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If you are a fan of the American TV series Billions, the name Asia Kate Dillon will always ring a bell. Dillon is an American actor and was popularly known for their roles as Taylor Mason in Billion and Brandy Epps in Orange Is the New Black. Dillon identifies as a non-binary even though their birth-assigned gender is female. People who identify as such do not know how best to describe their gender identity and prefer the pronouns ‘they’, ‘their’, and ‘them’ rather than the typical he/she for particular genders. Moreso, during submission of names for the Emmy Award nomination, Dillon chose ‘actor’ rather than ‘actress’ because it is believed that actor is a neutral gender word.

When it comes to discussions about the sexuality and personal life of Asia Kate Dillon, the conversation can get rather confusing as fans are not sure what pronouns to use especially where the accepted ones don’t fit. Apparently, their love life is just as complicated as it is well known in many circles that Dillon’s partner identifies as ‘male’, though his real name and identity remain unknown.

Dillon was born on November 15, 1984, in Ithaca New York United States. They went to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. They started having haircuts rather than the hair they kept from birth when they were assigned the female gender. Since they started having hair cuts, their style hasn’t changed ever since. After graduation, they proceeded to The Actor’s Workshop of Ithaca to acquire some training was the youngest to be admitted ever to the class.


Asia Kate Dillon started their acting career when they got the opportunity to play the role of Rachel Corrie in a play titled My Name is Rachel Corrie. They continued with their acting roles and made so many appearances in films and TV series like My Popcorn Nights (2009),  Mystery and in Shakespeare Theatre Company’s production Tempest.

The budding actor played some other very interesting roles in Hitting the Wall (2011) as Jocelynn, Marcus Garland: A Necessary Option (2011), Younger (2015), Master of None (2015), We’re All Gonna Die (2016), Orange Is the New Black (2016) where they played the role as Brandy in 19 episodes and some others.

In the Critics’ Choice Television Award, they was nominated as the Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for their impressive work in ‘Billion’ which successfully announced them to a greater audience of the film-loving world. To further boost her claim to fame, Dillon founded the Mirror/Fire production where she puts in work as the producing director and with the aim of assisting and helping disenfranchised and marginalized people.

Is Asia Kate Dillon Dating Anyone? Who is The Partner or Spouse

Dillon’s sexuality and personal life as pansexual shows that they are attracted by multiple genders. This fact has been strongly supported by their quoted opinion that ‘sex is between legs, identity is between ears and all that matters is visibility’. It is know that the ‘Billions’ actor is dating someone because but is yet to describe the real details and identity of their possible partner.

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However, 2017, during an interview on The Ellen Show, Asia Kate Dillon revealed that they have a partner who they are romantically involved with, and they described him as male. Though his real identity wasn’t mentioned, Ellen, the host convincingly believed that their partner is of the male gender.

Producing director Christopher Hirsh was once pointed out to be friends with Dillon based on a post he made on his Twitter account but their relationship was believed to be platonic. Meanwhile, their fans and people who love their TV performances are eagerly waiting to hear that Dillon has found their loving partner who they will settle down with.

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Other Facts to Know

Dillon’s Height is 1.70 meters (5 feet 7 inches) balanced on a weight of 121 lbs (55kg). The American non-binary started having their signature hair cut since high school.

They have a highlighted symbol or inscription around their neck which reads ‘einfühlung’, a German word meaning ‘empathy’ and their body is covered with other tattoos. They also have blue eyes.

As one of the non-binary gender stars to first make appearances on mainstream TV, and also have acting as their main income source, Asia Kate Dillon’s estimated net worth is $4 million.

So many TV appearances and performance helped in boosting their source of income.

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