Interesting Facts To Know About Jilly Anais’ Life Pursuits and The Men She Has Dated

Social media influencer, Jilly Anais, has made waves for her career strides. Since she won the 2011 Miss Teen Houston pageant, she has gone on to utilize the platform provided by that victory to pursue a career in showbiz, particularly, singing and acting. This quintessential millennial has also mined the power of the internet to become an influencer across Instagram and YouTube platforms.

Away from the career front, Anais has also gained notoriety for her love life including her relationship with famous American professional basketballer, Dejounte Murray. The two dated more than a year during which they made no attempt to hide their love for each other. The relationship sadly came to an end in 2018 and Anais has now moved on to a new relationship with an NFL star. The young lady has certainly come a long way from her days as a pageant hopeful in the city of Houston.

Jilly Anais’ Early Life and Winning the Miss Teen Houston Title

Jillyan Anais Moor, popularly known as Jilly Anais was born on January 2, 1996, in Houston, Texas. She and her younger brother, Jules, were raised in Houston by their father, Jules K. Moor (a home builder) and their mother, Theresa (a TV network employee). Jilly shares a close relationship with her parents and she makes it obvious at every whim. Additionally, she has an eclectic mix of ancestry, including Creole, French, Dutch, and Jamaican backgrounds, and this accounts for her beauty.

Jilly’s journey into showbiz wasn’t an afterthought or an accident. From the time she was age two, she started singing, dancing, and doing stage performances. She also joined her school’s drama club as well as the Ensemble Theatre where she honed her skills. The energetic Jilly did not limit her focus to the artistic pursuits. She was also physically active and took part in track, competitive dance, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and karate. She earned gold and platinum medals for competitive cheerleading and dancing.

All these pursuits laid the groundwork for Jilly’s future and by the age of 13, she signed her first modeling contract with Page Parkes Modeling & Acting Agency. The cherry on the cake, however, came two years later when she won the Miss Teen Houston title on her first pageant attempt. Jilly’s victory fetched her several prizes including a brown mink fur. She also carried out several charitable activities during her reign including feeding the homeless during the holidays as well as visits to children’s hospitals.

Jilly Anais
Anais during her Miss Teen Houston reign Image Source

Becoming a Social Media Influencer in Los Angeles

Upon gaining adulthood in 2014, Jilly Anais made the courageous decision to move out to L.A. in order to take a shot at success in the music industry. She didn’t have much in the way of funds and as such, her parents supported her by taking care of her bills in her first few months in Tinsel town. Her story however changed for the better after she joined Instagram.

Jilly initially collaborated with a group that dealt in comedy skits and later took to posting videos and pictures about her life. Her personality resonated with fans and in just a month, she grew her followership to about 1.4 million. The Houston native now has about 2.8 million on Instagram and makes six-figures from sponsored posts for different brands. She, however, detests being called an Instagram influencer arguing that the platform itself has never paid her any money per se.

If there is one title that Jilly Anais would gladly take, it is that of YouTube influencer and this is because the platform directly pays her. According to the young lady, she was motivated to start up a YouTube account, and basically do what she does on Instagram there, because the company would reward her through their monetization program. These summations have proved true and Jilly’s self-titled YouTube channel, Jilly Anais, now has about 500K subscribers and 40k views. It also fetches her a yearly income that is in the six-figure region.

A Look At Her Accomplishments – Music and Movie Credits

Jilly Anais started singing at the age of four and it was actually her music aspirations that motivated her to come out to Los Angeles. Even though she later became pre-occupied with the whole Instagram modeling thing, the former beauty queen has not forgotten her passion and dropped her debut single, Juice, in 2015. Since then, she has dropped her EP as well as singles such as Lemme Know, Wait For It, and Milano. These tracks have performed well and contain hints of her strongest musical influences which are the likes of Beyoncé, Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, and Janet Jackson.

Whilst juggling her Instagram modeling and music career, the tireless Anais has also found time to dip her toes into the ponds of acting. She has featured in a few movies and TV series including God Send, East Los High, and Freakish. Freakish is a web series about a group of high schoolers who escape being turned into mutant creatures following a chemical plant meltdown in their town. They are therefore forced to protect themselves from the town’s mutant population. Freakish ran on Hulu for two seasons, 2016 to 2018, and Jilly portrayed the character, Beverly, in the first season.

Jilly Anais
Jilly and her ex-boyfriend, MurrayImage Source

Inside Details of Her Nasty Breakup with NBA Star, Dejounte Murray

The social media personality was previously in a thriving relationship with famous American professional basketballer, Dejounte Murray. For the benefit of those who may not know him, Murray is a point guard who was drafted 29th overall in the 2016 NBA draft. He is a four-year veteran of the league and plies his trade with the San Antonio Spurs.

Jilly and Murray first became an item in 2017. They spent more than a year together during which their romance blossomed. During this period, they were spotted at several public outings. They even went the extra mile of setting up a joint YouTube channel, Dejounte and Jilly, in which they did ‘couply’ things including playing a game of Score and Strip.

The two love birds sadly called off their relationship in late 2018 and things took an ugly twist from that point onwards. Murray used his social media account to basically call Jilly a gold-digger and she wasn’t having it. The Houston native used her Twitter account to describe Murray’s words as just pure ignorance and accused him of speaking falsely about her character. Her post also attracted supportive comments from her followers who insisted that the model pays her own way.

Jilly Anais Budding Romance with Deshaun Watson

Moving on from that drama, Jilly Anais has found love again and this time, it is with NFL star, Deshaun Watson. A highly-rated quarterback, Watson was a national champion during his college days at Clemson. He has continued in this impressive form since being drafted into the NFL in 2017 and now has two Pro Bowl honors to his name.

Jilly and Watson first saw each other at an L.A. restaurant around June/July 2019. The NFL star was taken with what he saw and immediately reached out to model-cum-singer on Instagram. They messaged back and forth and had their first date at a hot yoga session. This was in July 2019 and the couple’s love have waxed stronger ever since then.

They have embarked on vacations to places such as Paris, Spain, Bahamas, Miami, Montana, and Mexico. Deshaun has also appeared in some of his girl’s YouTube videos and in July 2020, the couple celebrated their first anniversary. Jilly posted a heartfelt message in which she described Watson as her “backbone, motivator, happy place, pookie dookie, and best friend”. He also responded in kind and thanked her for rocking with him through the good and the bad times.

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