David Nehdar – Bio, Movies, Facts About Lacey Chabert’s Husband

David Nehdar, as popular as he is, owes a huge part of that popularity to his union with top celebrity actress Lacey Chabert. This is because although one cannot erase the fact that in the economic world, David has made his prominence noticed as he is likened to have acquired success in his venture, but tying the knot with a more known person like Chabert made it a different ball game all together as all his professional achievements have been overshadowed by Lacey’s fame that in turn, made him more known. His entrepreneurial spirit has not been in doubt as he has nurtured it from his childhood and has persistently been on the chase for its actualization.

David Nehdar’s Biography

It’s no surprise that David rose to prominence in the economic world as he was born into a business family on the 16th of August 1974. Toeing the part of many family members before him, David studied business management in college. This is about all the info he has made available about his childhood and upbringing.

At the end of his time in college and having earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management, David Nehdar joined his family’s business. Winning a measure of success in the new venture and controlling a reasonable share in profit, a young and eager David was nothing close to public admiration until his relationship with actress Lacey Chabert came to light.


David Nehdar has recorded measurable amount of success in his life venture, but since he is not an actor, he has done his best to give his actress wife all the support she needs in her career where necessary. Lacey Chabert who was born in Purvis, Mississippi on the 30th of September, 1982, is of mixed descent as she is seen to be of English, Scottish, Italian, Cajun and still holds an American nationality.

Lacey Chabert found her footing in the movie world with her debut in a television series titled Party of Five. Since then, she has gradually made her way to prominence in the film industry, recording an amazing amount of works such as Lost in Space, Not another Teen Movie (2001), Daddy Day Care (2003) and lots more. Her role in the popular movie Mean Girls won her an award in addition to the other awards that have decorated her remarkable career. One which celebrated her arrival to the movie industry was an award as The Best Young Star award for Best performance by a Young Actress following her exceptional role in Party of Five.

Facts about Lacy Chabert’s Husband

How David Nehdar Met and Married Lacey Chabert

Although the timeline is not clear for exactly when the two met, they started off as friends but eventually graduated to dating which they did their utmost best to keep away from the ever-watching eye of the media. The lovebirds got married on the 30th of December. The union was made public after many months and since then, David Nehdar has kept a low profile.

Lacey who controls a larger fan-base than David eventually opened up about her new status by posting pictures of their wedding just to calm her fans’ curiosity. Details of David was still kept a secret until the couple felt comfortable to come out with the details.

The marriage ceremony between the David Nehdar and Lacey Chabert was witnessed by top celebrities friends such as Ali Fedotosky and lots more. The union has been blessed with a daughter; Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar who was welcomed into the home on the 1st of September, 2016. Through speculations, it was made known that the middle name ‘Mimi’ was chosen in honor of David’s grandmother.

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David Nehdar’s Net Worth

Joining the family business after graduating with a degree in Business Management, David Nehdar has recorded a great amount of success and has built his net worth to an enviable level. The American businessman and soul-partner to Lacey Chabert has been stated to control a net worth of around 6 million dollars. This labels him as an economically strong personality.

Height and Weight

The renowned businessman is not lacking in height as he stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches, with his weight still undisclosed.

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