Inside Scoop on Fadi Fawaz’ Ancestry, Time with George Michael and Where He is Now 

There is nothing as frightening as waking up to a dead man lying just right beside you. As scary as that is, that scenario was the catalyst behind Fadi Fawaz’s rise to fame. He was the lover of the late pop singer George Michael who died on December 25, 2016. fortunately, Fadi had the last memories with him.

Since the death of his beloved, Fadi Fawaz’s popularity has skyrocketed for a variety of reasons. He has had a significant falling out with George Michael’s family and has posted a few disparaging comments on social media. This accidental fame has sparked a growing interest in his life, particularly the background of the late singer’s lover.

A Quick Look at Fadi Fawaz’s Background

Fadi Fawaz is an Australian-Lebanese model and a freelance photographer born on May 24, 1973, in Lebanon. Apart from being a model, he is also known for his skills as a hairstylist and has worked with a considerable number of celebrities, including Pussycats Dolls and Naomi Campbell, to mention a few.

He is of Lebanese descent although, he lived in England but spent his childhood years in Lebanon. The model was born in a nation where most of the population practices Islam, giving rise to speculations that he is a Muslim. There is, however, no confirmation of this, and it is presumed to be a blind guess.

As for other details about Fadi Fawaz’s life, such as his family, verified facts remain elusive. Since he came onto the spotlight, the closest thing to a family he has had is George Michael, a British singer he dated years until his death.

Fadi Fawaz’s Relationship with George Michael

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The media did not learn about George Michael’s relationship with Fadi Fawaz until 2015. But they had reportedly been together since 2009 when they met after Michael ended his relationship with Kenny Goss, his partner for 13 years.

The infamous 2015 picture that revealed their affair was taken in Switzerland. The photographs showed both men in intimate moments, suggesting a strong bond between them. As further evidence of their relationship, Fadi had helped George through different personal issues. They took the Switzerland picture while Michael was in rehab to combat drug addictions.

Aside from their Switzerland photo, Fadi Fawaz was also photographed with George in England, at his converted Cotswold stone mill. Yet, while their relationship was unpublicized, Fadi and George seemed to have an amicable and loving relationship. That is, until a significant event on December 25, 2016.

He was with George When He Died

On Christmas morning in 2016, Fadi Fawaz reportedly woke up to celebrate the holiday but found George Michael lying in bed, dead. According to him and in a leaked 999 call, Fadi tried waking George for an hour before calling for help.

Information later revealed that before Christmas, the couple was not in good terms, and things were ‘complicated.’ Since George’s death, Fadi has proved to be an unreliable narrator of the event that led to his partner’s death. He initially claimed he spent the weekend with the singer, but later said he slept in his car on the night.

Fadi Fawaz also suggested that George Michael killed himself, having tried multiple times to do so before Christmas 2016. However, examinations by the Senior Oxfordshire coroner revealed that Michael died of natural causes, specifically of fatty liver and dilated cardiomyopathy.

He Has Been a Controversial Figure Since Michael Died

Fadi Fawaz’s growing fame after the death of George Michael didn’t just come from his connection with the late singer. Family conflicts, social media outbursts have contributed and turned him into a controversial figure.

Before George Michael’s death, Fadi was an unaccepted member of Michael’s family. They family accused him of being a leech and claimed the couple separated in 2015.

In further evidence of the conflict between Fadi Fawaz and Michael’s family, they refused to allow him to attend his lovers’ funeral. He did, however, force his way to the funeral, but did not participate in the wake.

One other source of conflict between Fadi and the family involved money. George Michael left his lover out of his will, sparking confusion about the true nature of their relationship.

In response to being left out of the will and as a bargaining chip with the singer’s family, he refused to leave the house. As of 2019, the former pro hair stylist was living in the singer’s home, according to The Sun.

Fadi also leaked an unreleased song, This Kind of Love, by the singer, drawing the ire of George’s family and estate executioners. In response to attempts to force him out of the singer’s Regents Park house in Central London, he caused a lot of damage to the home. He destroyed ceilings, walls, windows, and toilets. The incident occurred on July 23, 2019, and he was arrested after neighbors called the police.

Fadi Fawaz has Fallen on Hard Times

Fadi Fawaz
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Fadi has not been doing well since the death of his lover. Following Michael’s decision to leave him out of his £97.6 million will, Fadi’s attempt at securing a major payout has fallen on deaf ears. According to him, he had grown accustomed to a particular lifestyle via his relationship with Michael and wanted it to continue.

George Michael’s family has refused to respond to his requests and has forced him out of the singer’s house. Although Fadi has fielded offers from publishers worth £1 million for a tell-all book deal, none of it has materialized.

As a result, Fadi, who no longer has any legitimate source of income, has been homeless. He initially lived in a £49-a-night Travelodge hotel but has since run out of money. He is hanging out on the streets in Covent Garden, where he has been sleeping.

In frustration about his situation, he has posted several expletives and rants about George Michael on Facebook, calling him a crack head. He also says he regrets his relationship with the singer and blames it for destroying his life. This and many more have raised questions on whether there’s more to their relationship while the singer lived than we know.


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