her travel memoirs.


Wattenström and her husband currently live in Venice, California, where she also has a private studio.


After two years together, news emerged in January 2019 alleging that Cleo Wattenström and Joel Kinnaman had parted ways. According to the reports, Cleo and Joel have remained good friends despite the breakup. The speculations were further stoked when Kinnaman was spotted with model Kelly Gale in Los Angeles. However, the rumours remain unconfirmed as both parties have neither denied nor confirmed it.

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