Who Is Gabbie Hanna And How Did She Become Famous?

As the world shifts to digital media and depends more and more on streaming services for its news and entertainment content, YouTubers have become one of the leading creators in the new media world. Their understanding of the online audience: how to create, maintain, and increase followers, are all handy skills that have primed them to be the leaders of the next generation of creators in the entertainment industry. One such trailblazing creator is Gabrielle Jeanette Hanna, who is more popularly known as Gabbie Hanna.

Gabbie is one of the standout personalities of the online mediascape. She has managed to cultivate a following on two major platforms; Vine (before it was shut down) and YouTube where she has garnered an audience of several millions of people with over a billion views. For someone that commands such a massive following, it is only natural that a lot of people have come to ask questions that revolve around her biographical facts.

Hanna is of Mixed Heritage and was Raised a Catholic

Gabbie Hanna is one of YouTube’s leading creators and she has been able to translate her YouTube success into a physical career through acting and writing. It has all been an amazing journey of hard work, discipline, and commitment that started in 2013, but they say our journey to success or failure begins on the day we were born.

For Gabbie Hanna, that day would be February 7, 1991, when she was welcomed into the world by her parents in New Castle, Pennsylvania. She is not the only child of her parents as she has six siblings. One of them, a sister named Cecilia Hanna, is also a social media star who found fame on the musical.ly app.

Based on what we have learned from some of her videos, Gabbie was raised in a Catholic household of mixed heritage. She has disclosed that she is of Lebanese, Polish, and French descent. The internet personality regards herself as the “perfect mix”.

She is College-Educated

Not much is known about her high school education, but she got her first job while she was in high school working as a cashier for a local pizza spot called Pizza Joe. Post high school, she attended the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in psychology and communications.

Hanna has always been an enterprising girl; despite the fact that she came from an upper-middle-class home. Perhaps it was the need to have her own independent source of income that made her take on odd jobs while in college.

Before she started posting on Vine and became a star, she worked as a bartender and a waitress. She also worked for a marketing company and rose to become its number one salesperson in the country after graduating from college. The company moved her to Cleveland, Ohio, to help launch a new branch but she stopped working for them when she learned they were operating a pyramid scheme.

Gabbie Hanna’s Journey To Internet Stardom Began In 2013

In 2013, Gabbie Hanna began uploading skits to the six-second video platform, Vine. Through her skits, she was able to amass 5 million followers on the platform. Her success on the platform prompted her to create a YouTube channel, which she did in 2014 and named The Gabbie Show, although it is now named Gabbie Hanna.

On the channel, she makes storytime videos, comedic vlogs, and also sings. She also collaborates with other YouTubers and does Q&As.

Since she created her channel, she has accrued several millions of subscribers and over a billion views. Inspired by the success, she created other channels like Box of Thoughts and More Gabbie Hanna. She has also accumulated millions of subscribers and views from the channel.

Her Career Has Since Grown Beyond YouTube

Outside of YouTube, Gabbie Hanna is also a dancer, an author, an actress, and a singer-songwriter. She once competed in a web series dance competition called Dance Showdown and won. She has also worked for Buzzfeed and MTV as part of their social media team. That’s not all, Gabbie has hosted MTV’s 2017 Video Music Awards and Total Request Live.

As a writer, she has published a collection of poems titled Adultolescence. And as a singer, she has put out several singles and two extended plays. The first was 2WayMirror which was released on the 31st of May 2019 and then Bad Karma which dropped the following year on the 15th of May, 2019.

Being an actress, Hanna has been a part of several projects made for the big and small screens. Notably, you will find her in works like Escape the Night and Laid in America.

The Rewards of Her Career

Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna at the 8th Streamy Awards – image source

Thus far, what Gabbie Hanna does has earned her a few nominations for prestigious accolades and she has bagged some of the gongs. In 2016, she was nominated for two Teen Choice Awards and the Shorty Awards for YouTube Comedian. The following year, she received another Shorty Awards nomination for Vlogger of the Year.

Her first win came in 2018 when she bagged the Shorty Awards for Best YouTube Ensemble. That same year, she won the Streamy Awards for Ensemble Cast.

Hanna’s endeavors have also paid off financially as Gabbie Hanna is believed to have a growing net worth of $2 million. Sometime in July 2019, it circulated that she bought a home previously owned by the New Zealand actor Rhys Darby for $2.2 million.

Why Gabbie Hanna Deleted Her Instagram and Twitter Accounts

It all began with a series of tweets that had the YouTuber allege that she has been “shadow-banned” on YouTube. According to Gabbie, her videos were not showing when you search for her name; instead, what comes up are videos from commentary channels.

In addition to that, she alleged that YouTube has been removing views from her channel and unsubscribing her fans who attempt to re-subscribe to no avail. Because of the many commentary channels videos that come up when people search for her, and the fact that most of the videos are criticizing her, Gabbie claims that she has been receiving a lot of handwritten death threats at her home.

According to her, it all started with the hate her ex-friend Jessi Smiles generated against her. Smiles once shared a video on YouTube titled “Gabbie Hanna Needs To Be Stopped“, wherein she accused Gabbie of being manipulative and in a nutshell, a shitty person.

All in all, there are reasons to believe that Gabbie Hanna deleted her Twitter and Instagram account because of the hate she has been getting online and the increasing number of people joining the quest to cancel her.


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