How Hilarie Burton Became A Star In Her Own Right and Her Marriage to Jeffrey Dean Morgan

The beautiful Hilarie Burton is an American actress and movie producer known for her numerous appearances in TV shows thus endearing herself to the hearts of many globally. Although her career kicked off on MTV where she started as the network’s Video Jockey (VJ) on Total Request Live (TRL), luck smiled on her and she was offered a permanent job with the network. Her high level of professionalism and artistry earned her roles in the entertainment industry where she has been making waves as an actress since her big break. She had her own fair share of loving relationships along the way with fellow stars until she settled down with the popular actor, Jeffrey Dean Morgan with whom she currently shares two children.

Hilarie Burton Grew Up As An All-Rounder

Hilarie Burton was born on the 1st of July 1982 in Sterling, Virginia, in the United States of America to a father who was a former Green Beret, Bill Burton, and a mother that was an estate realtor. She was not born as an only child as she grew up with three younger siblings – Billy, Johnny, and Conrad.

She had her high school education at the Park View High School where Hilarie Burton was a socially active student who was involved in extracurricular activities. She captained the cheerleading squad and became treasurer of the student council during her sophomore year. She also later held student council presidency and ultimately, was the homecoming queen during her senior year before graduating in 2000. After her high school education, Hilarie Burton proceeded to New York University and Fordham University for her college education.

She Did Not Set Out To Become An Actress Yet, She Turned Out Great

Hilarie Burton may not have dreamed of being an actress when she was growing up owing to the fact that her first job was in a media house. She was VJ for the MTV’s Total Request Live show and she also held red carpet interviews for the media outfit. Although the management of the network wanted to make her a guest host, her talent in the art of presenting earned her a permanent job in the outfit. While still working with MTV, she hosted the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards and MTV’s Iced Out New Year’s Eve events.

Soon enough, she veered into the entertainment industry starting with an appearance on The WB drama titled Dawson’s Creek in the year 2002. Her amazing talent got her noticed by producers and directors who offered her other roles. The following year 2003, Hilarie Burton starred in another WB drama series titled One Tree Hill where she portrayed the character of Peyton Sawyer which became her big break in the industry.

She later landed other roles in big television shows such as White Collar (2010 – 2013), Grey’s Anatomy (2013), Hostages (2013), Forever (2014 – 2015), Extant (2015), Lethal Weapon (2016 – 2017), and many more. While she was doing so well in television shows, she also was not found wanting in films. Her debut film appearance was in the year 2000 in a film titled Our Very Own where she played the role of Bobbie Chester. She has also featured in other films including Normal Adolescent Behavior (2007), Solstice (2007), The List (2008), and The Secret Life of Bees (2008).

She Is Best Recognized for One Tree Hill 

In her over two decades as an actress, she has worked more on TV than films. While it is thanks to the aforementioned MTV show that she first gained recognition, Hilarie Burton would be more successful in her career thanks to her portrayal of Peyton Sawyer in One Tree Hill. She was on the show from 2003 when it premiered until 2009 when she called it quits to pursue other interests.

Her role of Sara Ellis in White Collar is yet another important portrayal to her credit. She has not appeared as the main cast in her other TV shows neither has she had a long stay in many others.

Burton has been nominated for a number of awards in the past including the Teen Choice Awards as well as the Sarasota Film Festival and Hollywood Film Awards both of which she ended up winning for Our Very Own and The Secret Life of Bees respectively.

Hilarie Burton may not have featured in as many films and TV shows as most of her counterparts, but she has remained consistent in her career. With impressive TV shows and films to her credit, as well as her career with MTV, she has been able to garner fortune for herself.

Only a couple of years ago, she had an estimated net worth of $1 million. By 2020, however, she was said to have moved up to an incredible net worth of $5 million with more commitment to more jobs. While it is needless to say her net worth is quite impressive, it falls below the fortune of her husband which has been estimated at $10 million.

The Actress Became The Second Wife Of Jeffrey Dean Morgan in 2019

Hilarie Burton is the wife of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, an American actor and TV personality famous for playing John Winchester in the fantasy horror series Supernatural. Their relationship began in 2009 as friends. Only a year after they started dating, Morgan and Burton had their first child together, Augustus Morgan who was born in 2010. At the time, Hilarie was 27 while Jeffrey was 44. Their second child, George Virginia Morgan was born in 2018. Before the birth of their daughter, the couple struggled with fertility issues for five years. Between those years, she had a number of miscarriages which left both her and her husband devastated. The couple decided to get married in 2019, having dated for 10 years and having two kids. The private ceremony was attended by their close friends and family members.

Hilarie Burton
Hilarie Burton with Husband Jeffrey Morgan and son: image source

Her husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, was born on April 22, 1966, in Seattle, Washington to Sandy Thomas and Richard Dean Morgan. He schooled at Rose Hill Junior High and Lake Washington High School in Kirkland, Washington for his High School education. While at high school, Jeffrey played football until an injury he sustained forced him out of the game. As an actor, he has starred in many TV shows and films including Good Wife, Walking Dead, and Rampage.

Jeffrey’s marriage with Hilarie was not his first, as he was formerly the husband of actress Anya Longwell. They were together as man and wife from May 30, 1992, to 2003 when they divorced.

According to many reports, Hilarie Burton was also previously married to Ian Prange, the assistant director of One Tree Hill. It was claimed that the duo got married in 2004, but the union did not last as they got divorced in 2009. However, the actress revealed that this was entirely not true, just as some publications claimed she was married to Jeffrey since 2014.

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