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Owen Wilson needs no introduction. The Texas native is one of the most popular comic actors in contemporary Hollywood. He has appeared in several comedic blockbusters including Zoolander, Wedding Crashers and Shanghai Noon. He has also featured in serious fares, such as Behind Enemy Lines and No Escape, and is a budding filmmaker as well. Discover more about the actor here including details about his brothers and what they do for a living.

Owen Wilson Brother and What Does He Do For a Living

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson is Owen Wilson’s elder brother. He was born on the 22nd of August 1964 in Dallas, Texas. The eldest Wilson is also an actor but his acting career has been largely limited to minor characters in several productions. They include Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, Merlin: The Return, Chicks, Never Been Kissed, Hijack Stories, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, The Big Year, Time Trap, Father Figures, Hall Pass, How Do You Know, Idiocracy, and Fever Pitch etc. Andrew Wilson is also a budding director and made his directorial debut in the 2005 comedy, The Wendell Baker Story.

The Wendell Baker Story revolves around Wendell Baker, a career conman who decides to change his ways after a prison stint. Baker finds employment in a retirement home where his boss is Neil, a mean-spirited man who steals from the residents and ill-treats them. Neil hopes to recruit Baker into his schemes but the repentant conman pitches his tent with the residents and helps them fight back. The Wendell Baker Story featured the likes of Luke Wilson and Eva Mendes and premiered at the 2005 South by Southwest Film Festival.

Owen Wilson
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Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson is Owen Wilson’s younger brother. He was born on the 21st of September 1971 in Dallas, Texas. He attended St Marks School of Texas and was voted class president during his time there. Luke is also a career actor and made his debut in the 1996 crime drama, Bottle Rocket. He has since gone on to appear in several movies and TV series. On the small screens, Luke Wilson has featured in Roadies, Drunk History, Entourage, That 70’s Show, The X-Files, and Enlightened.

Enlightened is a HBO comedy-drama series that debuted in 2011. The series revolves around Amy Jellicoe, a successful executive whose career implodes after her self-destructive behavior. Amy subsequently spends three months in rehab and comes out enlightened. Enlightened featured Laura Dern as Amy while Luke Wilson portrayed her ex-husband who struggles with drug abuse.

On the big screens, Owen Wilson’s younger brother has featured in Telling Lies in America, Best Men, Home Fries, Blue Streak, Legally Blonde, The Royal Tenenbaum, Idiocracy, Tenure, Middlemen, Death at a Funeral, and Vacancy. Vacancy is a 2007 thriller which revolves around David and Amy, a couple who are on the cusp of divorce. While returning from a family gathering, the couple’s car breaks down and they have no choice but to check into a motel. Amy and David initially entertain themselves by watching slasher movies. They later discover that the horrifying images were filmed in the motel, and they make a run for their lives. Vacancy featured Kate Beckinsale in the role of Amy while Luke portrayed David.

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Other Members of The Wilson Family

Owen Wilson’s family includes quite a number of accomplished people. In addition to his brother, it comprises of his father, Robert (now late), and his mother, Laura. Prior to his demise, Robert Wilson was an accomplished advertising executive. He also worked in the broadcast industry. On the other hand, Wilson’s mother, Laura is a renowned photographer. She initially hoped to become a painter and majored in painting at the Connecticut College. She, however, couldn’t achieve much with three rambunctious sons underfoot. Laura experienced a breakthrough after a friend gifted a camera. Her sons turned out to be her primary subjects, and she subsequently pursued a career in photography.

Laura’s photographs have been utilised by publications such as Vanity Fair, GQ, Washington Post and the New York Times. She has also lectured at prestigious institutions including Harvard and the University of Texas at Austin. Laura Wilson is also the author of five books. These books combine text and photography and often documents isolated communities as she is easily attracted to them. They are Watt Matthews of Lambshead (1989), Hutterites of Montana (2000), Avedon at Work: In The American West (2003), Grit and Glory: Six-Man Football (2003), That Day: Pictures in the American West.

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