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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s life and career have metamorphosed in the most successfully unlikely way. From a broke football enthusiast at the backside of the US to a WWE wrestling champion and in 2016, Hollywood’s highest paid actor; Dwayne Johnson has had the best of several worlds and has every reason to be proud. But if you were to ask him about his success journey, he will never attribute it all to himself. More so, among the few precious people he’ll likely mention, his ex-wife, Dany Garcia, would surely top the list.

Since their college days, Danny Garcia has been the force behind his success and the woman who stood solidly with Johnson long before the world knew he had a “Rock” to his name. Even in his heydays as a WWE champion, she remained instrumental to his fledgling career until they parted ways in 2008. Although their marriage fell apart, their relationship never did. I mean, some people are too precious to let go of. For Dwayne Johnson, it’s Dany Garcia.

But hey, this beautiful Latino also has a life of her own. Being Empress of her own media empire is just one. Garcia is also a bodybuilder, mother, wife and a lover of music who even played the piano and French horn back in school. This post turns the spotlight on Dany Garcia’s bio, age, career, and net worth. Enjoy.

Dany Garcia – Bio (Age)

Dany Garcia was born in New Jersey on November 29, 1968, to Cuban immigrants. She and her two siblings were raised in New Jersey. Later on, her parents moved to Florida where she later acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in International Marketing and Finance from the University of Miami School of Business in 1992. As far as specifics go, we haven’t stumbled upon credible details about Dany Garcia’s early education, childhood or about her parents.

However, we do know that things weren’t always so smooth for the Cuban beauty. She recounts how her father used to work in a body shop to put them through school and had no privileges whatsoever. But Dany excelled in school and was known as a geek and teachers’ favorite. This attribute would qualify her as president of her alma mater’s alumni association. Plus, she is also a member of the Miami University Board of Trustees.


Following her graduation from College, Garcia took up an appointment at Merrill Lynch and rose through the ranks to become Vice President of the Wealth Management company. As with all visionary women her class, Garcia leveraged the wealth of experience she’d gained at Merrill Lynch to establish her own wealth management outfit, JDM Partners LLC. Much of Garcia’s success has come from her unique ability to spot talent and hone them into stars. Seven Bucks Productions, the company she co-founded with her former husband, Dwayne Johnson, has represented Hollywood big wigs such as Idris Elba and Henry Cavill.

She soon founded The Garcia Companies, a media management firm that gives expression to her talent-spotting and media stint. The company also supports projects of huge prospects. Being talent-coach for her ex-husband, Dwayne Johnson is no small proof as to how effective her career has been. Dwayne’s Hollywood success speaks for itself. Dany Garcia remains one of the most engaged managers in Hollywood.

Media career aside. Dany Garcia is also one of the U.S most successful bodybuilders in the history of the trade. She has been IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders and Fitness) Pro champion for a long time now and continues to showcase her unique performances in competitions. If speculations are anything to go by, Garcia’s penchant for bodybuilding may have come from her ex-husband, Dwayne. As age sets in, Garcia has gradually withdrawn from exhaustive endeavors like bodybuilding to focus on her business and family.

Today, Garcia’s business endeavors have seen her morph from wife, mother, entrepreneur and now an active angel investor. She continues to use her investment sense to prowl the US, identifying and investing in worthy start-ups. She also invests in Cava Mediterranean Grill restaurants. Her media empire has continued to grow. In late 2018, Seven Bucks Productions announced their partnership with Studio 71 to launch The Rock YouTube channel. They are also developing viewable content to be produced by the company’s digital arm, Seven Bucks Digital Studios.

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Relationship with Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

Dany Garcia.
Dany Garcia and her ex-husband, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson met during their days as undergraduate students of the University of Miami. Garcia was 22 at the time; four years older than Johnson. After a seven-year dating period, the couple was married in 1997. Dwayne’s wrestling career was at its prime at the time. They both had a daughter, Simone Garcia Johnson (b. August 14, 2001).

However, their ten-year union came to a halt in 2008 when they officially finalized their divorce. Theirs was an amicable separation and was void of the usual drama peculiar to Hollywood divorces. At the time of writing, Dany Garcia is married to Dwayne Johnson’s fitness coach and bodybuilder, Dave Rienzi. They were married on March 29, 2014. Dwayne himself has been in a relationship with singer and songwriter, Lauren Hashian, since 2007. Their marriage may be over, but their relationship isn’t. Johnson would later ask Garcia to be his personal manager.

Dany Garcia’s Salary and Net Worth

The specifics of her yearly salary are currently not available, but we do know there are multiple inflows that makes Dany Garcia a multimillionaire in her own right. A recent estimate puts her net worth at a whopping $70 million. While this is no chicken feed, it, however, pales at her ex-husband’s $280 million fortune.

Height and Body Measurements

Dany Garcia is not the average smallish lady. No, she is the well-built type that could stand shoulder to shoulder with other males. She stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 68kg. She has dark brown eyes and wears dark brown hair. We have no details about her dress, shoe and body measurements; at the time of this writing.

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