Jessica Goch – Bio: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ninja’s Wife

Jessica Goch is the Schofield-born American Social Media Influencer who has worked as a model but is now better known as a host and interviewer of prominent Electronic sports celebrities at popular gaming events/tournaments. The screen queen also serves as the manager of her famous husband Ninja aka Tyler Blevins whose exploits on Twitch and Fortnite has brought him both fame and fortune.

In this quick fact epistle, we will be taking a closer look at Goch to uncover various things you did not know.

Jessica Goch Bio

The American Social Media Influencer was born to her mother Darcy Goch in Schofield, Wisconsin, on the 23rd day of July 1992. She has an older sibling; a brother named Joshua with whom she was raised with.

While growing up, Jessy, as she is fondly called by her friends and family, grew interested in video games. She was inspired by Joshua with whom she played video games like Sonic, Super Mario and Pokemon. Her interest in video games rapidly skyrocketed into others like Halo on Xbox among others.

Goch meanwhile received her education in Wausau High School, a Public District school located in Wisconsin. She then went on to attend the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, obtaining a degree in Communications and Human Resources.

Jessica Goch soon moved to take on various jobs before getting involved with live video game streaming, in a bid to understand her man’s career path. Gradually she picked up momentum in the hobby and turned it into a full-time career, just like her husband had managed to do.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Her

1. She Was a Model

While many people might only know Jessica Goch for reporting at gaming events, interviewing various professional gamers, and managing her husband’s career, she actually first started out as a model in 2011.

The beautiful looking model signed to various modeling agencies and worked for various brands like Cyber Solution, among others. In 2014, she decided to leave modeling to take up a tutoring job at her alma mater, the University of Wisconsin. After 4 months on the job, she moved on to work with Plantronics for 2 years as their sales representative. But as her husband’s popularity and fame grew, she quit her jobs to help manage his business relationships, among other things.

2. She Earns Over $500 Thousand a Month

Jessica Goch has been making a good living ever since she started working as a model. However, when she started to live stream her games, she began to take home a mouth-watering monthly sum of $500 thousand. With that, you can see why she is said to have an estimated net worth of $10 million.

3. She Fell In Love With Ninja While He Was Dating Someone Else

Jessica Goch
Jessica Goch and her famous Gamer husband Ninja Tyler Blevins

Jessica Goch is happily married to Tyler Blevins aka Ninja. The two first met at the Focus Fire gaming event in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Their meeting could indeed be described as divine providence as they would have never met if they had stayed indoors following the heavy snowfall on that fateful day.

Though Ninja was in a relationship when they met, the duo maintained a good distant friendship that naturally blossomed into something deeper, as he eventually broke up with his girlfriend and the two became an item.

After a few years of dating, Ninja, in November 2016, popped the forever question to Jessica to which she responded with a yes.  Nine months down the line, in August 2017, they were joyfully wedded in a beautiful ceremony conducted at the Lehmann Mansion, Lake Villa, in the presence of family and friends. Ever since then, the pair has become somewhat of a power couple, as their individual careers have gone from height to height.

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4. She Has Massive Social Media Presence

Goch has a number of well engaged social media handles that has over the years seen a steady climb of subscribers and followers.

Her Instagram page, which has over 1.3 million followers and up to 898 posts as of February 2019, has the highest pool of followings. Her Twitch account has over 488k followers with about 198 videos while her twitter account has up to 606k followers. So far, her Facebook has up to 831k followers.

5. Body Measurements

Jessica Goch is as tall as the average American woman with a height of 5 ft 5 inches (1.65 m). The social media influencer, who has blonde hair and green eye color further weighs about 57 kilograms (125 lbs).


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