Deidre Ball – Bio, Age, Wiki, Family Of Anthony Scaramucci’s Wife

With the chaos caused by Anthony Scaramucci and his wife, Deidre Ball on the internet, it is quite impossible for the world to turn a blind eye. The two have been tied with divorce rumors and of course, the gist about Anthony’s loss of his job as the White House Communications Director can’t be left out.

Meanwhile, Deidre Ball met Anthony while working as his personal assistant. The two fell in love and began a love journey that subsequently produced two adorable boys. Read on, to find out all you need to know about Deidre Ball’s bio and family life below.

Deidre Ball – Biography (Age)

The wife of Anthony Scaramucci is yet to reveal any details pertaining to her age or her place of birth, however, in 2018, while in the midst of a divorce and the near death of her unborn son, Ball was presumedly said to be 38 years old. Also, Diedre has stayed schtum on the details of her immediate family. She is an American and of a white ethnical background.

Regarding her education, Deidre Ball bagged a degree from the University of Buffalo before obtaining a degree in Communications from the University of Maimi.

After graduating from school, Deidre Ball accepted a job as an assistant in 2007 from a firm known as SkyBridge Capital. In her later years with the firm, she was promoted to the position of the vice president in investor relations.

Deidre Ball, though not a staff with any governmental bodies has been involved with political campaigns through her many donations. According to, she donated over $10,000 to Scott Walker’s presidential campaign and over $2,000 to Jeb Bush’s campaign in 2015. That same year, she contributed over $5,000 dollars to support Kathleen Rice’s campaign and is a strong anti-Trump.

Family Life of Deidre Ball: Husband and Kids

Deider Ball
Deidre Ball and Anthony Scaramucci

Deidre Ball and Anthony Scaramucci’s love life has been one that has awakened the media. While they enjoyed a union that lasted for a few years, Ball filed for a divorce in 2017. Before we on go with the details of their wedding mishap, we would love to tell you how their love story began. 

The lovebirds met for the first time in 2011. At the time, Ball was working as an assistant at SkyBridge capital, while Anthony was her boss. Along the line, the two fell in love and also started their love journey which finally ended in a marital union in 2014. After tying the knot with Deidre Ball, they settled at his home at Manhasset, Long Island with their son, Nicholas Scaramucci who was born a few months before their wedding. The couple later welcomed their second son James, born on the 24th of July 2017. James was named after Deidre’s father.

Prior to their union, Anthony was previously married to a lady named Lisa Miranda. The couple got hitched in 1988 and went their separate ways after twenty-three years of marriage in 2014. It was also a union that produced three children namely – Alexander, Amelia, and Anthony.

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Before the arrival of their second son, Deidre Ball and Anthony encountered the toughest period of their marital life. As the story goes, James took up a job as the White House communications director without telling his wife. Sources say that she became aware of his position after he was fired by President Donald Trump just within eleven days of work.

However, on the 28th of July 2017, news began to fly around that Ball had filed for a divorce irrespective of the fact that she was pregnant with their second child. Sadly, the on-going stress led her into quick labor leading to their second son’s premature birth.

While the events unfolded, there are several speculations that Anthony’s political ambition and infatuations towards President Trump was the main cause of their divorce. Ball who was still at a recovery state never responded to these claims, however, the rumors were later tackled by lawyer Jill Stone who stated that the couple had differences that were quite unredeemable.

While processing the divorce, Deidre Ball and Anthony settled things and is said to have called off their intended divorce. News of their reconciliation got out after Anthony graced an interview with The Post sometime in November 2017 stating that they were again a couple.

Their comeback was quite a surprise for many as the former White House communications director was said to have been romantically involved with Fox News reporter, Kimberly Guilfoyle. In fact, there was a shred of evidence that Anthony and Kimberly both took a few romantic trips together. When questioned by the presiding judge, Anthony’s lawyer declined to have a knowledge of his affair, likewise Ball’s attorney. Apparently, the couple has decided to fight through their troubles and build their trust life again.


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