How To Get a Kenyan Visa With Ease

Kenya is an East African nation that boasts of breath-taking tourist attractions. According to statistics and surveys conducted, it is one of the leading African nations with a fast-growing economy. Its diverse culture and warm people have been a major boost to its growing tourism industry. Without a doubt, it can plausibly be argued that the future of this east African nation is bright. It has become a major economic hub for both east and central Africa. Understandably, this has led to a higher number of people coming to the country. Its capital city, Nairobi has witnessed tremendous growth in population with investors seeking every opportunity to be part of this great city.
Travelling to Kenya needs a Kenyan Visa. If you are a person aged 16 years and above, a Visa is one of the requirements by the Kenyan government before you are granted permission to enter the country. Depending on your travel plans, a visa should be applied for in advance so that there are no delays when you travel.

Easy Way to Get a Kenyan Visa

The following are some of the visas that are issued to visitors who want to come to Kenya:

• Multiple entry visas
• Transit visa
• Single entry visa
• Referred visa

There are several exceptions to these rules. The Kenya government permits specific nationals to enter the country without a visa as long as they are passport holders. These countries include Burundi, Cyprus, Malta, Tanzania, and Uganda. Others include Samoa, Sierra Leone, Vanuatu, and Barbados. In addition to this, nationals of Jamaica, Grenada, Fiji islands, Singapore and Zimbabwe do not need a Kenya visa in order to enter the country.

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Where can one obtain the Kenyan Visa

Getting the Kenya visa is not a difficult task as long as you are eligible and have all the necessary requirements. The visa can be given at the airport when you have arrived. Another plausible way of obtaining the Kenya visa is through the high commissions and the respective Kenyan embassies abroad. This should be done while you are aboard prior to departure. For visas obtained while at the Jomo Kenyatta international airport (J.K.I.A), the payments should be made in USA dollars. A fee of $50 will be charged before you are issued with the visa. However, this fee varies depending on the type of visa that you need. The airport has a good number of qualified immigration officers who can handle any complicated cases. Yet on the face of it, it is important to have the exact cash. Credit cards and other cheques are not allowed. The visa given is usually valid for a period of 3 months. Moreover, it is advantageous because it gives the visitors a chance to come back to Kenya from Uganda or Tanzania without having to pay any extra charges. In order to avoid delays, it is advisable to download the visa application form and be ready with it upon arrival at the airport. This will ensure that you have the right filled form ready to present it at the airport.

The following is an in-depth list of the requirements needed for a Kenya visa:
• A complete application form that has already been filled. The visa can be obtained from the Kenyan embassy, at the major entry points into Kenya and the website.
• A valid passport is also needed. The passport has to be at least six months before it reaches its expiry date.
• The passport must have two blank visa pages that are facing each other. One will be used for the visa and the other one for stamps.
• Two passports size photo will be required.
• The respective visa fee is also of great importance.

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There will be no need to have photographs upon arrival at the airport. Visitors seeking the visa are usually photographed and the fingerprints taken at the immigration desk. A visa is definitely a fundamental requirement for visitors who want to come to Kenya. Different categories of visitors need different types of visa. For instance, a tourist will need a tourist visa. A visa is an authorization to enter Kenya through the airport, harbor stations and entry points on the border. Nonetheless, possessing a Kenyan visa does not mean that one has the final authority to enter the country. If the visitor has not met all the other immigration requirements, the person can be denied entry despite possessing a valid visa.

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