Endeavors That Make Up Joey Graceffa’s Career Pursuits and Fun Facts About His Love Life 

At some point in time, studio executives, agents, and TV companies were the gatekeepers choosing the kind of people who became film and TV stars. They also had most of the power to determine the kind of content that made it to the airwaves but today, because of the internet, platforms like YouTube exist to change all that. It has given people of all backgrounds, sexuality, colour, and personality like Joey Graceffa a means to express their creative minds to the world.

And express his mind, he has. The Massachusetts-born YouTuber has three channels that serve as his creative outlets on the video-sharing platform. All of his channels are some of the largest congregators of internet users, a fantastic feat for a college dropout.

Joey Graceffa Dropped Out Of College For YouTube

But before he became an internet phenomenon, he was a simple young man. Joey was born in the quiet city of Marlborough in Massachusetts, on May 16, 1991. He is the middle child of his parents, Debbie O’Connor and Joe Graceffa. He has an older sister Nicole and younger step-brother, Jett.

The union between his parents did not last and his mom subsequently took to alcohol, contributing to a difficult childhood for Joey. Despite all his family troubles, Joey Graceffa gave his best in his school work. He graduated from Marlborough High School in 2009 and attended Fitchburg State College in Massachusetts, studying Film. He, however, dropped out after one year and moved to Los Angeles.

His parents were not wealthy, and the family troubles made it more imperative that he finds stability in a traditional profession. At least, that is what conventional wisdom dictates. Subsequently, he chose to pursue a career on YouTube, with a resolute belief in himself to make something of it.

Understanding Joey Graceffa’s Daring YouTube Pursuits

Earlier at the age of 16, specifically in 2007, Joey Graceffa had a chance meeting with Brittany Joyal. This led to both friends creating a YouTube channel, WinterSpringPro. The channel grew to be successful, and the two teenagers started getting paid to make videos. The early success of the channel caused Joey to drop out of college and face YouTube full-time.

As a YouTuber, Joey’s work focuses primarily on three creative styles via three channelsJoeyGraceffa, JoeyGraceffaVlogs, and JoeyGraceffaGames.

JoeyGraceffa (2009 – Present)

WinterSpringPro was a comedy and parody YouTube channel. Together with Brittany, he created some of the funniest videos on the internet, from comedy sketches to music video parodies, expanding his presence on the platform. However, four years into their collaboration, Joey wanted to establish his own thing.

By July 2012, he announced his departure from the channel, and a focus on JoeyGraceffa, his creative outlet. He created the channel in 2009, but it did not become fully active until 2012. On the channel, he posts works like the web series, Escape the Night, which as of 2020, has four seasons.

Joey Graceffa
Joey Graceffa in Escape the Night: image source

The channel also has vlogging series like Kitten Updates (he shares videos of his cat and other cat-related content), challenges, short films, and the Storyteller series. JoeyGraceffa is his main channel and it has the numbers to back it up. It has more than 9.38 million subscribers and over 2 billion views.

JoeyGraceffaGames (2012 – Present)

JoeyGraceffaGames, as the name suggests, is his dedicated gaming channel. Since its creation in 2012, the channel has more than 2,000 published videos and over 2.67 million subscribers. The channel has also gained a huge appreciation for its content with more than 612.6 million video views.

On the channel, Joey posts videos of himself playing games like Minecraft and Fortnite. Minecraft being a reality development game, Joey has extended his writing and storytelling qualities to create popular content.

Through this, the channel has Minecraft series like One Life, Diversity, Kingdom Craft Factions, and Puppy Craft. Outside of Minecraft, he also plays The Sims and Roblox games.

JoeyGraceffaVlogs (2019 – Present)

If JoeyGraceffa is his big-screen standardized vlogging and filmmaking channel, JoeyGraceffaVlogs is his reality TV. There, the YouTuber gets to riff on varying subjects and issues in the world and his life, daily.

The channel, since its launch in 2019, has equally proved popular like the rest of his creative outlets. It has amassed more than 696 thousand subscribers and has over 70 million video views already, from just over 120 videos. Since creating the channel, he has discussed issues like his love life and pets.

Joey’s Other Creative Ventures

The popularity of his YouTube channels has helped Joey Graceffa explore other creative endeavours. He is a writer and an actor, featuring in self-produced short films like Eon, Ethereal. His Storytellers series has more than seven episodes while Escape the Night, his most popular web series, has over 44 episodes.

He has also appeared in Me and My Grandma, BlackBoxTV, and several other short videos. Joey is also a writer, with four published books to his name. His first, In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World is a memoir released in 2015. It debuted on The New York Times Best Seller List and was critically well-received.

Additionally, Joey sings. Music has been a part of his YouTube endeavours since he started on the platform, having made a name parodying music videos. He does, however, have original music too. Graceffa has four EPs to his name, such as Good Songs, Kingdom and Panem’s Best. As a singer, he is a frequent collaborator with Luke Conard, another YouTuber, and they have released several singles, including Story of My Life, Kiss You and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Outside of YouTube, he has also appeared on two seasons of The Amazing Race, an adventure reality game show.

Online Stardom Has Made Joey Rich

All of his channels combined add up to more than 2.7 billion views and over 13 million subscribers. His earnings from that alone can realise an estimate of over $570,000 a year. His main channel, JoeyGraceffa, brings in the most income, at $365,000 a year.

Combined with his income from his books and third-party sponsorship deals with companies like Top Shop, Audible, BestFiends and Fox, he has an estimated net worth of $12 million. His YouTube-driven wealth has allowed him to enjoy a few luxuries, including purchasing a house in Encino, California, for $4.5 million.

Before he bought the house, he owned a Sherman Oaks mansion worth $2.1 million. He bought it in 2015 and sold it three years after for $2.5 million.

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Joey Graceffa is Single Again

Joey Graceffa
Joey with Daniel Preda – image source

Joey Graceffa is gay. His sexuality has been apparent and confirmed since he became a YouTube star in 2012. In that time, he has been in only one relationship, with Daniel Preda. They announced their relationship in a YouTube video in February 2016, confirming speculations that they have been together since July 2014.

Their relationship looked solid and for years, there was a lot of evidence to back up the claim. Unfortunately, in July 2020, fans of the couple turned on YouTube to the bad news of their break up. The couple, in another video, shared that they parted ways in April 2020. They went on to say that although they are no longer romantically together, they still love each other and remain friends. Their breakup video, as of July 20, 2020, has more than 1.8 million views.

His now ex-boyfriend is a social media personality who is equally a model. He is a native of Boston and is signed to Elite Models and Model Maggic Inc. Aside from his popular Instagram and Twitter pages, he also has a YouTube channel, Mister Preda, with over 262,00 subscribers.

He Is A Father To Four Dogs

Joey Graceffa and Daniel did not adopt a baby while they were together, but they were parents to four dogs. All four are, however, in the custody of Joey since the breakup. His dogs are three huskies named Wolf, Storm, and Lark. Lark is the only female in the family.

Aside from his dogs, Joey is also raising a cat. He began fostering the cat in March 2020 after animal shelters announced they needed the help.


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