Open Secrets of Dan Bilzerian’s Net Worth, Girlfriends and why He is Famous

Dan Bilzerian is a romance novel playboy/bad boy come to life. He is handsome, chiseled, has more money than he knows what to do with, and most important of all, courts and beds too many women to mention. He lives a flamboyant and luxurious life, and he loves to show it. His constant display of affluence on social media has earned him the nickname ‘King of Instagram’. He throws parties frequently and travels around the world more regularly than an international businessman.

The renowned poker player still has time to appear in movies although he is yet to secure a leading role. He has mostly appeared in either uncredited roles or had very little screen time. He is also the founder and CEO of Ignite International Brands. Although he is ridiculously rich and often displays it, the source of his wealth has long since been a bone of contention and a lot remains a mystery to date.

His Father Set up a Trust Fund for Him and His Brother

Dan Bilzerian’s father was Paul Bilzerian, a private equity and corporate takeover specialist. He reportedly became a self-made millionaire at the age of 36. When Dan was eight years old, his dad was indicted for tax and security fraud and ordered to pay $62 million. He declared bankruptcy though and ended up paying just $3.7million, keeping the rest for the family.

As if he knew his indictment was forthcoming, Paul Bilzerian created a trust fund for Dan and his younger brother, Adam. It is understood that Dan would have access to the fund at the age of 30. This trust fund has supposedly contributed massively to the luxurious and flashy lifestyle Dan Bilzerian upholds.

As of 1997, the trust fund was worth a reported $11.96 million, and Dan owned half of it. Dan Bilzerian’s net worth has certainly been giving a healthy boost by having such a considerable inheritance to own.

Although in 2014, Dan and his brother, Adam, were ordered to surrender roughly 30% of the fund’s asset to the SEC, they still inherited a massive sum of money thanks to the scheming powers of their father.

The family’s source of wealth is often too complex to determine. Still, it unquestionable that it has contributed to the flamboyant lifestyle exhibited frequently by Dan Bilzerian.

Dan Bilzerian Insists He Made His Money from Playing Poker

Whenever the question of how he became so wealthy is posed to Dan Bilzerian, he sticks to his well-rehearsed response of having amassed his fortunes playing poker. Dan reportedly learnt to play poker whilst studying at the University of Florida. Initially using the game as a way to fund his education, he soon got a taste for bigger things. After reportedly using his last $750 to win $10,000, Dan subsequently headed to Las Vegas and turned that $10,000 into $187,000 at the poker tables.

According to Dan, he quit school when he began making $90,000 a week via poker. He became reputable for being a high stake poker player by the age of 27. Despite these enticing anecdotes, there is not much public evidence of his poker prowess.

The only notable tournament Dan Bilzerian participated in was the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2009. He finished in 180th position and won a total of $36,000 for his efforts. It is the only public record of any of his poker winnings. Although his winnings from poker tournaments are relatively low, he claims to have won tens of millions through private games. In 2014, he won a record $50million and won $12.8million in just one game.

These reported winnings have no doubt also played a considerable role in swelling his income and general net worth.

He Continues to Get Small Roles in Movies as an Actor

Dan Bilzerian is a man of many talents. Asides being a former Navy SEAL trainee, a poker player, and businessman, he is also an actor and stuntman. He is yet to land a significant role in movies to date, but it might only be a matter of time before his big break comes through.

He appeared in uncredited roles in the movies Olympus Has Fallen, Lone Survivor, and The Other Woman. In 2014, he also had small parts in the action-thriller The Equalizer, and the comedy-action sequel Cat Run 2. His most significant role to date came in the action-thriller Extraction, released in 2015. His last movie appearance came in 2016 when he appeared as himself in an uncredited cameo in the comedy-crime War Dogs.

In 2014, he sued the producers of the movie Lone Survivor. He reportedly contributed a million dollars to the production of the film in exchange for a minimum of eight-minute screen time and eighty words of dialogue. The Instagram star, however, had just one line and appeared less than a minute.

He demanded the money he lent in full plus a 20% penalty bringing the total to $1.2 million. He dropped the charges after receiving plenty of publicity and also making $1.5 million due to the film’s success at the box office.

Dan Bilzerian’s Company Lost $50 Million in One Year

Dan Bilzerian is also a business and owns a couple of companies. He is the owner and CEO of Ignite International Brands Ltd. The company specializes in selling electronic cigarettes, vodka, water bottles, and cannabis oil. The company is headquartered in Canada and began trading in January 2019.

In the same year, a company report revealed that Ignite lost $50 million. $43 million went towards expenses like office leases, marketing, and promotion. They had a marketing budget that more than doubled sales revenue.

It also emerged that the company has been funding Bilzerian’s flashy lifestyle. The flight, yacht, house rents, and other extravagant spending were charged to the company’s accounts. Opposition to the lavish spending from the company’s leadership has been met with termination.

His Net Worth Now Stands at a Whopping $200 Million

Despite no one quite knowing for sure how Dan Bilzerian makes his money and how he got so wealthy, the numerous sources of income listed above have helped with evaluating his net worth. Bilzerian’s net worth has continued to grow at an impressive rate.

As of 2020, his net worth stands at a whopping $200m. Just seven years ago, he was worth only $50 million. His net worth has improved yearly in the following manner:

  • 2013 – $50 million
  • 2014 – $100 million
  • 2015 – $120 million
  • 2016 – $150 million
  • 2017 – $170 million
  • 2018 – $180 million
  • 2019 – $190 million
  • 2020 – $200 million

As a man of great affluence, Bilzerian is not afraid to splurge. His real estate game has always been top-notch. In 2014, he purchased a 5-bedroom home for $4.1million and sold it for $5.1million in 2017.

