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Lovers of Game of Thrones should know a thing or two about this stunning actress; she portrayed Nymeria Sands in the HBO drama series. Jessica Henwick is an English actress; she made history as the first East Asian actress to feature in a British television series – Spirit Warriors.

Subsequently, she starred in other mind-blowing movies which brought her more fame, entrenching her name in the industry. Let’s take a serious look at who the actress is, including details of her relationships, family background, and other things you may have wished to know about her.

Jessica Henwick (Age and Ethnicity)

It was on August 30 and in the year 1993 that Jessica Yu Li Henwick was birthed. Her place of birth was in Surrey, England. It is no secret that the actress is of mixed ethnicity; she is of Singaporean-Chinese and Zambian-English heritage.

Jessica is among the few British actresses who have excelled both in the British entertainment industry and in Hollywood. Her rise to stardom wasn’t really spontaneous; nevertheless, she nurtured the desire of being one of the top stars on screens from when she was way younger. In order to attain her dreams, she enrolled at the National Youth Theatre and the Redroofs Theatre. Soon, she gathered enough knowledge and gained some level of professionalism in her acting skills.

As a teen, she landed her first role in the television series, Spirits Wariors (2009). That role made her the first East Asian actress to play a role in a British television series. She gave the role her best shot and with time, she gained fame both in the entertainment industry and in the world at large. The following years saw a pause in her career but three years down the lane, she got the spot to play Leo in a professional theatre play, Running on the Cracks. In view of her performance on the play, she landed her first movie role in the blockbuster movie, Balsa Wood (2014). The actress also played minor roles in television series like Silk, Lewis, and Obsession: Dark Desires. Afterward, she landed her big break in Game of Thrones.

Meanwhile, before she got the GOT role, she also starred in the movie, The Force Awakens (2015). Jessica Henwick simultaneously worked on The Heart of The Forest and The Head Hunter in 2016. After that, she appeared in the movie, Rice of White (2017), Fortitude (2017), and the Netflix series, Iron Fist (2017). That’s not all, you will find this actress as Colleen Wing in The Defenders (2017) and its sequel, Luke Cage (2018).

Her Boyfriend – Who Is She Dating?

Jessica Henwick found love with Jonny Yag, the two are said to have been together for a very long time. Jonny Yag is also famous for his endeavors as an actor. He has appeared in a few successful works, including The Punisher (2011), Olympus Has Fallen (2013), and The Last Ship (2014).

Irrespective of the fact that the two are known and celebrated for their works in the entertainment industry, they have managed to put their personal affairs off the radar.

Who Are Her Parents?

Jessica Henwick loves her parents and has celebrated them on many platforms. Her dad, Mark Henwick is a Zambian, English man and Mrs. Henwick, her mother, is a woman of Singaporean-Chinese heritage.

It is said that Mark moved to England when he was only 12. He eventually became a citizen of the country and now holds a degree in electronic engineering and in entrepreneurial management.

Jessica Henwick
Jessica Henwick and her mom: Image Source

He has also done well for himself as a writer as he has written a lot of books, including Sleight of Hand, and The Biting Cold. Even though the details of this actress’ family life are hard to come by, it is known that she isn’t the only child of her parents. She has a younger sister.

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Jessica Henwick’s Height and Body Stats

There is no doubt about this actress being a very pretty woman. Disregarding her talents, her stunning Asian looks are among the things that have endeared her to many. She stands at 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 56 kg.

It is believed that Lady Henwick measures 34, 25, and 36 inches respectively for her bust, waist, and hips.

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