Johnny Argent – Bio and Everything To Know About Roseanne Barr’s Partner

There are two perspectives to look at the position of Johnny Argent in Roseanne Barr‘s life. He is first, her partner in business and second, the man who she finally fell in love with after nine years she divorced her ex-husband, Tom Arnold. Over the years, Tom was quite about his break up with Barr but after she put up offensive tweets about Obama’s aide, he responded with offensive tweets regarding the business of the couple. However, Johnny, a gentleman is yet to react to any of these.

While we have successfully briefed you about the ongoings with the trio, we would love to talk about the gentleman, Jonny Argent in this critique. Argent has gained expertise working as a film score composer and is popular as Barr’s partner. He earned a spot on the fame list after his work with the comedian, Roseanne Nuts got out. Also, Roseanne’s fame has equally rubbed off on him. Thus, this critique would detail you on everything you should know about him.

Johnny Argent’s Biography

Amongst the many caps he wears, Johnny Argent is famous for his relationship with comedian Roseanne Barr, even though he has built a successful career as a musician, songwriter, and producer. He came to be on the 4th of July 1949 in Baltimore, United States of America. Johnny was raised with four other children belonging to his parents at his place of birth. He is also the youngest child in the family.

There are no available details pertaining to his educational accomplishments, however, a man like Johhny Ardent who has built a successful career working on scripts and producing movies is no doubt an intelligent man. As scriptwriting and producing entails adequate scrutinization of words and blending in of characters and you could bet that only brainiacs can work in this field.

As regarding the producer’s career briefings, he has worked from dusk till dawn to gain a stand on success train. He has written and produced plenty of Roseanne Barr’s work and has consistently made a glam from most of them. He walked behind the scenes in the production of Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne, Roseanne Barr: Blonde and Bitchin’ and Rockin’ with Roseanne, Roseanne Nuts; which eventually pulled him to fame.

Everything To Know About Roseanne Barr’s Partner

The following will throw more light on many other facts about Johnny Ardent. Keep at it and stay glued.

Johnny Argent and Rosanne Barr

Love they say would find you when the time is right. Well, Johnny and Barr found love with themselves after several years of the comedian’s divorce from her ex-husband, Tom Arnold. The duo met online, one thing led to another, they started working together and eventually fell head over heels with themselves. They have been together for a few years now, though not yet married but they live together somewhere in Hawaii. For the records, Barr on her part has been married thrice and has two children; Jessica Jennifer and Jake Pentland.

Roseanne Barr and Johnny Argent

A lot of their fans have been quite inquisitive to know how the partners have managed their love life away from their business. Answers to this probing question are yet unanswered by the couple but their exceptional outputs in many of their works seem to have settled it. Of a truth, the two have succeeded in creating an understanding at their workplace.

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Net worth

Johnny Argent’s net worth is yet to be unraveled, howbeit, his partner, Barr’s net worth is pegged at $80 million. It is no secret that Johnny on his part has amassed an increasing revenue with his remarkable works with the comedian.

Body Measurements

Whoops! Johnny Ardent doesn’t even look his age., He is quite slim and has a gentleman looks. He is a tall man who stands at 5 feet 11 inches and has a balanced weight of 78 Kg. His eyes are somewhat dark brown and he wear’s curly brown hair. Ardent wears shoe size 8. His other body measurements are 38-29-35 for his chest, waist and shoulder sizes respectively.


Following an offensive tweet made by the comedian regarding former Obama-era aide Valerie Jarrett on Twitter, there has been chaos on the internet. In fact, ABC abruptly canceled the comedian’s show on the sitcom because of this. While everyone had lots of things to say, Tom Arnold, the comedian’s ex-husband in an interview with People’s magazine spoke ill about his ex. In his words, he described her as a mental case who had no control of herself.


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