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Described as one of the greatest Youtubers of all times, the multi-talented former Youtube personality, Filthy Frank, is also a musician, record producer, comedian, and actor whose exploits cut across the various aspects of the internet-based entertainment industry.

He is the reason a crazy dance song ‘Harlem Shake’ made it to the Billboards Hot 100 and became a thing for young people. Filthy Frank was doing amazingly well until a spell of seizures caused by his neurological disorder came knocking and forced him to pull out of the Youtube platform to avoid stress. Read on to learn more about this dynamic internet personality.

Is Filthy Frank Dead?

The online entertainer, comedian, and musician is very much alive and kicking as of December 2018 although he is beset with a neurological disorder. Even as the nature of the disorder is yet to be divulged to his anxious fans, they are all praying and hoping for the quick recovery of one of the most loved YouTube celebrities.

The Youtube star was definitely not born as Filthy Frank, his full given name is Geroge Miller and he has his ancestry traced to Japanese-Australian ethnicity. He was born on the 18th of September 1992 in Osaka, Japan.

Sadly, young George Miller lost his parents at the age of 8. From there on, his uncle named Frank became responsible for his care and upkeep. He was educated at the Canadian Academy, Kobe, Japan and was said to be pursuing a University degree in Brooklyn, New York. Though Filthy Frank has not let in the public into his family and personal life, he has sure kept all entertained, infecting anyone who viewed his contents with genuine laughter.

The career of this talented entertainer kick-started in 2008 after he uploaded a video with his then group, Tempura Boyz. He created a channel called DizastaMusic; originally set up to host his music and productions in June 2008, the channel amassed about 800 thousand subscribers and millions of views. Filthy Frank, however, stopped putting up contents on the channel. Instead, he created another channel he called TVFilthyFrank to serve his comedy needs and showcase his acting skills to the public.

He featured other popular YouTube personalities in his TVFilthyFrank channel and some of his uploaded contents included ‘Losers Reads Haters Comments’ and ‘Japanese 101’. The channel as of December 2018 had amassed 6.1 million subscribers.

In 2017, the internet celebrity changed his moniker as he took on Joji, in order to ply his trade fully in the music industry. He has gone on to drop several songs including ‘Will He’, “I Don’t Wanna Waste My Time’, and ‘Yeah Right’ which was released in May 2018.

Filthy Frank is no doubt an embodiment of talent and he sure knows his onions in the entertainment industry, little wonder he is regarded as the ‘Father of alt-comedy’ and the ‘Greatest YouTuber of all times’ on several quarters. In fact, PewDiePie took his inspiration from Frank in creating his online presence and contents.

What Happened To Him?

In December 2017, Filthy Frank declared that he was quitting the productions of his comedy YouTube videos, the reason given was his health condition. He was diagnosed with a Neurological disorder, a condition that affects his nervous system and causes him to experience seizures.

Although he retired from the online entertainment platform, he’s now focused on his music career.

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His Net Worth and Other Facts

The artistry of the former YouTube star has baffled many over the years, as he effortlessly assumes each of his characters such as Pink Guy, Filthy Frank, executing a finely finished scene in his hilarious videos which he has consistently posted in his 2 YouTube channels ‘TVFilthyFrank’ and ‘TooDamnFilthy’ along with all his released musical songs and videos. These entertainment endeavors have been the major source of his wealth estimated at $1.7 million.

Filthy Frank’s Love Life

Not much has been revealed about his personal life nor has he been romantically linked with any woman or man so far. Even his sexual preference is best known to him alone.

His Height and Weight

His height is said to be 5 ft 9 inches (1.73 m ). This is nicely complemented by his moderate body weight of 70 kg (154 lb). Other details of his body measurements are unknown.

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