DJ Khaled Has 2 Sons And A Sweet Relationship With Wife Nicole Tuck – Inside His Family

From records like Suffering from Success to We the Best Forever and We the Best, you are probably familiar with DJ Khaled. The Palestinian-American is one of the most successful hip-hop artists in the world. A producer, disc jockey, radio personality, record label owner, social media sensation, rapper, and author.

As a social media sensation, DJ Khaled’s family has come under the spotlight, especially his son, Asahd, who has been the subject of viral memes and videos. But while his family lends itself to internet culture, there are still a few unpopular details about it, such as the fact he has known his spouse for more than two decades.

DJ Khaled Met His Wife, Nicole Tuck, in the 90s, Before He was Famous

A casual look at DJ Khaled’s public image would lead many to presume he is part of a hip-hop culture that celebrates infidelity and flamboyance. But a more in-depth look reveals that the ‘Another One’ crooner might be a lot more traditional than his public persona suggests.

The exact year is yet to be determined, but DJ Khaled, whose real name is Khaled Mohamed Khaled, has known his wife, Nicole Tuck, since the 90s. They made the acquaintance of each other, at least six years before he released his debut record and began his ultra-successful career.

Most outlets, like Summary.Org, report that while they had known each other since the 90s, they have only been a couple for a little over twelve years. The exact timeline is yet to be ascertained, as DJ Khaled, surprisingly, keeps most details of their relationship private.

Regardless, it is an impressive number of years for a man whose public persona embrace of flashiness and women.

They Secretly Got Married

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Another evidence to the contradiction that is DJ Khaled’s public and private persona, he may have secretly gotten married to his wife, Nicole. Rather than go for the ostentatious display of wealth and social media promotion that Khaled is known for, they opted for a quiet and ultra-private ceremony.

The alleged wedding happened sometime in 2016, shortly after the birth of their son, Asahd. The assumption is that while his millions of social media followers did not get a chance to be part of it, the wedding was attended by family and close friends.

His wife, Nicole Tuck, is an Entrepreneur

Nicole Tuck is the only woman we’ve seen on the arms of DJ Khaled since he stormed onto the hip-hop scene with the release of tracks like I’m So Hood and We Takin’ Over. But unlike her husband, she lives a more private life.

Nicole Tuck is a Palestinian-African-American born on December 7, 1975. She allegedly comes from an affluent family, and she is a graduate of Marymount Manhattan College. Tuck is a well-read woman, with post-graduate degrees in Business Administration earned from Fordham University.

She has dabbled in business over the years, most notably with ABU Apparel. However, the venture was unsuccessful, even though DJ Khaled was a brand ambassador for the clothing line. But that is not a commentary on her business acumen.

Nicole Tuck is famously her husband’s business manager. If their $20 million Robbie Williams former home is anything to go by, she has done a great job managing her husband’s business. Aside from the Robbie Williams Los Angeles house, they also own a home in Miami, worth $25.9 million.

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They Share Two Children – Asahd and Aalam Khaled

If there is one aspect of DJ Khaled’s family life that has received the most media attention, it is his life as a father. It started on October 23, 2016, when the famous DJ streamed the birth of his first child, Asahd Tuck Khaled, on Snapchat.

Ever since, Asahd, although still a child, has become a popular figure. His Instagram account, @asahdkhaled, has more than 1.7 million followers, and he has been the butt of many viral memes and videos due to his father’s hilarious display of affection for him.

The Khaled family welcomed another child, Aalam Khaled, on January 20, 2020. Unlike his older brother, Aalam has a more muted public presence. For one, his father did not stream his birth live, and his social presence is still a work in progress.

But more fascinating than the popularity of DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck’s children as their relationship. Although they are young, particularly Asahd, the family has made it a point of duty to involve them in the family business.

A Look at DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck’s Parenting Style

One running theme in DJ Khaled’s professional career is a focus on family. That is why, beyond the ‘blings’, luxury cars, supermodels, and mega-mansions, he has remained a committed husband to his wife and partner of over 11 years.

That emphasis on family has transferred to his children and how he and his wife are raising them. The first noteworthy thing about their parenting style is an interest in keeping most of their business in the family. While Nicole Tuck is his business manager, his son, Asahd has been given producer credits on two of the DJ’s albums since he was born.

Asahd is an executive producer on Grateful (2017) and Father of Asahd (2019). The decision guarantees future earnings for his son. This approach to parenting also informed the creation of his Instagram account, which has almost two million accounts.

Ultimately, Khaled and his wife are developing their children’s entrepreneurial spirit and giving them an excellent foundation to build on. It is a parenting style that DJ Khaled picked up from his parents, who ingrained the sense of hard work and entrepreneurship in him, following their relocation to the US from Palestine.

In addition to album credits and social media presence, they have also launched a clothing line for their son, in partnership with Air Jordan. The Jordan x Asahd Holiday Collection launched in 2018 with a promotion event in Miami with hundreds of fans.

He Rarely Spends Time Away from His Children

One other aspect of Khaled’s’ parenting style is their insistence on being a constant presence in their children’s life. Not just materially, but physically. In an interview with Esquire, DJ Khaled revealed that he never spends more than four days away from his son. When he can’t return home, his wife brings the children to him.

With family at the center of the DJ’s career and decisions, it is a philosophy he plans on ingraining in his children. Not by merely telling them, but showing them.

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