The Lowdown on Josh Elliott’s Exit from CBS, Where He He Is Now and Facts About His Wife

Despite a less-than-desired childhood experience, Josh Elliott has defied every limitation to become a sterling personality in the world of journalism. Today, the California-bred journalist is a renowned news anchor and sportscaster who has graced the studios of widely-viewed news networks in the United States. With sixteen long years under his belt, Josh is anything but a novice.

So far, he has worked with ESPN as a Panelist, NBC as a Sportscaster and CBS as a News Anchor. Adding to his portfolio, Elliot also worked with the popular TV channel National Geographic Wild, Nat Geo Wild for short. These exploits won him a local Emmy Award for writing and contributing to Angles on MSG Network in 2005. His solid track record soon came falling like a pack of cards with one costly mistake in early 2017. That weekend, Josh Elliott danced too close to the edge of the cliff of his career. The aftermath is what this article will tell you.

Before CBS, Josh Elliott Spent Six Years Working for Sports Illustrated

Josh Elliott’s career began unofficially while attending the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University where he bagged an MSc in 1999. He started working as a producer for Galaxy Productions. He later joined 20th Century Fox as a comedy developer and producer. At the end of his MSc program at Columbia University, Elliott joined Sports Illustrated where he covered sports events for over half a decade. These intellectual investments will be his ladder to greater achievements in his career trajectory.

He Also Anchored News for ESPN, ABC News, and NBC

Josh Elliott
Josh Elliott and Co-host, Lara Spencer

Four years after bagging a Master’s degree in Journalism, Josh Elliott got himself a seat at ESPN where he served as a Panelist. As a versatile journalist, Elliott worked in virtually every sphere. He worked as a co-host for Cold Pizza and a host for Classic Now; a show which lasted only 12 months on ESPN Classic.

After three phenomenal years at ESPN, Elliott transitioned to ABC’s Good Morning America in May 2011. While at ABC, he worked with the phenomenal TV personality Lara Spencer on Good Afternoon America. Never one to settle for less, he made a pact with NBC which earned him $4 million annually.

Subsequently, he made his on air-debut in the program 2014 Kentucky Derby on NBC Sports while anchoring other programs on NBC. Known for pushing the needle, it did not come as a surprise when, 21 months after joining NBC, Josh Elliott proceeded to hunt other lofty opportunities. This time, CBS came calling.

Josh Elliott Joined CBS in Early 2016

Josh Elliott
Josh Elliott on CBS Now

On March 1, 2016, barely two months after his departure from NBC, Josh Elliott landed a job with CBS as a lead anchor for digital news CBSN. At CBS Josh was anything short of excellent. In his announcement, CBS News president David Rhodes expressed confidence in how much value Elliott will bring to the media corporation. Rhodes praised Elliott as the right man to bring in an array of news for reporting and anchoring. For CBS, such a quality of delivery was in high demand but low in supply.

In the eleven months that followed, Elliott continued to deliver on the job until things started to go awry. On the night of Friday, February 10, 2017, Josh Elliott shocked both his audience, colleagues, and superiors when he made a live announcement about his exodus from CBSN.

CBS executives did not envisage any such arrangements neither were there any prior negotiations about his departure. He was fired three days later; bringing his stay at CBS to an abrupt end. That Monday, CBS News announced that it was parting ways with Josh Elliott. The media giant thanked Elliott for his contributions, wishing him the best.

According to sources, Josh Elliot’s dismissal was facilitated by Ace TV personality Charlie Rose. Rose denied the accusations, dismissing them as untrue while claiming to have Elliott’s best interest at heart.

He ‘Technically’ Fired Himself From CBS

On the night of Friday, February 10, 2017, Josh Elliott made an on-air announcement that left the staff and top executives of CBS dazed. He announced that he would be exiting CBSN for good but the ensuing lines “knowing how things work around here, I may see you again on Monday morning” hinted to viewers that Elliott was hoping to get some things sorted out that weekend and return to the screen again. However, what could pass for a mild show of accountability did not go down well with his superiors.

According to sources, Elliott received reliable info that CBS might make him a field correspondent soon. A higher role that would see him filing reports for CBS’s TV news programs. That evening, however, CBS executives weren’t sure what to think of the sudden announcement as nothing had been discussed behind closed doors. Three days later, Elliott was sacked by a unanimous decision of the board. The sack came at a time when Elliott was reaching the “peak of his career” – a journey that began thirteen years earlier.

He Joined National Geographic Afterwards

One year after his dismissal from CBS, Elliot co-hosted the show Yellowstone Live on National Geographic Channel with Chris Packham. As of this writing, he still receives the rest part of his $5.5 million annual paychecks from NBC. It is safe to say that Josh is an unstoppable personality who seems to go against every hurdle. There is hardly any clear information on what he is on today. Perhaps no one knows that better than those he calls family.

Josh Elliott is Married To Liz Cho

Josh Elliott
Josh Elliott, Liz Cho and their daughters.

Josh Elliott was initially married to Priya Narang, a woman of Indian descent. It seemed that Elliot had not only made a mess of his job but also, at some point, his marriage as well. According to sources, his marriage with Priya failed due to his alleged infidelity. This ultimately led to their divorce. However, the union produced a lovely daughter christened Sarina Elliot. As of this writing, Josh is blissfully married to Liz Cho.

Cho was previously married to Evan Gottlieb and together, they had one daughter, Louisa Simone Gottlieb. She later filed for divorce from Gottlieb in 2012. That year, she had met and started dating Josh Elliott who proposed to her two years later in August 2014. They tied the knot on July 11, 2015, in Montecito, California. Although they have no children together, they are parents to two lovely girls; Cho’s daughter, Louisa Simone Gottlieb (b. May 17, 2007), and Sarina Elliot.

Liz Cho is Also a Media Personality

Liz Cho is a news anchor at WABC-TV. She was raised alongside her only brother, Andrew, in Concord, Massachusetts. The first child of a Korean Surgeon, Sang In Cho, and a Jewish-American nurse, Donna Cho, she attended Boston University where she studied journalism and history.

Since 2003, Cho has graced reported, cast news, and anchored various programs on New England Cable News in Newton, ABC News, and today, WABC-TV.


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