Top 10 Countries Where Women Are In Short Supply

It is often generally assumed that there are more women than men on the surface of the earth. Surprisingly, the demographic statistics from some countries proves otherwise.

For these areas, there are some factors that are responsible for the gender imbalance. Basically, every country has factors that are responsible for the gender demographic ratio.

Generally speaking for instance, infant mortality is higher in boys than girls in most parts of the world. According to the male to female sex ratio as estimated by the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency, the world average for the ratio of males/females is 1.01, which translates to the fact that there are 1.01 males for every female (more males than females).

From the statistics the number of men and women in the world is shown to be roughly equal.

Leading slightly is the ratio of men to women. The record shows that as at 2015, there were 102 men for 100 women in the world. Putting it clearly, this means that if there are 1000 people in the world, 504 translating to 50.4% are men while 496 translating to 49.6% are women.

It went on to show that for every 100 girls, 107 boys are born. However, it was noted that males have a higher risk of dying than females. This finding pertains to males of all ages- childhood and at adult ages.

Regardless, the global gender population ratios even out at a certain age. In France for instance, this usually occurs at age 25. Beyond that, women slightly lead in the gender ratio. Out of 10 French centenarians, 8 are women.

Brightside compiled a list of top 10 countries where there are more men than women. This compilation does not in any way represent an official conclusive ranking. Many other agencies and governments have their parameters of coming to their own conclusions.

10. Switzerland

Global Gender Ratio

In Sweden the percentage of native men to women are 49.5% (4,121,471) and 50.5% (4,205,655) respectively. But by virtue of migration, the ratio went up in favor of the male gender.

9. India

Global Gender Ratio

India is expected to be the world’s most populous country by 2022. As at the last census, there are 110 men for every 100 women under the age of 24. At the moment, India is the second most populated country in the world. It has 5 times the number of the world’s population.

According to United Nations, India has 106.98 males per 100 females in 2015. They are at Brightside’s top 9.

8. Sweden

Global Gender Ratio

Just like in Switzerland, the men here are in excess. There are almost 15,000 fewer women in Sweden.

7. Italy

Global Gender Ratio

According to Brightside, it is stated that most Italian ladies search for work or to study outside the country. As such, there is a high concentration of men in the country.

The Italian government, there were an estimated 5,000,073 foreign nationals resident in Italy, with probably more men part of the number.

6. Finland

Global Gender RatioThe Finished statistics reveals that 256,000 men aged from 25 to 54 don’t have dates. How else is best to show that women in this part of the world are indeed in short supply.

5. China

Global Gender Ratio

China definitely has to be in this list with the long years of legal restriction on the number of children every family should have. During the time of Mao Zang, the mortality rate in China was very low. Thus the government urged the people to have as much children as they can. In the 1960’s, the breed as you wish policy became a problem and the government once again legally mandated the people to have only one child.

For decades, the male child was preferred leading to the abortions of many baby girls. With the result that at the moment there are many men and less women in their demography.

In China, there are 34 million more men than women with a ratio of 88.03.

4. Cyprus

Global Gender Ratio

Quoting Brightside, there’s still a shortage of women in Cyprus, notwithstanding the large inflow of migrants. As at 2015, male to female ratio for Cyprus was 100.31 males per 100 females.

Cyprus has a sex ratio of 1.05 male(s)/female at birth.

In Though Cyprus male to female ratio fluctuated substantially in recent years, it tended to increase through 1970 – 2015 period ending at 100.31 males per 100 females in 2015. By 2016, the total population had a 1.04 male to female ratio.

3. Canada

Global Gender Ratio

The case of Italy is yet again repeated here. With Canadian women leaving to work outside their country, the nation’s population has like 250, 000 more men than women.

2. Iceland

Global Gender Ratio

Iceland on average has like 104 men for every 100 women. This is one of the governments that were rumored to have offered payments for foreign ladies who would marry Icelandic men.

1. Norway

Global Gender Ratio

In Norway, Brightside quotes that there are 12,000 more men than women.

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