Who is Kerstin Lindquist of QVC? Here are Facts About The Journalist, Author and TV host

Infertility is one issue which poses a serious challenge to many couples all over the world; and if a union is not strong enough, the couple may not be able to withstand the pressure and may even break up. If there is one person who has shown a spirit of perseverance in the face of such issues, it is Kerstin Lindquist, an award-winning American journalist as well as an author. She rose to the limelight as a host on the foremost shopping TV channel, QVC. Lindquist and her hubby endured struggles with miscarriages before coming out victorious. Want to know more about her inspiring story? We have got all the details here.

Bio And Age – Who Is Kerstin Lindquist of QVC?

Kerstin Lindquist was born on the 27th of October 1977. She is a native of Orange County, California. There are no details about her parents’ name or any potential siblings available at the moment. However, there is no doubt that her family would be proud of her given all she has been able to achieve. Kerstin Lindquist completed her education in her native Orange County. While growing up, she was a responsible adult and did various summer jobs to help pay for college.

Lindquist attended Frank & Marshall College, a private liberal arts college located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She spent four years at the institution (1995 – 1999) and graduated with a degree in political science. Upon leaving college, Lindquist initially aspired to go to law school and become a lawyer. She, however, decided to try Hollywood after landing a minor role in the rom-com, Coyote Ugly. After the movie, Lindquist found it hard landing meaningful roles and thus decided to become a journalist.

Here are Facts About The Journalist, Author and TV host


Kerstin Lindquist commenced her journalism career in the year 2002. She would spend the next nine years working as a news reporter and anchor for various TV stations on the West Coast. They include KSBW TV (an NBC/ABC affiliate based in Salinas, California), KION NewsChannel 5 (a Fox affiliate based in Salinas), KSNV TV (an NBC affiliate in Las Vegas, Nevada) and KGTV 10 News (an ABC affiliate in San Diego, California).

Kerstin Lindquist joined the big leagues in 2011 when she was snapped up by popular multimedia retailer, QVC. For this, she had to leave the sunny climes of the West Coast for the snowy Pennsylvania which is where QVC is headquartered. Fortunately, this has been a good move as she is one of the most popular hosts on the channel. Lindquist has won several awards in the course of her career. They include four Emmys for excellence in news and documentary programming. One of the Emmys was for her human interest story on the Miracle Ranch Orphanage. Another was for her courageous feat in obtaining interviews with detainees at the infamous Guantanamo Bay.

Husband and Kids

Kerstin Lindquist
Kerstin Lindquist And Family: image source

Kerstin Lindquist is happily married to a man named Dan. There is not much available information about him except that he shares his wife’s Christian faith. The couple got married in 2003 and have three kids together. Even though their family is a picture perfect one, it wasn’t easy getting to this point. The couple both wanted kids from the onset and had even picked out potential names as early as their second date. On tying the knot, they thought that they would easily make a family but it was not so. They conceived a baby but had a miscarriage.

They subsequently found it hard conceiving again and had to resort to fertility treatments, all of which came to nought. They, therefore, made the bold decision to go the adoption route. Their first daughter, named Georgia, arrived in 2009 and the couple later found out that Lindquist was pregnant. Their second daughter, named Grace, arrived five months after Georgia. In 2016, the couple also adopted a son named Ben. Kerstin Lindquist is super proud of her family and frequently shares pictures of them online. She has also chronicled the family’s inspiring story in a book titled 5 Months Apart – Facing infertility with Faith and Grace.

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Kerstin Lindquist’s Salary and Net Worth

Kerstin Lindquist has not revealed her exact salary but industry sources estimate that a QVC host earns an average of $500,000 per annum. Therefore, she should be earning a salary in that region. With regard to her net worth, the California native has a fortune estimated at $1 million. Her source of wealth includes her career earnings over the years, as well as royalties from her book. Another source of income for Lindquist is acting; she has appeared in a few movies and TV shows over the years including The West Wing, That’s My Bush and 100 Girls, among others.

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