How To Get A Girl To Like You While Flirting

There comes a point in a man’s life when he develops an interest in a girl. At this time, it seems like nothing else matters and most men would practically give anything to make a girl like them. More often than not, the question of how to get a girl to like you comes up and there is never a unified answer that solves the same problem for every man rather the solution lies in the girl in question.

As there are different women who are hoping that a good-looking and well-behaved guy comes around to ask her out, so are there different ways to get a girl to like you. Before we share the tips on how to make a girl love you, have it at the back of your mind that this approach is more like a subtle game and not all girls are expected to succumb to this deal but more than you can imagine will surely love to give you a chance. Also, note that doing things in excesses is bad and would likely ruin your chance. Some of the things you shouldn’t do too often include: being too preoccupied with her, passing too many compliments, using every opportunity you’ve got to touch her and even cracking enough jokes to complete with a stand-up comedian.

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1. Hold On For A While

There is no point in trying to get back a girl who has walked away because you were too forward. Often times, there is that urge to get a girl to know what you feel for her before it is too late but the first things you should be doing it to find ways to pass across the same message but in a more careful way and at a subconscious level. By asking a girl out just after a few moments of meeting her gives her a feeling that you are putting her in a hot spot. You need to consider the fact that she has probably never looked from a dating point of view and asking out at this stage will only feel choked and possibly withdraw. Have it at the back of your mind that no girl wants a stranger as a lover and the patient dog eats the fattest bone. Warming a girl up and making her want you before you go any further will make things easier for you.

2. Live Your Own Life

Girls are smart and the intelligent ones do not find it difficult to tell when a man is completely independent. Get on with your life, your schedule, and normal activities even after you meet a girl. Good girls with a strong sense of purpose and independence do not like guys who would cling to them like a leech. While some girls would appreciate that, it is not the best route to take and at the same time, you’d find out that the ones that may like guys like that are those who feel insecure and don’t mind being the domineering ones in a relationship; they’d love to know the location of their man at all times and unless you want to sign up for any of those scenarios, try filling your minutes with your own hobbies, friendships, and interests.

3. No Better Time To Look Good

If there is any time to look gorgeous, it is now. Once you meet a girl you are interested in and you are looking for how to make her like you, this is the time to let your outlook speak. If there is a chance that she would like you, this is the time she would start to take notice of you; often times trying to balance her desires with how you look and behave. While you have not gotten a chance to get closer to each other,  your dressing is doing some amazing job on your behalf. Keep fit and try to stay in shape. It is noteworthy that there are a few things that girls notice easily that may put them off: body odor, bad breath, and unkempt hair. These are more easily taken note of well before your personality’s got a chance to be appreciated.

4. Get A Chance To Talk

Talking solves 2 major problems. 1. It is a sure way of convincing yourself that she is aware of your existence. 2. It offers you a chance to make another huge impression. It is highly unlikely that a girl will be interested in you if she does not even recognize that you exist. This step requires some degree of boldness and confidence. Don’t try to sell yourself directly while talking to her by telling her who you are and what you are made of; believe when we say that does not work; not anymore. In your conversation, highlight your compatibility with friends and more, talk about interests that you both have in common. Be sensitive at this point. One secret to making a good first impression is finding a way to make her laugh. Laughter relaxes the mood and you can have more confidence and talk better. The more she laughs, the more laughter she wants and if you can offer that, you have made a massive leap. In addition, If you are trying to make a girl like you at this stage, don’t smooth talk all girls you meet. This is the point when she starts paying attention to studying you more especially as you meet and see more often. The ultimate question on her mind at this time could be “is he a faithful guy, or is he a player? and you can help her answer this question faster by not flirting with other girls. A slice of casual flirting is fun and allowed, even among friends. You can flirt and tease all your girlfriends, but don’t overdo it. As a matter of fact, one of the most important points to remember about how to make a girl love you is to save your wooing and flirting when you’re alone with the girl. Do it but not to the excess.

5. Put Your Hands To Work:

This is the time to break the touch barrier but hey, not that kind of touch. Touch at this stage speaks a lot more volumes and has a way of making a girl’s mind swirl round about. There are different ways you can touch a girl without suggesting immorality and getting her thinking far. Examples on some of the polite ways you can get closer or touch someone without being creepy would be to hold her coat while she puts it on, offering your hand when she’s stepping on a rough surface or climbing a step, holding out your hand so you can lead her through a crowd or catch her if she stumbles (but don’t pray for that as it could be very embarrassing for her).

6. Ta Dah!:

This is when you get set to ask her out. Take your time and remember that girls need a bit more time to develop feelings than guys. Look for a perfect opportunity. One mistake you cannot afford to make at this time is to choose what only you would be interested in. It is assumed that you would have done your homework by now and come up with something that both of you love. If there is nothing that you can come up with, take her to a place where she can see something different or taste an exotic meal. Ask her out and you can be rest assured that the answer would be a YES!!

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