He went even bigger by splurging $10million for another house close-by. Bilzerian raised eyebrows when he spent $50,000 per month to rent a four-story, 12-bedroom mansion in Bel Air. He had previously spent $39,000 a month to rent a home in Hollywood Hills.

Doubts Persist as to Whether Dan Bilzerian is Rich or Pulling an Act

Despite the constant display of wealth and lavishness, not everyone is convinced Bilzerian is the millionaire playboy he tries so hard to sell. It is believed that many of the properties he claims to own are actually either rented or borrowed.

Furthermore, it has not been fully established if he truly does own the Gulfstream IV private jet or the Lamborghini he is frequently seen in. It is also not confirmed if he is indeed the owner of a yacht. His wealth, much like his net worth, seems shrouded in eternal mystery.

Dan has been in a Monogamous Relationship Just Twice

Known around the world as a millionaire playboy who perpetually gets with different women from all over, Dan Bilzerian works hard to keep this image. Despite being 39 years of age, he has not been in a lot of committed relationships.

A visit to his Instagram page will show Bilzerian with a slew of women at different locations. He has a thing against ‘ugly women’ as they allegedly hurt his eyes. His misogynistic views have done nothing to hurt his chances of getting with women of great beauty. His money and lavish lifestyle continue to attract them in droves.

Dan Bilzerian
Dan and Sofia Bevarly dated briefly: image source

Amidst all of the shenanigans, Dan Bilzerian has found time to be involved in two monogamous relationships. His first ever monogamous relationship was with Sofia Bevarly, 16 years his junior. The couple dated for a while in 2017 and Bilzerian, for all his waywardness, appeared committed. Sofia Bevarly is perhaps the most well-known of all the women to have hooked up with Dan Bilzerian. The reason for their breakup remains unknown.

The second woman to hold the attention of Bilzerian in a committed relationship is Katie Bell. She made the first move by DMing her photos to Bilzerian. That caught his attention, and they struck up a conversation.

He subsequently invited her to Los Angeles and picked her up in his private jet from Florida. The pair then began a monogamous relationship that lasted for a year. They broke up in 2019 and Bell often cites Bilzerian as being responsible for her fame. Asides being his girlfriend, she also became a model for his company, Ignite.

He has had a Host of Other Women at his Parties or Around the World with Him

Dan Bilzerian
image source

When he is not doing a very unusual thing like actually being in a monogamous, Bilzerian plays host to different gorgeous women in some of the most exotic cities in the world. Below are some of the most beautiful women that Bilzerian has dated and hosted:

  • Leidy Amelia Labrador – She originally hails from Cuba but spends a lot of her time in the United States. She has been spotted with the Bilzerian on some of his escapades and definitely fits his definition of beauty. Her current profession is modeling and is an avid user of Instagram.
  • Morgan Hultgren – true to his reputation as an international playboy, Bilzerian secured himself the affection of a Swedish stunner. He dated Morgan Hultgren for a short while after she moved from Stockholm to the US to pursue her career.
  • Lauren Blake – Bilzerian has literally been with women from all works of life. He was spotted globetrotting with the biochemistry major, Lauren Blake. As with other women, their time together was brief, but it was quite financially rewarding for her.
  • Nicole Pelas – Bilzerian has a thing for curvy women, and he certainly hit the jackpot when he began going out with Nicole Pelas from Loranger, Louisiana. An actress and model, her following receive a massive boost due to her attachment to the millionaire playboy. Not a bad deal at all.
  • Suelyn Madeiros – If you are an avid fan of 50 Cent, this name should be familiar. The US-born and raised Brazilian bombshell previously dated the Hip Hop artist. She seems to have a thing for rich men and who can blame her?
  • Hannah Palmer – the damsel from Prescott, Arizona, has been spotted with Dan on vacation on multiple occasions. She has also been a frequent attendee of his famous parties. She graduated from the University of Arizona, a school that loves its parties. That explains it then.
  • Jessa Hinton – the actress and lifestyle blogger is the stuff of dreams and precisely the kind of woman Bilzerian would go for. Rumors had it that the pair actually had a legitimate relationship going on, but it was never really confirmed.

His Outlandish and Lavish Lifestyle has Gained Him Massive Popularity

Dan Bilzerian has 32 million followers on Instagram and 1.7 million followers on Twitter. These are mammoth numbers for someone that is not the conventional celebrity. He frequently displays his wealth on social media with raunchy photos of him with naked women or throwing lavish parties.

He represents the dream life that every average individual seeks to live, and that generates a ton of attention and followership. His unconventional, open, and entertaining lifestyle on social media earned him the ‘King of Instagram’ title. He was also voted the funniest poker player on Twitter by Bluff Magazine in 2010.

He also generates a lot of controversy and publicity with his actions and speech. In June 2015, he declared that he was running for President of the United States. He eventually stepped down from his campaign before endorsing Donald Trump. He chose to support Trump because he believed Trump was unfiltered like himself, and he could relate to that.

These unique attributes only help to push his popularity and in turn, gain more followers. The more he posts about his extraordinarily privileged life featuring yachts, private jets, vacations, and scantily clad women, the more he grows in popularity. After all, American musician T-Pain released a song in his name in 2016. The song is a carefree anthem that perfectly encapsulates the nonchalance and flamboyance of the millionaire playboy.


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