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Renowned model, fashion blogger, businesswoman, and “Instagram queen.” That’s all that begins to describe Devin Brugman to fans. She could be all four today, but her earliest fans may not relate if you called Brugman a blogger? Well, that’s because blogging has always been mistaken for a hallowed job reserved for the “nerdy and techie.” Follow us into the world of Brugman as we demystify the haziness around the life of a successful blogger, and everything to know about the model. And hey, who knows if you could be the next embodiment of a successful model, blogger, entrepreneur and “Instagram queen/king.” But first, let’s see a quick bio. Shall we?

Devin Brugman Bio

Devin Brugman was born in the city of Oakland, California on December 26, 1990. Hello Boxing Day babies! The Brugmans were what you would rightly call an entrepreneurial family. Her father holds an MBA and is a successful businessman. While her mother works as a model. You see, apples don’t really fall far from the family tree. When Devine was just 4, her family moved from California to Maui, in the lush island of Hawaii. While there, Brugman completed her elementary studies and went on to attend Mount St. Mary’s College where she studied business. She then moved to Los Angeles to pursue further studies and of course a career in modeling.

Brugman’s natural beauty would become the spark for her modeling career. She was soon discovered by a modeling agency while vacationing with her friend, Natasha Oakley. The agency quickly assigned a professional photographer to the “young birds.” The two girls have had a knack for success right from earlier on. They not only wanted to be successful and silent, but they also wanted to be famous for it. This says so much about their plans to pursue business together. Today, Devin Brugman is doing pretty well in modeling and entertainment. Thanks to her soaring publicity, her bikini products have become the top choice for most bikini lovers in and outside of the United States.

Everything To Know About The Model

1. Devin Brugman’s Net Worth

Devin Brugman has reasons to be proud of her accomplishments, but the young model isn’t having any of that. She’s pushing the boundaries and upping her earning potential by the day.  Through the help of her photographer, Brugman started taking modeling consignments, and since then her following on platforms like Instagram has been nothing short of phenomenal. A recent estimate puts Brugman’s estimated net worth at over $300,000.

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2. Devin Brugman’s Boyfriend
Devin Brugman
Devin Brugman, Natasha Oakley, and Oakley’s boyfriend enjoy time out at the beach

Although Brugman remains active on social media platforms like Instagram, the beautiful model sure knows how to keep it low when it comes to her personal life. But credible sources believe that she is currently dating Daniel Yaro. The love birds have been together since 2016. Although not much about their love life has appeared on social media, a December 2016 picture uploaded by Yaro, wishing his “girlfriend” a happy birthday, was all fans needed to see. Asides that, no loved up pictures of them have appeared on social media. However, Daniel Yaro wouldn’t be her first.

Before Yaro, Brugman dated a former American NFL player by the name, Greg Little. They began dating back in 2013. But their relationship ran aground that same year. Many cited Greg’s worsening financial condition.

3. Height and Body Measurements

In body shape and size, Devin Brugman could pass for a beauty goddess. She stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 64 kg. Her Breast-Waist-Hip sizes are 37-26-36 inches. A dress size of 4 (US) will be the perfect fit for her. Her youthful skin carries a white tan and she has beautiful brown hair and eyes.

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4. Best Friend: Natasha Oakley

Devin Brugman and Natasha Oakley, have come a long way as best of friends. However, their friendship took another dimension when they became business partners. In 2012, the duo began to upload pictures of themselves in swimsuits on their Instagram accounts. From a few likes and shares to a stunning Instagram following, the two friends became the new faces of American modeling. They soon launched their own swimwear brand, Monday Active Swimwear two years later in 2014.

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5. Social Media Following and Other Facts to Know

Well, with so much said about her staggering Instagram following, your inquisitive mind would be probably wondering just how much followers she commands. Well, let’s give you a visual aid; Devin Brugman has about 70,000 followers on Twitter and over 1.3 million followers on Instagram. She is an avid beach lover and loves hitting the gym. Well, how else does she keep fans spellbound with that hot physique? Devin is a self-confessed foodie; with pasta being her favorite. And lastly, James Franco is her celebrity crush. Shh!! Don’t say we told you.

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