A Look At Crystal Hefner’s Love Story With Hugh Hefner and How It Brought Her To Fame

Popularly known as an American model, television personality, and the last wife of late Hugh Hefner, Crystal Hefner went into hiding for a while after her husband died. Thankfully, she has been able to deal with the loss and has moved on with her life.

Her relationship with Hugh made her famous across the globe as the 60-years age difference between them was a big deal for many. Hefner passed on in September 2017 but what he had with Crystal continues to pique the interest of many.

Crystal Left Hugh Hefner a Few Days to Their Wedding

Crystal Harris
Late Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris: image source

The 60 years gap between Crystal and Hugh Hefner didn’t stop her from starting a relationship with the then octogenarian in January 2009. The love between them became serious when they announced their engagement.

However, Crystal left her husband-to-be five days before their planned wedding when she developed cold feet on the 14th of June 2011, calling off a wedding that had been planned to the later with over 300 guests.

The duo subsequently mended fences and eventually tied the knot on the 31st of December 2012; this made Crystal the third wife of the Playboy boss and their union endured until his demise on the 27th of December 2017. That is not to say that they didn’t experience a few issues as a couple, but they learned how to manage their issues.

The Real Reason The Model Got Married to Hefner

While she was still enjoying the clout that came from being chosen as the Playboy Playmate of the Month in December 2009, Crystal became the love interest of the media mogul the same year. She gathered more recognition from being a part of The Girls Next Door, also known as The Girls of the Playboy Mansion.

With the details of their impending wedding taken care of, Crystal attracted more media exposure when she developed cold feet about the marriage. When they eventually got back together and successfully tied the nuptials in 2012, public interest in Crystal’s life hit the zenith level. Since her path crossed with the media giant, Crystal Hefner’s name has become very news-worthy and anything about her is worth reporting.

But then, the 60 years age gap between Crystal and Hugh Hefner raised a lot of dust, especially when their marriage was announced and later aborted. People could not help but wonder what a girl in her early twenties would want with a man who was well into his eighties. According to the widow of the Playboy mogul, her reason for marrying Hugh was for the security it would bring.

Another reason for going into the union was that she found the multi-millionaire fascinating. According to the model, that was her first time meeting a celeb in her life and it was awe-inspiring. When the duo eventually got married, Crystal had to sign an ironclad prenup which automatically excluded her from his will. Though they stayed married until his death, it was as though the model was keeping away from the rest of the family as reports had it that the dying media giant was surrounded by his loved ones when he eventually passed on, but it is not clear whether Crystal was by his side.

The family even attended a memorial dinner in his honor and from what was perceived, Crystal was not invited. After his demise, a source told US Weekly that Hugh’s widow will inherit nothing out of his fortune that was estimated at $43 million, but a counter-report surfaced, claiming that the deceased millionaire left her a great deal of fortune. Crystal has since moved on with her new boyfriend Nathan Levi

Contrary to Speculations, The Duo Lived Happily 

In an interview with Fox News, Crystal Hefner opened up about her life with the late Playboy boss. According to the former Playboy Playmate, they shared a loving relationship as her late spouse showered her with love and affection. Crystal said she was like an insecure college girl when she met the late media mogul and he helped to shape the person she has become by teaching her love and kindness.

The beautiful model gushed that her late spouse opened her mind to all the opportunities she would never have had in life. On their huge age difference, the blonde beauty explained that the fact that Hef was so much older made their relationship very interesting as he was kind of childlike almost as if he was a boy whose dreams had come true.

Explaining how she handled the public’s reaction to their marriage; Hugh’s widow stated that it was no bothered as she ultimately knew the truth behind their union. The reality according to the model is that she felt so lucky being in a relationship where she was showered with so much love, care, and respect. Crystal expressed her appreciation and hopes that others would be privileged to find such.

From what is perceivable, the two were truly happy despite the speculations that ran rife about their relationship. Crystal was really devastated by her husband’s death and couldn’t go anywhere in the first few months, however, she has gotten over the loss and has moved on with her life.

A Look At Crystal Hefner’s Sources of Income

An alum of San Diego State University, Hugh’s widow was majoring in Psychology when her dreams of being a model began to take shape. As a college student, Crystal competed for a picture model challenge organized by Playboy magazine and won the grand prize.

She subsequently appeared as the Co-Ed of the week by Playboy.com magazine and began to grace several of the magazine’s pages. While on it, the model was featured on some E’s show and The Girls Next Door in 2009.

In April 2010, Crystal Hefner decided to give music a shot and signed a record deal with the division of Universal Music Group known as Organica Music Group under the management of record producer Michael Blakey. Her first single titled Club Queen was released on the 4th of June 2011.

Sometime in 2012, the model worked with Vanessa Bryce, an Australian designer and founder of Veve Glamor Swimwear to design various styles of swimwear. She also collaborated with Ronda Shear in the designing of beautiful lounge wears which are currently selling through her website.

Her Net Worth Was Boosted By Her Husband’s Bequeath

In as much as Crystal Hefner has been quite successful as a music artist, designer, and Playboy magazine model, her net worth is yet to be revealed. However, sources have it that despite signing an ironclad prenup before exchanging marriage vows with her late spouse, Hugh Hefner’s widow was taken care of as she received a £3 million fortune and a Hollywood house worth £5 million.

This claim was confirmed when it came to light that the beautiful widow sold a luxurious mansion her late husband bought in her name.

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