Columba Bush – Bio, Height & Facts About Jeb Bush’s Wife

The Bush family is a prominent and powerful family in America’s politics. While most of them are known for their political contributions, Columba Bush who is a Mexican-American woman married to a son of the family, Jeb Bush, is known mostly for her philanthropic gestures and championing causes against domestic violence. She was previously the first lady Florida for the period of eight years when her husband served as governor.

There are many things about this amazing lady that would be worthy of note asides her social contributions. Let’s take a closer look at her bio, height, and other facts about her.

Columba Bush’s Early Life

Columba Bush was originally born Columba Garnica Gallo on August 17, 1953, in León, Guanajuato to Mexican parents – José Maria Garnica Rodriguez and Josefina Gallo Esquivel. At her tender age of 3, precisely in 1956, her parents were separated and the divorce was finalized in 1963 just when Columba was ten years old.

Young Columba stayed with her mum alongside her elder sister Lucila in León after the divorce. The circumstances that surrounded her childhood were instrumental in shaping her stand against abuses against women especially domestic violence. She attended the Instituto Antonia Mayllen, a private Catholic School situated in León.

In 1988, Columba became a public figure when she gave her nominating speech in Spanish in political campaign support of her father-in-law, George H. W. Bush during the Republican National Convention as the latter ran for the seat of the United States president. The occasion would be considered as her major political outing – until she became the first lady of Florida in 1999.

She has been involved in lots of social causes supporting groups like Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Centre on Addiction and Substance Abuse and Arts for Life!­ which centered on giving scholarships to budding artists. She had taken frontline in campaigns and talks against drug and alcohol abuse to youths perhaps her passion was heightened by the fact that her daughter was a victim of drug abuse before she was rehabilitated.

What to Know About Her Husband and Children

Columba Bush met Jeb Bush in 1970 in León when she was just 16. Jeb was a year older and an English tutor who was helping in the construction of a school in the adjacent rural community of Ibarrilla. The duo remained friends till 1974 when they walked down the aisle precisely on February 23, 1974, at the chapel in the Catholic student center in the University of Texas, Austin. Part of the wedding was said to have been conducted in Spanish as Columba didn’t have mastery of the English language at the time.

They have three children in all namely; George Prescot (April 24, 1976), Noelle Lucila Bush (July 26, 1977), and John Ellis Bush (December 13, 1983).

George Prescot is a father of two, an attorney, US Navy Reserve officer, real estate investor, and a politician who holds the position of the commissioner of the Texas General Land Office while his sister Noelle Lucila Bush is a staff of a software firm located in Orlando, Florida. John Ellis Bush Jnr is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin where he obtained a bachelor of arts degree in Latin American Studies. He has taken up a job appointment with a Miami based commercial real estate firm and he is a proud father to two beautiful children.

Columba Bush
Columba Bush with her husband and children

Jeb Bush was born on the 11th of February 1953 in Midland, Texas. He is the second-born son out of the five children of the 41st US President – George Herbert Walker Bush. His other siblings include his elder brother, George W. Bush, the 43rd US President, two younger brothers – Neil Bush and Marvin Bush and a younger sister named Dorothy Bush.

He did well as a businessman before he ventured into politics and eventually became the 43rd governor of Florida for two terms (between 1999 and 2007). He then proceeded to contest for the US presidency in 2016 under the Republican party but lost out in the primaries to the eventual winner, Donald Trump.

Height and Other Facts About Columba Bush – Jeb Bush’s Wife

1. The beautiful grandmother, Columba Bush has a petite build; standing at the height of 5 feet 0 inches (1.52 m). She has successfully planted her two feet in the annals of history through her philanthropic works, and her motherly roles in the State of Florida.

2. Apart from her elder sister Lucila who later married her husband’s teenage friend John Schmitz, Columba Bush also has a brother who goes by the name Francisco and he, unlike his sisters and mother who emigrated to the United States of America, remained in Mexico where currently resides in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

3. The petite amiable wife of Jeb Bush became a citizen of the United States of America sometime in 1979 by means of naturalization after residing on the shores of the country for some years.

4. Although she has worked for many years in various capacities especially with non-governmental organizations and possibly earned some tangible income along the line, her net worth is still under review and has not been a public knowledge as of now, however, her husband has a net worth of about $40 million.


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