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Joan Boocock was widely known as the wife of the legendary writer of comic books, Stan Lee who also was an American editor, publisher, and producer. She was a renowned British-American hat model and undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s top female comic voice legends. Stan Lee’s wife was ushered into fame through her husband’s help who featured her in several of his movies. Her acting career began when she was featured to lent the voice of Miss Forbes in the movie, Fantastic Four.

She went on to carry out voice works for many animated Marvel films and television series including Iron Man, Spider-Man and Stan Lee’s Mutants, Monsters & Marvels. With her luminous beauty even at old age, Joan Boocock was poised for great success in the movie industry. In addition, she also was a successful writer who has written many books. Read on to get an overview of the biography.

Joan Boocock Lee Biography (Age)

Joan Boocock was born in Gosforth, Newcastle, England on 5th February 1922 to her parents Norman Dunton Boocock and Clayton. Her parents registered her birth within the first three months of 1922 in the Castle Ward Rural District currently known as part of Newcastle’s Metropolitan Municipal. Boocock revealed that she had her childhood experiences in Fawdon. Soon after World War II, the renowned hat model moved to the United States of America with an American serviceman named Sanford Dorf Weiss whom she married after twenty-four hours of knowing him.

Regarding her ethnicity and nationality, Joan Boocock was a Caucasian white British American. As for her educational achievements, the adept voice actress was surreptitious when it came to issues relating to her family and education, as she did not disclose any details concerning them to the public when she was alive.

Joan Boocock began her acting career after thirty decades of her marriage to the iconic writer of comic books, Stan Lee. The renowned hat model did not venture into acting immediately after her marriage as she landed her first gig to lend her voice to Miss Forbes in the comic animated marvel, Fantastic Four in 1994. The same year, Stan Lee’s wife provided the voice of a computer in the TV series, Iron Man.

With her amazing work ethic, spirited personality and quick-wit, Boocock was poised for huge success as she landed more voice roles in many movies and television series. Additionally, the veteran actress exhibited her extraordinary talent as she voiced Madam Web in the 1996 American animated television series, Spider-Man.

In addition, Joan Boocock went on to feature as herself alongside her husband, Stan Lee and Kevin Smith in the 2002 movie, Stan Lee’s Mutants, Monsters & Marvels. Throughout her acting career that spanned for more than two decades, Joan Boocock has graced her talent in other movies and television series including the documentary about her husband named, With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story, Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked and X-Men: Apocalypse. Even though the adroit actress did not win any award throughout her acting career, her contributions in the field of voice work will always be remembered especially in Hollywood animated marvel genre.

Furthermore, Joan Boocock flexed her writing skills as an author during her lifetime. She had many unpublished novels as she only managed to publish one novel titled The Pleasure Palace before her death. The hat model died on 6th July 2017 after suffering from stroke-related illnesses.

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Family – Her Husband (Stan Lee) and Children

Joan Boocock and Stan Lee

Joan Boocock met Stan Lee in the modeling agency where she previously worked by coincidence as he was on a blind date with another model in the same agency. Stan Lee fell in love with her for the very first time he set his eyes on her even to the point of telling her that he used to draw her face since he was a child. After Lee’s marriage proposal to Joan Boocock two weeks into their courtship, she moved and nullified her previous marriage which paved way for her to be legally married to Stan Lee.

The couple got married on 5th December 1947 and the union was blessed with two daughters namely; Joan Celia Lee, born in 1950 and Jan Lee, born in 1953 (Jan Lee, unfortunately, died three days later). Joan Celia Lee alias J.C. Lee is a renowned actress who is following the footsteps of her parents.

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