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Swerving through multiple career fields in the entertainment industry, Jenny McCarthy has worked as a model, television host, and actress. Also, in her own little way, she is a spokesman for autism-inclined foundations and is also an author. She is a school drop out who has successfully made a name for herself.

Jenny’s son Evan has inspired her full involvement with the affairs of children suffering from autism. She has reached out to a lot of them through several mediums and has often times taken to different television shows to air her views about the condition. Jenny is a strong woman who inspires a lot out there, read on to find out more facts about her.

Jenny McCarthy (Donnie Wahlberg’s Wife) – Biography (Age)

Anyone with poise in broadcasting at almost all times has the magnetic ability to spread exciting vibes to the world just like Jenny McCarthy. The magical sensational personality opened up the month of November 1972 as she was born precisely on the 1st. Born into a working-class Roman Catholic family, Jenny McCarthy isn’t the only child of her parents – she has three sisters; Lynette, Joanne, and Amy whom she grew up with at West Elsdon neighborhood of Chicago. Well, looks like Jenny isn’t the only one with the entertainment vibes in her family as she holds a strong family tie with the famous illustrious actress, Melissa McCarthy.

Jenny is said to have a mixed ethnicity – Irish, German and Polish. Her father made ends meet as a steel mill foreman while her mother worked as a courtroom custodian. The lady spent her educational years at Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School and Southern Illinois University. Sadly, due to insufficient funds to see her through college, she dropped out of school.

After quitting school, Jenny McCarthy decided to take a walk with modeling. She landed her first modeling gig with Playboy Magazine in the year 1993. Her work with playboy was quite adventurous, she posed nude for their October 1993 edition and was heavily paid the sum of $20,000 for her act. In that same month, she was ranked as Miss October 1993 and was subsequently referred to as the Playmate of the Year in 1994. Her deals with the magazine subsequently pushed her to the limelight and it was then that her career opened up the more.

Irrespective of the fact that being a model paid her bills efficiently, Jenny McCarthy decided to add spice to her career by venturing into television shows and acting. Well, her turn started with an easy ride as she co-hosted numerous television shows like Singled Out, The View, Dirty, Sexy and Funny with Jenny McCarthy. 

With the awe she threw on stage, the model turn host bagged a few roles in both television drama series and in lengthy movies such as Basketball, Scream 3, Santa Bay and more. Meanwhile, Jenny still had her modeling skills in check and was often given several platforms to demonstrate them.

While praises were still being rained on her for managing three different careers effectively, Jenny McCarthy slammed the world with the release of her books. She has written a lot of books including Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth, Baby Laughs, Louder than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism, Mother Warriors, Bad Habits, Healing and Preventing Autism.

About Her Son

Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy and her son Evan

Jenny’s son, Evan Joseph Asher inspired most of her books. He is a son she had for John Mallory Asher; her very first husband. John and Jenny were said to have dated for a while before settling as man and wife on the 11th day of September 1998. They subsequently couldn’t tolerate each other and called it quits.

According to Jenny, Evan was born as a normal child in the month of May 2012. He grew like every other child but was subsequently diagnosed with autism in the year 2005. The actress further revealed that her son’s condition was caused by vaccination. While she was still trying to relate to the world about her child’s condition, it was subsequently revealed that Evan may also likely be suffering from Landau-Kleffner Syndrome. Howbeit, Jenny has denied these claims.

More so, Jenny’s experiences with her son have inspired her to do the extraordinary for children suffering from autism. She has served as the host of Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) from June 2007 until October 2008 and is devoted to most platforms that help children with the condition. Also, she is a spokesman and activist for the Generation Rescue Foundation.

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Net Worth 

With so many things on her plate career-wise, Jenny McCarthy has lots of ways she tops her earnings. From the obvious, her modeling gigs are well sold as well as her acting and hosting deals. With her involvement with a lot of autism-related foundations, she has donated a few of her pennies to help raise funds for these organizations. Having built a successful career, her net worth is pegged at $15 million.

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