John Clark Gable Biography – Net Worth, Son and Family Life

In the world of Hollywood, you’ll rarely see a member of a family from three generations still active in the industry. One family that is a part of this rarity is the Clark Gable family. The family’s legacy reaches as far back as 1930, with the renowned King of Hollywood, William Clark Gable at the helm of this family’s involvement in Hollywood. This article is about his son John Clark Gable who also enjoyed some fame as an actor. To learn more about his life, keep reading.

John Clark Gable’s Early Life

Clark Gable was born on the 20th of March in 1961 to Kay Spreckels and William Clark Gable in Los Angeles California where he also spent most of his childhood. As a child who had already experienced fame before his birth it was decided that he shy away from the spotlight and lead a live away from the gaze of the public. Little is known of the life he led in his childhood but it is known that he lived a life of comfort that was steeped in security. At the age of one he was almost the victim of a kidnap and as a result, his mother kept him away from the public and made sure he always had security with him. As a result of this also, there is currently no information about any formal education that he might have gotten or a lot of information about his life as a child.

His career as an actor started fairly slowly and he had few appearances in television shows, his big break as an actor came in 1990, with his performance in the film Bad Jim. He starred in this film alongside James Brolin and Richard Roundtree. The movie was not a hit with critics or at the box office, but it definitely led to Gable getting more roles in other movies.

Some of the other films he had performances in are, Sunset at Dawn (1990) alongside his son. He also starred in the 2012 science fiction film, Aliens from Uranus. Most of his career as an actor has been spent having minor roles in television shows.

One thing most people do not know about John Clark Gable is that he used to be involved in car races; racing was his first stint in achieving fame that was not tied to either of his parents. In 1983, he was already a class 8 truck racer, competing in Score Barstow, a local racing competition in California. He initially raced motorbikes but an accident in 1981 changed all of that for him and he decided to start racing trucks.

What to know about his family life

John Clark Gable’s family is mostly made up of people who have lived famous lives. His birth was highly anticipated because of how much his father was loved; Clark Gable’s father died four months before his birth from a heart attack. This death further intensified the fame that precluded John’s coming into the world. Speaking about his father on international news, John has said that it is a strange experience for him, with the world knowing his father and him having no clue who he is. His mother, Kay Williams was an actress as well, and was popular in the 40s and 50’s.

From his father who got married five times, he is step-siblings with the actress Judy Lewis.

John Clark Gable’s Son

John Clark Gable
John Clark Gable and son (image source)

On the 20th of September in 1988, John Clark Gable and his second wife Tracy Yarro welcomed to the world their child, Clark James Gable. James Gable grew up to be just like his grandfather, having a somewhat successful career in acting, as well as modeling. But he is mostly known for hosting the show Cheaters from the 13th to 15th seasons.

Unfortunately, Clark James Gable was found unconscious on the 22nd of February, 2019 in his home in Texas, he was taken to the hospital but after attempts to resuscitate him failed, he was pronounced dead.

Net worth

John Clark Gable’s estimated net worth is $5 million, a figure that most likely has been built up from his very short stint in the movie industry, his racing ventures and his inheritances from his famous but now dead parents.

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