Elin Nordegren’s Love Life Since Divorcing Woods and a Breakdown of how She Garnered Her Massive Net Worth

Elin Nordegren is a former Swedish model who rose to fame as the wife of the great American golfer, Tiger Woods. Their union lasted for six years before coming to a sad end in 2009. This was after it emerged that the golfer had been involved in extra-marital affairs with many women.

By the end of the marriage, Nordegren got a huge payout in the divorce settlement while Woods checked himself into rehab for ‘sex addiction’. While the former has since resorted to a quiet life without giving much details about her love life since the golfer, the latter has bounced back in both his career that at a point, seemed dead and buried as well as to his love life.

Elin Nordegren met Tiger Woods when She was Working as a Nanny

Born on New Year’s Day of 1980 as a twin, Elin Nordegren grew up in Stockholm which is where she completed her elementary and high school education. She first started out as a model before she had a career change to become a psychologist, but she soon abandoned that also for a new path to life by moving to the States, where fate would make her cross path with Mr. Woods.

While she was still in Sweden, Nordegren met the wife of Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik, Mia Parnevik in the clothing store where she worked. By the end of their meeting, Mia offered her a job as a Nanny, but it would require her to relocate to the United States.

Her new job afforded her the chance to meet many young golfers, some of whom were attracted to her beauty, including a young sensational golfer on his way to becoming the greatest the game has ever seen, Tiger Woods. The two first met at the 2001 British Open. Her employer had introduced both of them and although at first, she did not want to have a relationship with him, she later realized she was drawn to the golfer and subsequently, they began dating.

They Dated for three Years Before Their Extravagant Wedding

Elin Nordegren
Nordegren, ex-husband Tiger Woods and kids image source

The couple got engaged in November 2003 after they dated for two years. Tiger and Elin were attending the Presidents Cup tournament in South Africa when the golfer asked her to marry him at the Shamwari Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape. They tied the knot a year later on the 5th of October 2004.

The extravagant event took place on a golf course in Barbados, lasting for a week. Woods spent a mouth-watering $2 million to rent an entire complex of the Sandy Land Resort hotel while the event lasted. He used the hotel as accommodation for their family members and friends.

The couple made their home in Orlando Florida. Their six-year union produced a daughter named Sam Alexis (b. 2007) and a son named Charlie Axel (b. 2009).

Wood’s Many Etra-marital Affairs

Towards the end of 2009, Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods made headlines for the wrong reasons; Elin charged her then-husband with a golf club after she found evidence on his phone that he was cheating. Before then, she confronted him following an article that linked him to another woman named Rachel Uchitel, but he denied it.

While fleeing the rage of his wife, the golfer had a car accident that left him with a few injuries. In spite of the fallout, Elin Nordegren was determined to see if they could work things out. However, after many women came forward alleging that they had an affair with Woods, she threw in the towel and decided to end things with the great golfer. In only a few weeks since the drama started, it was reported that Tiger had something to do with more than a dozen other women. Among the list of women he cheated on his wife with, were two porn stars.

The couple finalized their divorce in Florida on the 23rd of August 2010. They share custody of their children as part of their divorce agreement. Since the divorce, the friendship between the two has improved. They regularly communicate and things are amicable between them. Elin Nordegren, on her own part, has completed a course in psychology at the Rollins College. She performed well in her studies and received an outstanding senior award.

Elin Nordegren has Dated Several Men After Her Divorce with Woods

Elin Nordegren
Elin Nordegren and Chris Cline: Image Source

Elin Nordegren has been involved in a few relationships since her divorce. She reportedly dated American businessman, Jamie Dingman. Their relationship started in the summer of 2011 but they broke it off in January 2012. It seems that she was the one to call it off as sources revealed that she wasn’t yet ready to start anything serious.

Elin Nordegren is also said to have dated compatriot Douglas Murray. Murray is a professional ice hockey player. He played in the NHL but is now retired. This relationship was never confirmed and may very well be a mere rumor.

Nordegren has also dated Chris Cline, a billionaire businessman and owner of one of the most valuable coal companies in the world. The two are neighbors in the North Palm Beach community and started dating in 2012/2013. They were reported to have broken up in 2014. However, they were spotted kissing in Switzerland in 2016. The relationship did not lead to anything serious before it came to an end.

Another person who made a list of men she dated is the English singer and actor, Gavin Rossdale in 2017. They were connected through mutual friends after the singer’s long term marriage to Gwen Stefani came to an end after he cheated on her with their nanny. This relationship did not last long either before it ended.

She has a son with Her new Boyfriend – Jordan Cameron

In 2017, a new man named Jordan Cameron came into the life of the former model, who is a former American football player. Although she is close to 10 years older than her new boyfriend, they have managed to sustain their relationship since then.

More than a decade since her marriage to Tiger Woods ended, Elin is still yet to get over the union. But that did not stop her from continuing her life and attempting to start a family with Cameron. She gave birth to their child, a son Filip Nordegren Cameron, in October 2019. The lovers changed the name of their son from Filip to Arthur in December.

For now, the Swedish born former model and the former NFL star are living happily together without news of an engagement or marriage preparations together with their kids including a son Cameron had from a previous relationship and Elin’s kids from her marriage to Woods.

How did She Amass a Net Worth of over $100 Million?

The divorce of Elin and Woods left the former model shattered, but not without a huge fortune of about a hundred million in settlement as reported by TMZ. Elin Nordegren has pretty much flown under the radar since her split from Tiger Woods and so her current sources of wealth is not known but her net worth is now placed at around $120 million.

Based on their prenup and other things, it was reported that Elin was set to cash out as much as $750 million when the marriage ended, which was even more than the $600 million net worth of the golfer. However, she later agreed and settled for a hundred.

Nordegren has put her enormous money to good use. She used part of it to purchase an old mansion worth $12 million. The entire mansion was torn down and in its place, a new 21,000 feet house was put up. The new house features a home theatre, nine bedrooms, a swimming pool, and a miniature golf course. The house is located just 30 minutes from Tiger Wood’s home; very ideal for co-parenting their children.

In 2020, she sold her Beach mansion for $29 million. The property was initially valued at $49.5 million when it was first listed in 2018 and then later at $44.5 million.

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