Who Is Gerald Everett? 5 Facts About The NFL Tight End Player

Describing Gerald Everett’s rise to stardom is like a twist in the tale. He started off as a basketball player and by the time he got to senior high school, he ventured into the game of football. Unexpectedly, he bamboozled his team with his athletic prowess, became topnotch and finally landed a spot in the 2017 National Football League draft. Ever since Gerald Everett got drafted by the Los Angeles Rams, he has become a person of interest. The article contains full details of his biography, rise to stardom and so much more!

Who Is Gerald Everett?

Gerald Everett is publicly lionized as an American football player who proves his relevance playing as a tight end for the Los Angeles Rams. Unlike most athletes who get grounded with the game of American football while in high school, Gerald preferred playing basketball to football. However, in his senior high school days, he joined the football team and by the time he proceeded to the University of Alabama, he had mastered the arts and crafts involved in the game.

Apart from the description above, there are lot more fascinating facts about the footballer that would make you stay glued to this article. So read on…

5 Facts About The NFL Tight End Player 

Birth and Early Days

The football talent was born on the 25th of June 1995 in Atlanta, Georgia and was named Gerald Rashard Everett. In as much as his birth details are readily available on records, there is a paucity of information regarding his parents who are African Americans. Also, the only known fact about them is his mother’s name, Alicia Wise.

He was a student at Columbia High School, Decatur and from there he proceeded to the Hutchinson Community College for his college education but later transferred to the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB). He spent a few months at UAB before moving again to the University of South Alabama.

He was a Tweener

The Rams champ was a high school tweener when it came to playing basketball. He had an excellent height of 6 feet 2.5 inches playing as the team’s forward. He put his all in the game of basketball as he was pursuing a basketball scholarship, however, he knew that his ambitions would be cut short as he wasn’t a total fit for the game especially considering his speed limit and his height. So in his senior year, he joined the school’s football team and within a short time, had mastered the craft involved in playing the game of football.

Surprisingly, the limitations he had as a basketball player became one of the many attributes that helped him qualify during the National Football League (NFL) draft in 2017. According to scouting reports, he has a perfect speed limit and is referred to as one of the quickest wide receivers of all times.


Gerald Everett started out as a basketballer during his days at high school, regardless, he left the team because of his body physique and speed limit. It was quite a difficult decision for the youngster who had already been grounded with the pros and cons involved in the game of basketball. However, having realized that his intentions of bagging a basketball scholarship may likely be hindered because of his limitations, Gerald Everett decided to join the football team in his senior year.

That singular decision soon turned out to be the reason why he is publicly celebrated as one of the finest wide receivers playing for the National Football League. Meanwhile, because of his instability in school, the football player played with the South Alabama Jaguars just for two years recording 49 receptions and four touchdowns for 717 yards. That record bagged him an invite to the Senior Bowl and also became the ticket to join the National Football League.

Gerald Everett
Los Angeles Rams in a game against the New Orleans Saints during overtime in the NFC Championship game

Despite the fact that he showed his athletic stints with the team in the Senior Bowl, Gerald Everett needed to prove that he was worthy enough to join the big league. After much consideration and observations from the necessary sports bodies, he was placed as the fourth finest tight end player in the 2017 and was also chosen by the Los Angeles Rams.

He became the first football player to ever be drafted from the University of South Alabama. Subsequently, Gerald Everett sealed a four year deal worth $6 million with the Rams. He made his first opener in a win against the Indiana Colts and has gone ahead to feature in much more games gathering a lot more wins than losses.

Body Size

Gerald plays perfectly as a wide receiver and his height is measured at 6 feet 2.5 inches and his weight is at 108 kg. Moreso, multiple scouting reports refer to his hands as ‘tiny’ which measures at 8.5 inches and when compared to the likes of Rob Gronkowski, David Njoku, and a lot more wide receivers, it is indisputable that there is an iota of truth with these claims.


Well, when it comes to love, the only woman in Gerald’s life at the moment is his mother. Sources say that he has practically ‘friend zoned’ most of his female friends and is currently focusing on growing his career.

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