What Does Heather Storm Do For a Living and Who Is She Dating?

Reality Television is a great way to make a name for oneself as well as amass a fortune. Heather Storm can attest to this as she is one of those who have made a name and earned a lot from reality TV. She made her name appearing on shows like Car Fanatics, Awesome Autos, and, most notably, Garage Squad.

There is a world of professions that Heather Storm has dived into to fulfill her lifestyle as a modern renaissance woman. We captured some of them, along with details about the most elusive of subjects about her – her love life.

Heather Storm Learned About Cars From Her Father

In West Chester, Pennsylvania, on the 13th of June 1962, Danielle Trotta, aka Heather Storm, was born. Her parents are Phyllis Trotta and Dan Trotta. She has no siblings. While she was a child, her family relocated to Montana in the Big Snowy Mountain area of the state, where she spent most of her time as a child.

Aside from having your typical American childhood, Heather had a close relationship with her father. That relationship saw him teach her about cars, shooting guns and instilling in her the industrious virtue that has guided her numerous business ventures and created the woman we know and love today.

Academically, Storm went to university at the Oregon State University and earned a bachelor of science in Environmental Science. Her knowledge of the science that goes into sustaining and maintaining habitats would later inspire one of her professional endeavors.

Before Garage Squad, Heather Storm Worked As An Environmental Biologist

Before she became Heather Storm to car and travel fans, she worked as an environmental biologist. Deploying the knowledge gained from her college years, she began working in sustainable tourism. Storm was part of a variety of projects designed to encourage and transform how guests and locals interact with the environment, specifically in the tourism industry.

One of the projects was the Eco-Conscious toolkits, which she helped create for the Caribbean Hotel Association in Puerto Rico. Additionally, when Heather wasn’t encouraging and designing eco-friendly tourism kits, she embarked on multiple voyages to explore the Turks and Caicos Islands, where she worked as a SCUBA Rescue Diver. After a couple of years of working in Puerto Rico, a desire to deploy more of her talents sent her back to Los Angeles, US, in pursuit of an entertainment career.

Heather Storm’s Life in Entertainment

Heather Storm
Heather with Garage Squad co-stars: image source

Los Angeles represented a chance to start something new, and she fully embraced the opportunity. She took acting classes and went to several auditions to find her breakthrough in the industry. To keep the lights on and her bills paid, she worked as a fitness trainer, model, brand ambassador, and later as a luxury spirit portfolio manager.

Eventually, the acting classes and auditions began to pay off. Heather started securing commercial gigs and made appearances in films as an extra or minor character. Some of them include Underbelly, The Alibi, Dorm Daze 2, Always a First time, Epic Movie, and more. She also appeared in an unnamed dressing room girl in Rush Hour 3 and as a stripper in an episode of Sleeper Cell. She appeared in over 50 nationally televised commercials, as an actress and has over 24 credits to her name.

However, none of them was her calling card to fame. Fame came in 2015 when she began co-hosting the reality TV series, Garage Squad. The Velocity Network series provided Heather Storm a chance to explore her gearhead persona. She co-hosted 45 episodes of the show between 2015 and 2018. She left the show in 2018 to start a travel series, Drive Yourself Local. On the show, which she produces, she is both the host and the subject. She travels around America in her Mustang, exploring different aspects of local culture.

Other appearances in Storm’s entertainment career include Home & Family, Jay Leno’s Garage, Street Tuner Challenge, and 30 Days. Also, she was once a brand ambassador for the insurance company, Mercury Auto Insurance.

Heather’s Other Ventures

Before she found her breakthrough on Garage Squad, Heather Storm co-founded a boutique event company, Black LAB. The company combined her eco-friendly background and sense of global exploration to create a variety of drinks and juices. Heather’s Black LAB proved popular, particularly in the LA scene, and has seen her cater to events for several major organizations like CBS and Google.

Additionally, she has produced and hosted an EDM cocktail series, The MixDown, for Complex TV. She also appeared on The Playboy Morning Show. She has also worked as a reporter and news correspondent for My Combat Channel and co-hosts the podcast, Man Seeks Adventure.

Finally, Heather Storm has a lifestyle blog, On the Road, where she writes, produces, and creates multi-media content for varying interests, ranging from food, alcohol, and travel.

Her Diverse Professional Interests Has Made Her a Millionaire

Heather Storm may have started her professional life doing marginal pay work in Puerto Rico, but since diversifying her career path, she has raked in millions in income. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the TV producer/host has amassed a personal net worth of $1.7 million.

The exact contributions of each profession to her wealth is yet to be determined. However, her stint as the host of Garage Squad, her Black LAB business, and her acting career is considered significant contributors to her overall net worth.

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Heather Might Be a Single Woman

In the time that she has been a public figure, there has been no mention of a relationship or marriage. The renowned TV host has developed a reputation for sharing videos and pictures of her travels and posting articles about her experiences in exotic locations and offering a comprehensive insight into her life as a travel writer. One thing she hasn’t done is to share details about her love life.

So remarkable is the aloofness of Heather Storm’s love life that she hasn’t been linked with anyone. It is a surprising feat considering she once hosted a show with five male co-stars, which is typically a recipe for relationship rumors.

One thing is for sure; if Heather Storm is single, it certainly would be out of choice. The TV host is a beautiful woman with body features that have had fans paying for autographs and personal messages from her.


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