Kathryn Adams Limbaugh – Bio, Profile, Facts About Rush Limbaugh’s Wife

Kathryn Adams Limbaugh is an accomplished American author, event planner and illustrator of children’s books who entered the limelight through her marriage with the famous American talk show host, Rush Limbaugh. Despite her convictions to settle down with Rush Limbaugh as his fourth wife, the marriage seems to lack the emotional icing that should have kept them together. In this write-up, we shall bring you details of Kathryn’s biography and other interesting facts you need to know.

Kathryn Adams Limbaugh – Bio & Profile

She was born as Kathryn Rogers on the 19th day of December 1976, in Massachusetts, in the United States of America into a well-to-do family whose ancestry is linked to the former American President, John Adams. The beautiful young Kathryn Adams Limbaugh had the opportunity of living in major cities of the world owing to the nature of her parents’ jobs. Some of the places she had lived include London, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Guinea-Bissau in West Africa, and the Philippines in Asia. Although we are sure she had a quality education, the records of the institutions she attended are public knowledge.

One known fact is that she an amazing author, illustrator of children books and a high profile event planner before she met Rush Limbaugh. She has planned notable events including the South Florida Super Bowl and many others. She has also exhibited her expertise in the world of sports, thus serving as a VIP liaison to the National Football League (NFL).

Facts About Rush Limbaugh’s Wife

1. Kathryn Adams Limbaugh Came from a Wealthy Family Background

Kathryn was born into a financially stable family where she practically lacked nothing. In fact, they were considered aristocratic owing to the fact that they share ancestry with the legendary John Adams, a former President and one of the founding fathers of the United States of America. Kathrynn’s father, Douglas Rogers was a graduate of U.S Naval Academy and served as a Naval Officer in the United States.

He worked in different cities and countries around the world while her mother, Penny Rogers was said to have served as a diplomat in the State Department. Kathryn has three siblings with whom she grew up, they are Wendy Hazel, Richard Rogers Jr, and Jonathan Rogers. Unfortunately, their father, Richard Douglas Rogers died in 2018 at the ripe age of 81 after battling prolonged pancreatic cancer.

2. She Is Rush Limbaugh’s Fourth Wife

Kathryn Adams Limbaugh
Kathryn Adams Limbaugh ‘s husband Rush Limbaugh image source

Rush Limbaugh is an American radio talk show host and conservative political commentator born on January 12, 1951, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in the United States. The media star had witnessed three failed marriages before tying the knot with beautiful Kathryn Adams in 2004. They got hitched in a classy wedding that saw the literati and glitterati in attendance. The wedding took place at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach on June 5, 2004, where the music icon, Sir Elton John gave wonderful renditions to entertain the guests. Their marriage is yet to bring forth any child before their separation occurred.

Before his marriage with Kathryn Adams, Rush had married thrice. His first marriage was at the age of 26, precisely on September 24, 1977, he tied the knot with Roxy Maxine McNeely – a sales secretary at radio station WHB in Kansas City, Missouri. Their marriage lasted only for about three years before it ended in a divorce finalized on July 10, 1980. His second stint with marriage was with Michelle Sixta; the pair got hitched in 1983 and after seven years, they parted ways in 1990.

Rush Limbaugh’s third marriage was with Marta Fitzgerald, an aerobics instructor whom he met on the online service CompuService in 1990. They were married on May 27, 1994, at the house of U.S Supreme Court with Justice Clearance Thomas officiating the wedding.

3. Cheating And Divorce Controversies

Kathryn Adams Limbaugh’s marriage with Rush Limbaugh took another dimension in 2017 when reports of her infidelity to her millionaire husband hit the airwaves. Rush accused his wife of cheating on him with numerous athletes, married men, young studs and even had to bring them home at his absence or in his jet plane. Though they have not divorced because of the issue, they started living separately.

While Kathryn left her husband’s luxury house and moved into her mother’s hotel room in New York, Rush banned her from using his private planes and employed the services of private detectives to spy and monitor her movements. If divorce becomes an option, Rush may perhaps lose most of his fortune as the duo did not sign any pre-nuptial document.

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4. Net Worth

The talented author has amassed a whole lot of wealth for herself in the course of her career. Though her actual net worth is still under review, that of her husband has been estimated to be $590 million.

5. Height

The beautiful Kathryn has got a commendable height and amazing physique. She stands at a height of 5 ft 9 (1.75m). Her other body measurements including her bust, waist, and hips sizes are currently not available. With a pair of dazzling blues eyes, Kathryn rocks a long blonde hair.


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