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If you were a fan of the police procedural comedy, Monk, you will definitely know Emmy Clarke. However if you missed out on the show, introductions are in order. Emmy Clarke is a budding Hollywood actress who has featured in several movies and TV series. One of them is Monk, a TV series about a lovable but neurotic detective whose wife is murdered. In the series, Clarke plays the role of his assistant’s daughter. Find out more about Clarke’s net worth, love life and what she is up to these days.

Bio (Age)

Emmy Clarke (full name – Mary Elizabeth Clarke) was born on the 25th of November 1991. She is a native of Mineola, a village in Nassau County New York. Her professional name, Emmy, was derived from a combination of her first and middle names. Clarke hails from a family of five. Her parents’ names is not known but she has a brother named Patrick and a sister named Bridget.

She often uses her social media handles to celebrate her siblings. Emmy Clarke spent her formative years in far flung places such as Houston (Texas), England and New York. This was due to the nature of her parents’ job. For her education, she attended the American International School in England (TASIS) in London.


Emmy Clarke commenced her Hollywood career at the age of 12. Her professional debut came in the 2012 TV film, My House in Umbria. The movie revolves around a British lady, Emily, who runs away to Italy in order to escape her traumatic past. She is however caught up in a terrorist attack and offers her fellow survivors refuge in her home. Clarke plays the role of Aimee, a survivor who becomes mute after losing both of her parents. She later regains her ability to speak following the love she receives from Emily and others. The movie was nominated for several awards including an Emmy and a Golden Globe for best TV movie.

It also fetched Clarke the 2004 Young Artist Award for best supporting young actress in a TV movie, miniseries or special. Following that strong debut, Emmy Clarke has gone on to feature in other movies and TV series such as Monk, Capture the Flag, Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus.

Fur is a 2010 romantic-drama about an iconic American photographer who finds herself torn between her lover and her husband. The movie is headlined by Nicole Kidman who plays the titular role of Diane Arbus. It also had other A-listers such as Robert Downey Jr. and Ty Burrell. Clarke plays the role of Arbus’ daughter, Grace Arbus.

Emmy Clarke
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Some celebrities derive joy in splashing their love lives for all to see. They do this in hopes of boosting their celebrity profile. Emmy Clarke does not belong to this class of celebrities. She believes in keeping her private affairs private. As a result of this, there has not been any rumors linking her romantically to any guy. This however does not mean that she is living the life of a eunuch. It is very much possible that she has a boyfriend but is keeping him away from the spotlight.

Emmy Clarke’s Net Worth

Though Emmy is relatively new to show biz, there is no doubt that she is making money from the many movies she has featured in. One of them is the 2010 drama, The Line. The film is about an ATF agent whose daughter is kidnapped and buried alive by the bad guys. He subsequently works round the clock to rescue her before her oxygen supply runs out. The movie featured Clarke as well as other actors such as Michael Rapaport and Dylan Walsh. Various sources put her networth between $1 and $2 million.

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Where is she now?

Emmy Clarke is based in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Asides from acting, she now has a career in the advertising industry. In order to prepare for herself for this second career, Clarke studied Media and Communication Studies at Fordham University New York. She obtained her degree in 2014. Since Then, Clarke has worked as a media planner at a New York-based advertising agency. This however does not mean that Clarke has given up on Hollywood. She still acts occasionally and appeared in the 2014 comedy/ drama Apartment Troubles.


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