10 Sure Signs That Show You Are A Kenyan

When you work or live with Kenyans, you will realise they are unique when compared to other Africans and more so from the neighbouring states. They are easy to put up with and will easily seek to exploit any economic opportunity available to them. Here are 10 sure signs you are a Kenyan when living abroad.

What Makes You a Kenyan?

Great Hospitality

Kenyan people strongly believe in love for one another and visitors. A Kenyan will always welcome and assist you when you are stuck. Whether you are in a fix or just making a visit, a Kenyan will always be willing to have time and assist you. You will be inducted to your new place at work or new resident so that you can settle fast.

Investment/Business Conscious

Kenyans are very investment conscious and will always take any available opportunity to improve their economic status. Everywhere Kenyans go, they remain outstanding by exploring every opportunity that comes their way. You will get them in banks seeking advice on new small and medium investments or downtown setting up new enterprises.

Understanding of East African issues

Because of a highly complex nature of the country such as ethnic diversity and capitalistic economy, Kenyans easily understand issues in their country and generally East Africa. They are always reading reviews about Kenya, communicating with relatives in Kenya and discussing issues in their country as well as the region.


Patriotism is a major recurrent characteristic for most Kenyans. Every Kenyan will always want to be associated with his country. This springs from the fact that the country is a regional economic hub and has great growth prospects. Kenyans always like telling how great their country and emphasizing major aspects such as great wildlife, climate and lovely people. It is truly a worthwhile characteristic for the Kenyans.


When you interact with Kenyans, you will note they are very hardworking and committed to achieving their objectives. If you work with them in the same department or company, you will realize they have insatiable drive to achieve what they want. They always work hard, take extra classes and never shy away from exploring any available opportunity.

Belief in Competition

Kenyans are easily distinguished from others because of their aggressiveness and believe in competition. Whether it is at your workplace or in general business environments, Kenyans will encourage you to compete with them. This has been the main reason for their continued progress in every area they venture into. Even in Kenya, it is the competition approach that makes them outshine others in East Africa.

Outgoing and Focused

Kenyans are some of the people you can easily put up with because of their easy-going nature. When you stay with them, you will get their outgoing capabilities in your neighbourhood and even at work. They will always come up with new ideas and support progressive proposals for your business and even society.

Special Connection with their Cultures

Every Kenyan, even in diaspora appears to be strongly interwoven with cultures back at home. You will get them looking for traditional foods from restaurants that offer them. They also gather together for prayers similar to what they get in their country. Others will also frequent their homes to connect with parents, relatives and homes for special cultural events.

Long-term Orientation

One of the 10 sure signs you are a Kenyan is long-term focus. Kenyans are always talking about improving their personal lives, businesses or the areas they work in. You will, therefore, get them chatting with friends on methods of raising their income or taking a business to the next level. This is strongly linked to the need for securing a better future and making important positive marks in their career development.

Concern for others

Living with Kenyans is enjoyable and lively. They have special concerns for others and will never shy away from you when you are in problems. Just like they do when back in their country, Kenyans will always extend a supportive hand in your neighbourhood, at work or even in church. If you make friends with Kenyans, you can be rest assured that it will be very warm and cordial.

Every place they go, work or live in, Kenyans remain outstanding and can easily be differentiated from others.

Fadamana U
Fadamana U
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