Is Filthy Frank Dead, What Happened To Him and How Much Is He Worth?

As George Kusunoki Miller, he was a nobody. However, as Filthy Frank, George was one of the most famous internet personalities on the planet. The Filthy Frank Show, a sketch series on his YouTube channel, TVFilthyFrank, was one of the platform’s most influential creations. He is the reason a crazy dance song, Harlem Shake, made it to the Billboard Hot 100 and became a mainstream trend for young people. He was riding high with several million subscribers and more than a billion views. Then it suddenly ended, to the surprise and dismay of thousands of fans.

Filthy Frank is Dead, But George is Still Very Much Alive

The offensive and shock jock character he brought alive in 2011 is gone for good. The character was the main draw of a channel that has more than 7 million subscribers and over 1.02 billion views as of April 2020. Posting under the two channels, TVFilthyFrank and TooDamnFilthy, Filthy Frank made George Kusunoki Miller famous, but it also became a source of health concerns.

In December 2017, Miller posted on Twitter that he was ending The Filthy Frank Show and all productions of comedy. At the time, he cited ‘serious health conditions’ as his primary reason. About one year after, He revealed in a BBC Radio interview that he suffered from a neurological disorder that causes stress-induced seizures. As a result, he quit YouTube for good but has found another creative outlet as a singer.

George is a graduate of New York Institute of Technology

The YouTube star was not born as Filthy Frank, his real name is George Kusunoki Miller. He was born on September 18, 1992, in Osaka, Japan. His parents’ identities are unknown, but he is half Japanese and half Australian.

Sadly, young George Miller lost his parents at the age of 8. From there on, an uncle named Frank became responsible for his care and upkeep. He attended Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan, graduating in 2012. Afterward, he moved to the United States in pursuit of a college degree at the New York Institute of Technology.

A Look at George’s Short-Lived But Influential YouTube Career

The career of this talented entertainer kick-started in 2008 after he uploaded a video with his then group, Tempura Boyz. He created a channel called DizastaMusic, initially set up to host his sketch comedy content in June 2008. The channel had a slow beginning, with minimal reception until he created the character, Filthy Frank. The character helped the channel explode in popularity, and as of July 2020, has more than 970 thousand subscribers and over 164 million views.

George, however, not wanting to limit the channel’s sketch content, opted to create a dedicated channel for his Filthy Frank character. He created another channel, TVFilthyFrank, to serve the viral and shock humor qualities of Frank; the idea worked. TVFilthyFrank became the hub for all things Filthy Frank, including the web series, The Filthy Frank Show, which ran for six years between 2011 and 2017. On the channel were videos like Losers Reads Haters Comments and Wild Games.

One of his videos sparked a viral dance trend called the Harlem Shake. The virality of the dance helped Baauer secure a #1 song, Harlem Shake, on the Billboard Hot 100. His channel also became a regular home to other YouTube personalities like Michael Stevens, PewDewPie, iDubbz, and JonTron.

Since retiring the channel and character in December 2017, the channel has maintained its popularity. As of July 2020, it has more than 7.26 million subscribers and over 1.02 billion views. A third channel, TooDamnFilthy, created in July 2014 for series like Cringe of the Week and Japanese 101, shares similar lasting popularity. It has more than 2.23 million subscribers and over 282 million views.

Filthy Frank is Now Joji, the Musician

Following the end of Filthy Frank and his YouTube career, George Miller returned to his first love, music. He created music for his other character, Pink Guy, which featured on all three channels. Pink Guy’s music was humorous and stayed true to the comedic nature of his channels. As Pink Guy, he released three projects – an album, Pink Season, a mixtape, Pink Guy, and an EP, Pink Season: The Prophecy. The album, released in January 2017, peaked at #70 on the Billboard 200.

With his YouTube comedy career, so also was Pink Guy and his music. He began producing music under a different stage name, Joji, in late 2017 and has continued to date. As Joji, he has several songs, including Will He, I Don’t Wanna Waste My Time, and Yeah Right, which he released in May 2018.

As Joji, his music style is a blend of electronic, trap, folk, and R&B genres, and it is described as trip-hop and lo-fi. He is signed to Asian music label, 88rising, and has released one album, Ballads 1. The album peaked at #3 on the US Billboard 200, selling more than 500,000 copies.

Ballads 1 also performed successfully in several other music markets, including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, where it peaked in the top 20 of their respective charts. The former Filthy Frank comedian has a sophomore album, Nectar, scheduled for release in September 2020.

Aside from his albums, Joji has also released nine singles, one EP, and fourteen music videos. He has also been featured in music by other notable artists like Ryan Hemsworth, Chief Keef, and Rich Brian.

YouTube and Music Has Made Filthy Frank Wealthy

Filthy Frank, Joji, or Pink Guy, whatever you choose to call him, one title George Miller answers to is rich. The former YouTuber and professional musician has an estimated wealth of $8 million. Although he no longer posts on his YouTube channels, they are still a significant source of him. According to calculations by SocialBlade, his TVFilthyFrank channel gives him an estimated revenue of $50,100 per month, and up to $600.6 thousand a year.

DizastaMusic, his first-ever channel, still pulls in up to $4.3 thousand a month and over $51,000 a year. His most recent channel, TooDamnFilthy, comes in second in the YouTube revenue ladder, with up to $215.7 thousand a year. His music successes include high album sales and international tours across Europe and the United States. Combined with passive revenue from his past life as a YouTuber, it is no wonder that the Japanese-Australian has a net worth of $8 million.


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