Truths About Why Dany Garcia Divorced Dwayne Johnson, Her Love Life Since and Career Success

An American movie producer, businessperson, and IFBB professional bodybuilder, Dany Garcia’s love life is a really intriguing one that has gotten many people talking. Once married to one of Hollywood’s finest, Dwayne Johnson, it appeared their union was made in heaven, considering she is also a bodybuilder just like Johnson. However, fans were dazed when the marriage crashed and questions began to be asked.

Even more interesting is how Dany Garcia’s relationship with Dwayne Johnson turned out after they parted ways romantically, as well as the man with whom she moved on after her divorce. Notably, the story of her marriage and separation from Dwayne is not one of those typical Hollywood divorce stories.

How A ‘New Perspective’ About Marriage Led To The Collapse Of Dany Garcia And Dwayne Johnson’s Romance

Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia tied the knot on May 3, 1997, and stayed married for 10 years before it all ended in 2007. On June 1, 2007, the couple released a statement that they were going their separate ways but the interesting thing is that they were doing it very amicably. They did not have any fights or anything of the sort. Theirs was not the typical Hollywood divorce story.

Dwayne explained that they really didn’t have any problems in their marriage. However, the birth of their daughter gave them a ‘new perspective’ about marriage and they realized that marriage was just not in their cards so they decided to end the relationship and collaborate in raising their daughter together as single parents.

Their divorce which was finalized in 2008 did not witness any drama at all. In fact, since their divorce, they have remained best friends and business partners. Apparently, their marriage may be over, but their relationship isn’t. At the moment, Garcia doubles as Johnson’s personal manager.

Dany Garcia.
Dany Garcia and her ex-husband, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson have a daughter together. Their girl named Simone Alexandra Johnson was born on the 14th of August 2001. She has grown into a beautiful young lady.

Chronicles Of The Love Story Between Them

Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson have known each other for a long time. The duo first met during their days as undergraduate students of the University of Miami. Garcia was 21 at the time; about three years older than Johnson who was just 18.

Garcia once explained that when she first saw Dwayne Johnson, she was very impressed with his looks and knew that he had something special inside of him. Eventually, they started dating and this period of dating lasted an adventurous seven years during which time Johnson’s career as a wrestler took off. Garcia was behind him throughout this time, showing him support.

Finally, after a seven-year dating period, the couple tied the knot as husband and wife on May 3, 1997. Dwayne’s wrestling career was at its prime at the time and he was a fan favourite around the world.

Dany Garcia Has Built A New Love Life With Dave Rienzi

Following her split from Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia has gone on to find love again. At the time of writing, Dany Garcia is married to a bodybuilder and fitness trainer called Dave Rienzi. They got married on March 29, 2014.

The interesting thing is that Dave Rienzi is actually Dwayne Johnson’s fitness coach and they are both very good friends. Some fans think this situation is weird, considering Rienzi is now with Johnson’s ex.

Details about how Dave Rienzi and Dany met and started their romance is not one that is in public space. However, the couple is crazy about each other and their relationship is still going strong.

Dwayne himself has been in a relationship with singer and songwriter, Lauren Hashian, since 2007.

Dany Garcia with her daughter, Simone Alexandra Johnson and husband Dave Rienzi

Garcia’s Many Exploits In A Multifaceted Career

Following her graduation from college, Garcia took up an appointment at Merrill Lynch and rose through the ranks to become vice president of the wealth management company. As with all visionary women in her class, Garcia leveraged the wealth of experience she’d gained at Merrill Lynch to establish her own wealth management outfit, JDM Partners LLC. Much of Garcia’s success has come from her unique ability to spot talent and hone them into stars. Seven Bucks Productions, the company she co-founded with her former husband, Dwayne Johnson, has represented Hollywood bigwigs such as Idris Elba and Henry Cavill.

She soon founded The Garcia Companies, a media management firm that gives expression to her talent-spotting and media stint. The company also supports projects of huge prospects. Being a talent-coach for her ex-husband, Dwayne Johnson is enough proof of how productive her career has been. Dwayne’s Hollywood success speaks for itself, as such, Dany Garcia remains one of the most engaged managers in Hollywood.

Danny Garcia As A Bodybuilder

Media career aside. Dany Garcia is also one of the most successful bodybuilders in the history of the trade. She has been IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders and Fitness) Pro champion for a long time now and continues to showcase her unique performances in competitions.

If speculations are anything to go by, Garcia’s penchant for bodybuilding may have come from her ex-husband, Dwayne. As age sets in, Garcia has gradually withdrawn from exhaustive endeavours like bodybuilding to focus on her business and family.

Dany Garcia
Dany Garcia in the gym

She Has A Penchant For Investment

Today, Garcia’s business endeavours have seen her morph from wife, mother, entrepreneur, and now an active investor. She continues to use her investment sense, identifying and investing in worthy start-ups. She also invests in Cava Mediterranean Grill restaurants. Her media empire has continued to grow.

In late 2018, Seven Bucks Productions announced their partnership with Studio 71 to launch The Rock YouTube channel. They are also developing viewable content to be produced by the company’s digital arm, Seven Bucks Digital Studios.

Her Hollywood Productions

Dany Garcia has served as producer or executive producer for many Hollywood movies and TV series. In 2008, she executive-produced Lovely, Still, a romantic drama film. In 2017, she was also the executive producer of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Baywatch.

She has also been behind the production of several other projects, including Fighting with My Family in 2019 and Statesman in 2020, among others.

How Much Is Dany Garcia Worth?

The specifics of her yearly salary are currently not available, but we do know there are multiple inflows that make Dany Garcia a multimillionaire in her own right.

A recent estimate puts her net worth at a whopping $70 million. While this is quite a huge sum, it, however, pales at her ex-husband’s $280 million fortune.


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