Erin Everly – Biography, Personal Life and Facts About Axl Rose’s Ex-Wife

Erin Everly is best known as an actress, former model and the ex-wife of the popular singer, Axl Rose. Following several domestic abuse and miscarriage, she faced in the marriage, she subsequently filed for divorce. She has moved on from her past and has been romantically involved with other male celebrities in the industry. Though, currently on the hideouts, recent claims of her being the brain behind her ex-husband band reconciliation have again brought her to the limelight. Discover more by reading this critique.

Erin Everly – Biography

The model was born with the middle name, Invicta on the 8th day of November 1965 in Los Angeles California. She was born into a family that was solely involved in entertainment. Her mom, Venita Stevenson is a well-known actress who made waves during her heyday; she later took to clothes designing. Erin’s father, Don Everly was a band member belonging to the group – Everly Brothers. He had a habit of constant drug usage which subsequently crashed his marriage in the 1970s. Sources say that he was often hospitalized for his ill acts.

Invicta was not born as an only child, she has two siblings who are equally doing well in the entertainment industry. Her brother, Edan is a successful musician while Stacey is an actress. Also, she is the niece of Phil Everly and Jeffrey Byron, as well as the cousin of Actor Evan Stafford. Erin’s maternal grandfather, Robert Stevenson was a director and grandmother Anna Lee gained expertise as an opera singer. Her paternal grandfather, Isaac Milford Everly was guitarist and her grandmother, Margaret Everly was a country music singer. Erin is of Caucasian ethnicity.

As a child, Erin Everly had difficulty in reading and was subsequently diagnosed with dyslexia. In the past, managing dyslexia was quite a task, so, her condition prompted a great challenge to her academics. Initially, she schooled at Buckley College Prep School before transferring to a public school alongside her siblings. She managed to scale through her studies and subsequently graduated.

After graduating at the age of 16, Erin Everly decided to move to the city of New York in order to build a life for herself. Then, she started off with the entertainment industry beginning as a model and actress. She signed under Wilhelmina modeling agency and began to do exploits. She appeared on several commercials as well as television adverts. Erin Everly is the inspiration behind the song, Sweet Child O Mine, a collaboration she did alongside Axyl Rose and his band members for the Guns ‘N Roses.

Personal Life

Erin Everly
Erin Everly and Axyl Rose

While being involved with her many modeling gigs, Erin Everly met Axl Rose in 1986. The two graced a party invite and fall instantly in love at first sight. They subsequently decided to shoot their shot and started to date. They dated for a while before eventually tying the knot in April 1990 in Las Vegas.

Barely a year after their union, the model went ahead to file for divorce against her husband. Erin put up claims that she was emotionally and physically abused in the marriage and also lost their child in the process. It is on records that their divorce was settled amicably as the musician paid her off with an undisclosed amount of money.

Afterward, the model went public to air her experiences with the musician which most of their fans didn’t stop at letting their frogs out on several platforms. More so, Erin was quick to move on after her divorce, she began to see other men like Matthew Klyn, Donovan Leitch Jr., David Arquette, Anthony Kiedis, and Matthew Nelson before eventually getting married again to John C. Portman III. The two exchanged their nuptial vows sometime in 1997 and like her first, her marriage came crashing in 2006. They share three beautiful children – Easan, Eres, Esper.

Meanwhile, John was initially married to an unknown lady and had a daughter, Joannah. John is popular as an entrepreneur and the vice president of the Georgia-based property development company called Portman Holdings.

Other Interesting Facts About Axl Rose’s Ex-Wife

1. Her Net worth 

Erin Everly’s endorsement deals as a model were her major source of income. That being said, her minor acting gigs have also topped her earnings. As aforementioned, she got several modeling gigs and endorsement deals from brands like Guess, Bebe, and Jordache. All these and her other business endeavors put together to make up her net worth of $1.6 million.

2. Erin Everly’s Body Measurements

Despite that Erin Everly is running into old age, she still got her youthful looks. She possesses a slim figure and stands 5 feet 6 inches tall. She is a brunette who is blue-eyed. More so, the other details of her body measurements are readily not available.

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3. Controversy

After Guns N’ Roses came back together, there were rumors that the model and a former member of the group girlfriend, Meegan Hodges were the brains behind their reconciliation. However, while the model who has hidden in the dark didn’t utter a word about the speculations, Meegan went ahead to claim that Erin had no hand in it. Till date, Erin has been mute with the speculations.

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